E Cigarette Batteries

If you're looking for an electronic cigarette battery, you've come to the right place.

Your battery is the heart of your device, and there are a wide selection of batteries to choose from, including Automatic, Manual or Variable Voltage models (depending on the range).

Select from a range of 510 eGo batteries available in several colours and capacities, our bestselling SERIES-E Variable Voltage batteries, or our ever-popular V3i cigalike batteries.

We offer a wide range of batteries which offer longer life than regular cells, allowing you to enjoy your electronic cigarette for as long as possible.

Also available are a selection of high drain IMR batteries for use with regulated or mechanical mods.

Some vapers prefer a larger battery (which means greater charge capacity) so that they will have to charge their batteries less frequently. For others, a more portable, compact size is more important.

Choosing which vape battery is best for you is crucial in ensuring an enjoyable vaping experience.

Although all our battery listings include the physical battery size, we recommend any new user contacts our Customer Support Team if they are unsure which battery would suit them best.

For product support see our Batteries help section.

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Packing an impressive 900mAh capacity into a compact and stylish unit, the S-Battery is the perfect all-around device for vapers old and new.

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The SERIES-E is a variable voltage battery, designed with performance and quality in mind. Rated at 1000mAh, the SERIES-E will last all but the heaviest vapers most of a day on a single charge. An ideal all-round battery for new and experienced vapers alike.

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JAC Vapour's premium range of IMR high drain, rechargeable lithium-ion (liquid manganese technology) batteries for use in various APVs and mods, including the SERIES-B Tilt.

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View the full range of clearance vape batteries, buy them before it before they are gone.

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V3i batteries are similar in style and size to a tobacco cigarette and come in 2 sizes (55mm or 65mm), which you can choose based on your preference. Compatible with all of our pre-filled or blank 35mm and 50mm cartomisers, as well as our SERIES-C Mini V4 tanks.

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Our 2nd Generation battery, the JAC 510 range are available in both manual and variable voltage models. They have a larger diameter than our V3i range (around the width of a cigar) and offer much high charger capacities - meaning you can vape for longer before having to recharge.

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Our original 2nd Generation batteries. The 808 Vgo2 batteries offer power and performance, and can now be had at a bargain price.

Please note, our Vgo2 batteries in the process of being phased out. If you're new to vaping, we'd recommend checking our JAC 510 batteries instead.