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The stainless steel version
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S-22 Tank

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  • Description

    The S-22 is our best-selling tank, and has been critically acclaimed as the ‘best Mouth to Lung tank on the market’!

    It’s perfect for those of you who like a ‘smoking’ style throat-hit using its included 1.0Ohm coil, and the sharpness of flavour will really surprise you if you’ve been using other tanks of this size.

    Designed in-house at JAC Vapour, this stylish tank looks great on all 22mm devices (especially SERIES-B DNA 75W), and it’s also a keen multi-tasker; great for sub-ohm or temperature control vaping simply by changing the coil.

    S-22 Tank Specifications

    • Adjustable airflow to allow you to further customise the draw to your personal preference.
    • Single vertical coils which are, reliable, cost effective, and give exceptional performance with any type of e-liquid.
    • Dimensions: 22mm x 33mm
    • Capacity: 2 ml
    • Stainless steel and glass
    • Minimum resistance: 0.5Ohm (DL), 0.15Ohm (Ni-200)
    • Compatible coil types: MTL 1.0Ohm (Suitable for 14-22 watts), DL 1.0Ohm, DL 0.5ohm (Suitable for 25-25 watts), 0.15ohm Temp Control (Coming soon)
    • Removable mouth tip (device specific, not standard 510)

    Mouth to Lung - Mouth to lung vaping, or a mouth inhale, is like taking a draw on a cigarette. When you draw, it has resistance, meaning you can inhale the vapour into your mouth first, then expel it or take it down into your lungs. It’s a very familiar action for a smoker. The S-22’s MTL coils are specially designed with the perfect airflow and chamber volume to get an excellent mouth to lung experience.

    Direct Lung - Direct lung vaping is more like sucking on a wide straw. There is no resistance to the drag, so you inhale directly into the lungs (large volume) meaning you are generating more airflow and much more vapour. When direct lung vaping, you can reduce your nicotine level considerably as it provides a bigger hit per puff, but you’ll use more liquid and more battery capacity. Direct lung coils are designed to have a larger chamber volume and airflow, giving the perfect balance for maximum taste and massive vapour production.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £12.99

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Price as configured: £12.99

Customer Reviews for the S-22 Tank

  • Beats the competition hands down. - by SIMON, 4 August 2017
    Truly a great performing tank at a great price. Flavour and vapor production are top notch using the 1.0 ohm MTL coils. The best feature of the S22 and it's smaller brother the S17 is the bottom fill yes the bottom fill. Top filling tanks are to me more trouble than they are worth nothing but gurgling and flooding after refills. Having owned many tanks over a number of years and having no end of troubles with most of them it's great that to have found a simple solid performer in the S22. Prior to my purchase of this tank I bought a rival tank ( the one reminiscent of a party popper) a top filling gurgly leaky nightmare that now resides in the bin ! (They ruined a perfectly servicible bottom filler to create this new monstrosity ). Two suggestions I would make . Please make spare o rings available and make it take a standard drip tip replacement. But please don't spoil this beauty by making it top fill !
  • Am I doing something wrong? - by Paul, 29 July 2017
    The tank looks and feels great but I just can't get the coils to last more than a few puffs? I have over 10 other mods and tanks and have never had this problem with any of them. I prime the coils properly and then wait 20/30 minutes after filling to ensure saturation. I'm using the MTL coil so start gently at 5 watts and gradually work my way up to 18 watts where the flavour is great (rated up to 22W so should be fine at 18W). The first few puffs are great but then all I get is a burnt taste. I've tried 10 coils. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?? I'm now using the Nautilus 2 on my DNA75 and it's a perfect match. I will keep trying with the S22 as it looks great on the mod but I just can't keep spending money on coils that only seem to last 5 Jac vapour and love the DNA75 but not loving the S22 that much.....real shame :( ..................... JAC Vapour Ltd: I use your exact setup and do not have similar issues, are you putting a few drops down the centre of the coil when priming, dripping 3 or so drops in the top? I use pure PG so it should be fine with whatever you are using. I see you have had multiple packs so it's not specific to the pack. I am not sure what liquid you are using, but try completely flooding the coil from the top, then flick the excess liquid off to clear it, and see if this helps, then we know it's a wicking/priming issue.
  • A tank of a tank - by Andy, 21 July 2017
    I work on a building site and must have dropped this tank 10 or so times, off ladders, off actual floors and onto concrete, my mod looks like I attacked it with a hammer, but the tank keeps on going. The window is small and makes it hard to see, but the upside is it is pretty much indestructible . I bought this tank to use at work, as it's cheap and I thought if it broke I'll just get another one, the reality is I don't think this will ever break. Coils last me about a week, with may be 2 fills a day. As others have mentioned I'd prefer topfill, but I'm prepared to live with these little failings to have such a reliable tank, for the price I have no hesitation in recommending this.
  • I love this tank but........... - by Paul, 13 July 2017
    This tank is great, don't get me wrong, it's cheap and performs really well, but as others have said the window and no topfill let it down. You have mentioned in other reviews that topfill is coming, is it soon?............JAC Vapour Ltd: Top fill is coming very soon, around 6 weeks now, the first batch have just started production. Initially topfill will be offered as an upgrade to the existing tank and also separately as a standalone upgrade for those that have already purchased a S22 tank, that way you won't have to buy a whole new tank. The design increases the window size, and adds the topfill function, the topfill uses a bespoke mouth tip due to trying to keep the design quick and compact, but a 510 mouth tip version of the topfill will also be available for purchase, it increases the size slightly, but allows any standard 510 drip tip to be used, so there will be both options. Thanks for the review.
  • Is what is - by Ben-dable, 10 July 2017
    It's not perfect, but for the price it's a good tank. Contrary to the last review, this tank will cope fine at 20 watts and with pure VG, I use it with the pure VG in the picNIC range and there's no issues, but it does need primed, as does any tank. So far I've found the coils reliable. The window is a pain in the a**** as is the lack of topfill, but it is simple to use and very little to go wrong, I've also managed to drop mine down 3 flights of steps in my block and the tank survived, not many tanks could've, in fact my sub-box blew apart and has never worked since, the tank is perfect though. So the previous user is talking BS about build quality.
  • Not a good tank - by ******, 7 July 2017
    Budget price, budget look, budget feel. Filling is awful - the world has thankfully moved on from guessimating when you are about to fill to the top of the post.
    The device lasted five minutes before being consigned to the bin.
    Flavour is lacking,
    Quite simply, unless you puff like a girl, the coil just cannot absorb sufficient juice and operate at the recommended 14 -22 degrees. The result is shortened coil lifespan.
    The nautilus 2 is not a good tank and the S22 comes no where near it on any level.....................JAC VApour Ltd: I am sorry you don't like the tank, it is clearly listed that it's currently a bottom fill device, so sorry of you were looking for something different. However the mouth to lung coil do function at 14-22 watts well, you do need to prime it though, there are plenty of reviewers that show this, and our customer service team would also be happy to help you if you are having problems. If you have not primed the coil properly then you will reduce coil lifespan and no get good flavour. Thanks for the review.
  • Grown on me - by Andrew, 30 June 2017
    After my initial disappointment with this tank (no topfill and hard to see level) it seems to have grown on me without me paying attention. when it arrived I used it for a few days and decided the lack of topfill was a hassle, and pretty much gave up on it, however about a month ago I lost my main tank to a pub toilet accident : ) The only other tank I had was this, so I began using it, the tank still has it's a annoying short comings, but there is no doubting it is one of the best tanks for mouth to lung I have ever used, so much so, I find myself now ordering a second one due to my mate nicking the first. For cost and results I don't think there is anything better out there, and hence my decision to replace my thieved one. With my recent run on tanks, the fact I can afford to lose this has also caused a higher appreciation of it. Having said all that, please take note JAC, if you added topfill and fixed the window (you do get used to it, but c'mon!!) this tank would be a no brainer.
  • Best tank out there. - by Danny, 23 June 2017
    This is an amazing little tank. I basically never use tanks at all, and never ones with 'factory' coils, and I've just ordered my second S22! Both the tank itself and the coils are great. The flavour is really good, particularly from the 0.5ohm coils. The build quality of the tank is staggeringly good, particularly considering the price. I'm properly impressed in a way I never thought I would be with a non-rebuildable device.
  • Feels like a beta product - by Martyn, 15 June 2017
    This tank has potential but it really feels like a first draft. As people have already pointed out the window is pretty much pointless - its so hard to see the amount of liquid left. The other major problem is the drip tip - it's too wide. Perfect for direct lung vaping but not for mouth to lung. This wouldn't be a problem if the connector was a standard size but its too small to put in the alternative drip tips I have. Why not make the connector a standard size? The positives of the tank are a good flavour and solid build but these are outweighed by the negatives.

    A v2 of this tank might be perfect - sort out the window and the drip tip connector, maybe have a few more coil resistance options (1 ohm seems too low for MTL) and add topfill to negate the TPD 2ml limit disadvantages and this tank might be great - but as it stands it's just not ready.
  • Best tank I have tried and I love it - by Matthew, 13 June 2017
    So impressed with Jacvapour. Heavy smoker for 34 years, started on Ego AIO and it was good for a while, then a Jacvapour series E and brought 3 more of them in the TDP sale, great but changing batteries too much, then I made a mistake and purchased a Aspire Zelos kit, the Nautilus 2 tank is a bad design and so awkward for a top fill tank.

    Just purchased a s22 tank to use on the Zelos battery and its a great tank, tough, simple and easy to use and vapes great.

    If you are new to vaping then I would not mess about and just buy a Jacvapour kit. If you buy a cheaper kit and like vaping then you will end up buying something like this in the near future so just do it now but read the instructions carefully. Jac have great customer service to help you if you have a problem.

    If you end up still smoking horrible, expensive cigarettes then you know you gave vaping the best chance by buying a good piece of kit in the first place. It your health and your money to waste on smoking cigarettes if you want. There is a lot of rubbish vapes out there and a bad vape will put you off vaping.

    Don't mess about, all Jacvapour products seem good and I cant express how much love I have you this company, the S22 tank is brilliant, easy to use, well made and so solid, its makes the Nautilus 2 seem like such a bad buy, its back in the best place for it, The Box it came in.

    Don't mess about because its easy to stop smoking cigarettes if you buy a good vape to start with. I never thought I would give up. Give yourself a good start!

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