V3i Batteries

Our most popular range of e-cigarette batteries and the latest version in the V3 range. These are similar in style and size to a tobacco cigarette, with the V3i model providing an upgraded internal battery and switch, for increased efficiency and reliability when compared to the original V3 model.

V3i batteries come in 2 lengths which you can choose from based on your size preference (55mm or 65mm) and they work with all of our pre-filled or blank 35mm and 50mm cartomizers as well as our SERIES-C Mini V4 Tanks.

Please note: Unfortunately we are no longer carrying the 78mm versions of our V3i batteries. The 55mm and 65mm versions, however, offer the same great performance in a slightly smaller form factor.

Automatic batteries activate automatically when you inhale, much like a traditional cigarette. Just attach the cartomizer to your battery, and you're ready to go.

Manual batteries are a little different, although still simple to use. Screw the cartomizer onto the battery, and when you're ready to inhale, hold down the button on the battery. Release the button when you have finished inhaling.

For product support see our V3i Battery help section.

4 Product(s)

4 Product(s)