Our e-cigarette cartomizers are low-cost and reliable. They come in various sizes and colours and can be supplied either empty or pre-filled with your choice of e-liquids. All of our cartomizers can be refilled approximately ten times with any of your favourite eliquid flavours.

Please choose which type of cartomizer you'd like below.

Cartomizers are made up of wadding and a length of wicking material which feeds e-liquid to an atomiser. The cartomizer screws onto the battery to create the completed e-cigarette.

Our cartomizers are fitted with a KR-808 connection, making them suitable for use with our V3i or Vgo2 808 range of batteries.

We also offer a wide range of high quality tanks or clearomizers which are ideal for vapers who prefer a tank system over a cartomizer.

Note: Our cartomizers are fitted with a KR-808 connection making them incompatible with our JAC 510 (510 connection) range.

For product support, please visit our Cartomizers Help Section.

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JAC's range of cartomizers, prefilled with a selection of some of our most popular e-liquid flavours.

Quick Info

Cartomizers supplied empty, allowing you to fill them yourself using whichever flavour of e-liquid takes your fancy.