UK Made picNIC Pure VG Base

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  • Description

    Base liquid for mixing your own Easy Mix DIY e-liquid blends. Part of our picNIC range of e-liquid mixing supplied and flavours. Manufactured using pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerine and Nicotine.

    Each bottle contains a blend of pure Vegetable Glycerine with your choice of nicotine strength. This is a max VG base, perfect for cloud-chasing.

    Due to the new laws coming into force, we will no longer be allowed to sell 50ml bottle of base. Instead, you can pick up 5x 10ml bottles for the same price. 50ml bottles will continue to be available while stocks last.

    Please note, over time the colour of your base liquid may change slightly in response to exposure to sunlight. This is normal, and is not a cause for concern. Higher concentrations of nicotine are more likely to be subject to this change of colour.

    When mixing your own e-liquid, we recommend starting with 4 parts of base liquid to 1 part flavouring, for example 8ml and 2ml to make up a 10ml bottle.

    Starter kits are available which contain a flavouring, a base, empty bottles and syringe for mixing. The base strength listed is the strength prior to mixing, so after adding your flavouring to the base the strength of resulting liquid will be slightly less according to the percentage of flavouring added.

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50ml UK Made picNIC Pure VG Base - Zero - 0mg

50ml UK Made picNIC Pure VG Base - Very Low - 3mg

50ml UK Made picNIC Pure VG Base - Medium - 12mg

50ml UK Made picNIC Pure VG Base - High - 18mg

10ml Pure VG Base - Very Low - 3mg

10ml Pure VG Base - Low - 6mg