About JAC Vapour

Standing for quality, performance and reliability; JAC Vapour provides premium electronic cigarettes and accessories at an affordable price.

Trading since 2010, JAC Vapour is an established and respected member of the vaping world. JAC stock the simplest, best looking and most advanced electronic cigarettes on the market, all of which can be customised and enjoyed with minimal effort. The simplicity of use is backed up by a highly trained, knowledgeable customer service team to help customers enjoy an innovative range of devices with minimum effort.

The company is established as one of the foremost high quality e-cigarette producers and a market leader in terms of vaping technology and industry innovation.


JAC Vapour Customers First Month> On a visit to the USA in May 2010, JAC Vapour Director, Andy Logan, was shown an e-cigarette and immediately saw its potential.

> On his return to the UK in June 2010, Andy set up JAC Vapour, with the goal of offering high-quality and affordable e-cigarettes to smokers looking for a true alternative to smoking.

> In July, JAC Vapour was born and the first web store, www.jacvapour.com, launched.



JAC Vapour V3i and E-liquid

> JAC's V3i battery launched (an upgraded KR808).

> In June, the V3i cartomiser was added to JAC's product range - the very first bottom-coil cart available in the UK market.

> In November, JAC's refillable cartomisers launched and JAC's first e-liquids were available in-store. JAC became one of the first e-cig companies to offer both hardware and e-liquid.




JAC Vapour 20,000+ customers

> New V3i batteries launched in March, alongside the Sport PCC - the first portable charging case not to copy the look of a cigarette packet.

> JAC Vapour's first 2nd generation product, the Vgo2, arrived in June.

> In 2012, JAC Vapour became a member of the e-cigarette industry trade body, ECITA. This meant all products sold met exacting standards of excellence and safety, as well as undergoing a twice yearly, independent company audit.




> Responding to customer demand, in March a premium UK Made e-liquid range was added to JAC's e-liquid offering. Even the bottle is UK Made, thus allowing JAC to offer extremely high-quality e-liquid at sensible prices.

> In November, JAC's own in-house R&D department was created, with the stated aim of developing, designing and engineering bespoke, high-quality products from the ground up right here in the UK.




JAC Vapour Leeds

> Further expanding our e-liquid range, January saw the launch of the UK's first vapourless e-liquid, Clear Steam.

> In September, JAC's first, in-house, UK-designed e-cigarette, the SERIES-E, is launched into the market, courtesy of our R&D department.

> Online was no longer enough. In December, JAC moved into the high street, opening our first retail store in Leeds.




JAC Vapour Germany

> In February, JAC Vapour Germany launched, offering German vapers a dedicated website and native German speakers on customer support.

> Following the successful launch of our Leeds shop, a second location, this time in Edinburgh, opened in July.

> JAC Vapour’s first 3rd generation device, the SERIES-B Tilt, was launched in August, courtesy of the R&D team.

> JAC Vapour became one of the top 10 biggest online e-cigarette retailers (ref: E-cig Intelligence).

> 80% of JAC Vapour's customer base were repeat purchasers.

> JAC Vapour was one of the only UK e-cigarette companies to design and engineer their own products, rather than re-brand generic products.




JAC Vapour Product Development

> In January, JAC unveiled its range of easy-mic DIY e-liquids, picNIC.

> The Tobacco Product Directive came into effect in May. Thanks to extensive pre-planning, JAC Vapour were able to move swiftly towards full compliance with the new regulations.

> Also in May, JAC's third retail store opened in Catterick.

> Launching just in time for Stoptober, JAC added a brand new, all in one device - the SERIES-S. Designed with new vapers in mind, it supports both mouth to lung and direct lung (sub-ohm) vaping).

> Rounding off another fantastic year, in November JAC Vapour unveiled an exclusive deal to bring the Arymi Gille tank to the UK.



The Future

The future of JAC Vapour

> The R&D department shall continue to develop new products, with a view to launching a new product, on average, every 3 months. 

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