E-Liquid Flavour Combinations

Published by Matt Brown on 14th Nov 2014

The sweetest moment on your foray into vaping is when you find the perfect device for your needs coupled with the perfect 'everyday vape' e-liquid, at the perfect nicotine strength. BOOM!

E-LiquidsAll of our e-liquid ranges are made in the UK

It is a beautiful moment and the world is rosy. Vaping is the greatest thing ever. You've never been able to stay off cigarettes as long as this before, and with so little effort. Sit back, relax and vape and pat yourself on the back.

And then... you discover the world of weird and wonderful e-liquid flavours and everything becomes cloudy again. What are you missing out on? Is your everyday vape not enough anymore? Which e-liquids follow safety regulations and which don't? How do you know if they taste good?

Simple solution

You can use JAC Vapour's range of premium e-liquids and follow our delicious flavour combinations to use your existing JAC e-liquids to create new flavours.

This way you are also reassured that all our e-liquids have been independently tested in UK labs, made from pharma grad nicotine and are CLP compliant.

Start creating your own amazing flavour recipes.

Depending on the cart or tank you are using, the quantities will change – but here are our favourite JAC e-liquid recipes. Choose the nicotine strength that works best for you, PG or VG, and enjoy.

  • Apple Crumble =

    Apple flavour width=+Real vanilla flavour

  • Black Forest Gateau =

    Cherry flavour+Chocolate flavour+Real vanilla flavour

  • Banoffee Pie =

    Banana milkshake flavour+Toffee flavour

  • Tiramisu =

    Coffee flavour+Real vanilla flavour+Chocolate flavour+Cappucino flavour

  • Fruit Salad =

    Kiwi flavour+Raspberry flavour+Grape flavour+Banana milkshake flavour

  • Strawberries & Cream =

    Strawberry chew flavour+Real vanilla flavour

  • Melon Twist =

    Strawberry chew flavour+Watermelon flavour

  • Banana Split =

    Chocolate flavour+Banana milkshake flavour+Cherry flavour+Real vanilla flavour

  • Mint Choc Chip =

    Peppermint flavour+Chocolate flavour

  • Slush Puppy =

    Strawberry chew flavour+Kiwi

  • Murray Mint =

    Toffee flavour+Mint

  • Berry Smoothie =

    Strawberry chew flavour+Blackcurrant flavour+Raspberry flavour

  • Mocha =

    Chocolate flavour+Cappucino flavour

  • Raspberry Mocha =

    Chocolate flavour+Cappucino flavour+Raspberry flavour

If you have any flavour combinations you'd like to share, please do – we'd love to hear from you.