PT3 Dual Coil and Wick (EVOD 2, PT3, AERO)

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  • Description

    Replaceable bottom dual coil for Evod 2, Mini Protank 3 and Aero Tank.

    Each head is fitted with two coils and a short length of wicking material. Coils will typically last for around 10 fills on average before they will need to be replaced.

    Replacement coils are available in two different designs:

    V1 - Short, exposed wicks. This design has the advantage of allowing the user to re-wick the coils if they choose to do so. This is an advanced technique, and not something recommended for those new to vaping.

    PLEASE NOTE: The V1 coils feature a rubber chimney seal mounted half up the unit. This seal is essential to prevent leakage from the tank and should not be removed.

    V2 - Hidden wicks. This design hides the wicking material completely. These coils are slightly less prone to leakage, though the hidden wick design removes the ability to re-wick.

    Both versions of these dual coils will otherwise perform in the same way and are available in the same resistances.

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