The S-22 Tank
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The black version of the tank
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The tank with a coil
The stainless steel version
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The tank with a coil
The tank and mouthpiece
The separate parts of the stainless steel version
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S-22 Tank

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  • Description

    Our best-selling tank; since launch, the S22 has been critically acclaimed as the ‘best Mouth to Lung tank on the market’ and is perfect for users who like a ‘smoking’ style throat-hit with its included 1.0ohm coil. The sharpness of flavour will really surprise you if you’ve been using other tanks of this size.

    Designed in-house at JAC Vapour, this tank combines style with substance – it looks great on all 22mm devices (and especially our SERIES-B Tilt). A keen multi-tasker, the S22 is also great for sub-ohm or temperature control vaping - simply buy the coil you need on the listing, pop in the tank – et voila: the perfect vaping experience.

    • The S-22 has a fully adjustable airflow ring to allow you to further customise the draw to your personal preference.
    • It uses single vertical coils which are simple, reliable and cost effective, while still supplying great performance with any type of e-liquid… even Max VG mixes. The MTL coils work best between 14-22 watts, while the DL coils require 25-35 watts. 
    • The 0.5 ohm coil is advised for those looking for the best direct lung experience. We have a TC coil (Ni-200) arriving for the tank very soon.


    S-22 Tank Specifications

    • Dimensions: 22mm x 33mm
    • Stainless steel and glass
    • Minimum resistance: 0.5Ohm (DL), 0.15Ohm (Ni-200)
    • Adjustable airflow
    • Capacity: 2 ml
    • Compatible coil types: MTL 1.0Ohm, DL 0.5Ohm, DL 1.0Ohm (Temp Control option coming soon)
    • Removable mouth tip (device specific, not standard 510)


    Mouth to Lung - Mouth to lung vaping, or a mouth inhale, is like taking a draw on a cigarette. When you draw, it has resistance, meaning you can inhale the vapour into your mouth first, then expel it or take it down into your lungs. It’s a very familiar action for a smoker. The S-22’s MTL coils are specially designed with the perfect airflow and chamber volume to get an excellent mouth to lung experience.

    Direct Lung - Direct lung vaping is more like sucking on a wide straw. There is no resistance to the drag, so you inhale directly into the lungs (large volume) meaning you are generating more airflow and much more vapour. When direct lung vaping, you can reduce your nicotine level considerably as it provides a bigger hit per puff, but you’ll use more liquid and more battery capacity. Direct lung coils are designed to have a larger chamber volume and airflow, giving the perfect balance for maximum taste and massive vapour production.

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Availability: In stock

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Price as configured: £14.99

Customer Reviews for the S-22 Tank

  • Best tank out there. - by Danny, 23 June 2017
    This is an amazing little tank. I basically never use tanks at all, and never ones with 'factory' coils, and I've just ordered my second S22! Both the tank itself and the coils are great. The flavour is really good, particularly from the 0.5ohm coils. The build quality of the tank is staggeringly good, particularly considering the price. I'm properly impressed in a way I never thought I would be with a non-rebuildable device.
  • Feels like a beta product - by Martyn, 15 June 2017
    This tank has potential but it really feels like a first draft. As people have already pointed out the window is pretty much pointless - its so hard to see the amount of liquid left. The other major problem is the drip tip - it's too wide. Perfect for direct lung vaping but not for mouth to lung. This wouldn't be a problem if the connector was a standard size but its too small to put in the alternative drip tips I have. Why not make the connector a standard size? The positives of the tank are a good flavour and solid build but these are outweighed by the negatives.

    A v2 of this tank might be perfect - sort out the window and the drip tip connector, maybe have a few more coil resistance options (1 ohm seems too low for MTL) and add topfill to negate the TPD 2ml limit disadvantages and this tank might be great - but as it stands it's just not ready.
  • Best tank I have tried and I love it - by Matthew, 13 June 2017
    So impressed with Jacvapour. Heavy smoker for 34 years, started on Ego AIO and it was good for a while, then a Jacvapour series E and brought 3 more of them in the TDP sale, great but changing batteries too much, then I made a mistake and purchased a Aspire Zelos kit, the Nautilus 2 tank is a bad design and so awkward for a top fill tank.

    Just purchased a s22 tank to use on the Zelos battery and its a great tank, tough, simple and easy to use and vapes great.

    If you are new to vaping then I would not mess about and just buy a Jacvapour kit. If you buy a cheaper kit and like vaping then you will end up buying something like this in the near future so just do it now but read the instructions carefully. Jac have great customer service to help you if you have a problem.

    If you end up still smoking horrible, expensive cigarettes then you know you gave vaping the best chance by buying a good piece of kit in the first place. It your health and your money to waste on smoking cigarettes if you want. There is a lot of rubbish vapes out there and a bad vape will put you off vaping.

    Don't mess about, all Jacvapour products seem good and I cant express how much love I have you this company, the S22 tank is brilliant, easy to use, well made and so solid, its makes the Nautilus 2 seem like such a bad buy, its back in the best place for it, The Box it came in.

    Don't mess about because its easy to stop smoking cigarettes if you buy a good vape to start with. I never thought I would give up. Give yourself a good start!
  • Update on my previous review - by Ali, 1 June 2017
    Update: I have contacted jac vapour customer support about the problems with s22 tank. After a couple of email exchanges, they decided to send me two new coils, which I received today. I tried one of them and got really good vaper and flavour. It turns out , the coil that came with the tank , was faulty. Many thanks to Amy from jac vapour for sending the new coils, much appreciated. Really impressed with the customer support. I definitely advice the s22 tank for flavour chasers!!.
  • Disappointed - by Ali, 28 May 2017
    I have bought s22 yesterday in the Vaper Expo, come back home , fill the tank. Unfortunately just gurgling, no vapour. I think the coil that comes with the tank is no good, leaking all over the place. I made sure I fill it correctly, less e juice than the top of the chimney. Try again , same result. I think the o ring at the top of the coil which prevents leaking is not working properly. So so disappointed.......................JAC Vapour Ltd: It sounds like the coil is not fitted correctly, make sure the coil does not need another quarter turn or so to be completely tight, if this doesn't fix contact support.
  • Mixed reviews - by John, 23 May 2017
    I can see there have been mixed reviews for this tank so I'll attempt an informative review or each point:

    Build - the build quality is very good with all threads being very smooth, it's solid and robust
    Performance - As a mouth to lung it's the best on the market, better than the nautilus 2 and cheaper to run. As a Direct lung tank it's good, I would say flavourwise it's on a par with other £20-£30 sub-tanks, and it beats any sub £20 tanks available. The coils also appear to be very long lasting.
    Features - it's simple and this is where the negatives start, no topfill I know this is coming but it would be nice to have it already. As pointed out the 2ml capacity can't be helped with the TPD, but adding topfill makes refilling very easy and lessens the impact of the 2ml limit
    Design - It looks great, in a chunky way, and the small window adds to it's chunky look, but it does make seeing your liquid level harder, I have kind of gotten used to this, and it's not a deal breaker for me, but it is a negative IMO. The mouth tip is also not standard 510 whihc I find irritating but again I can live with it, I have found other mouth tips to fit, not sure what size they are though, but I had 4 in my collection that worked.
    Price - For the quality and performance it's exceptionally well priced, at it's price point you won't find a better performing tank, and if bought in a kit like I did it's only £10, basically nothing comes close for that price.

    In all I am happy with my purchase, I use this tank over anything else I have in my collection mainly because of the superior MTL capabilities. Yes it has a few annoyances, but the price and performance outweigh these, and I live in hop version 2 will be the perfect the tank. I'll save 5* for then.
  • best vape - by Mossey, 22 May 2017
    This tank is simple, may be a bit too simple, I'd like to see topfill on it and a bigger window, but the quality and flavour from the mouth to lung coils is the best I have encountered, so despite it's flaws it's currently my go to tank. Also at the price the flaws are forgivable, a few minor adjustments though and this tank would be a real winner.
  • Tank volume too small and you cant see liquid through tiny windows - by Cyebit, 16 May 2017
    Tank is too small and you cant see how much liquid is left in tank as windows are far too small. Fine if you smoke 5 cigs a day, but size of tank needs filled 2 times per day which is a real pain. Coils are a real pain as well as you cant get a grip on the smooth round edges to turn them loose.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the review, the tank volume is actually governed by the TPD now, so every tank as from the 20th needs to be 2ml or less, any tanks sold above this limit are now illegal and will be removed from the market. We are working on a few updates to this tank that will address the window size and also add features, once available we'll offer it as an upgrade for existing tanks.
  • Its a classic work horse due to is simple constrution and looks, its a better than the Nautlus 2, and I am ordering a 2nd tank in silver :) - by Gareth "VapeDog1666" Witty, 1 May 2017
    I did get sent a review S-22 and the review is on youtube, its works great in MTL and great in LH mode, good clean taste and long lasting coils, the Nickel coils are great for TC and would love to see some SS316 coils as well. Yes the windows are a little small and should have been the same size as the classic S-18 tank. Top fill should be the next upgrade...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hello Vapedog..Thanks for the review, and nice to see you shopping :) topfill is the next upgrade, and it will be provided as an accessory, so you won't have to buy a whole new tank, in fact topfill and a larger window will be addressed with the accessory, there's also a few other advantages to the topfill being an accessory, technically it could allow you to convert your tank to be over-fillled. There will also be a proper 510 adapter to use with the topfill if you wish. We have also just started work on an SS MTL coil, and we will probably do a an SS direct lung as well as the Ni200 DL coil. This should all be out in the next 6 weeks if all goes according to plan. So hopefully we've got you covered.
  • 'No Tank' - by Scott, 29 April 2017
    Been using this for a while now, and thought I'd see what others had to say before I put my comments. Firstly, the tank is great for the most part - yes, it runs down a little quick, but I understand the new regulations. My main issue is that every single time I change the coil, without fail, I'm setting myself up for a 30 minute to an hour ordeal of the battery coming up as 'No Tank'. Every single time! Now, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it's only this tank that I have the ongoing issue with. I've yet to see anyone else review with the same problem, so I've either got a dud tank, or I'm consistently buying bad coils............................JAC Vapour Ltd: The s22 can be tight with the last turn of the coil, so first off make sure the coil is tight. If you've done that already and it's not worked then try this. Take the coil, and look at the bottom, on the bottom is the brass positive connector, during production this can get depressed a bit, so just prise it out about 2mm (it's just push fitted into the rubber ring) with your fingers, then re-fit the coil, and see if it works. If this works it may be that your tank base is maybe 1mm or 2 shorted than standard. Hope this helps.

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