E Cigarette Starter Kits

We've put together some fantastic kits, each designed especially for new vapers. With just a couple of clicks these kits are ready for you to start vaping.

  • After a plug and play, fuss-free device? That will be our Basic Starter Kit.
  • Prefer more battery life, but still want a device that's sleek, compact and powerful? Look no further than our SERIES-S17 vape pen starter kit.
  • If a more all-in-one solution is more your style, the VIM is our latest device and packs a ton of flexibility (not to mention a massive 2600mAh battery) into an ultra-compact body.
  • Prefer the vape pen form factor, but after as much battery life as you can get? The SERIES-S22 is the one for you.
  • Heavier users may prefer to jump in with a box mod, and our Box Mod Starter Kit is a great choice. A suite of features are available, while the device itself remains incredibly simple to use.


All of our hardware has been designed and developed in the UK by JAC, and come with up to 12 month warranties.

If you prefer a little more flexibility then you might want to take a look at our full range of electronic cigarettes and vape kits instead.

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8 Product(s)

You’ve read the news articles and our Vaping: A Beginner’s Guide, and heard all the stories from your friends and family about how fantastic vaping is as an alternative to smoking. You’re finally ready to make the switch… but where to start?

Well, if you're still stuck on choosing the right device, take our advice and check out our guide to choosing the right e cigarette for you.

Need help picking out the perfect tobacco e-liquid? No problem, we've got a guide to help lead the way.

Wondering whether vaping is safe? All of your questions have been answered! Check out our safety info for more insight into the safety processes we have in place to cover both our hardware and e-liquids.

Is it all just gobbledygook? Check our handy vaping glossary for simple explanations of the most common terms you might come across.

If you need any more information or have any unanswered questions, then please contact our Customer Service team and we’ll be happy to give you your own vape starter kit fitting.