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V3i Auto 180mAh Batteries (65mm)

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  • Description

    These are a 65mm 180mAh auto battery. Compatible with our V3/V3i cartomisers or our V3i Mini Tanks found on this site.

    There is a 42 day warranty on these batteries and they can be charged using the V3i charger found on this site, or the V1P PCC.

    This battery will last approximately 2 hours before needing to be recharged.

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WHITE WITH BLUE LED V3i Standard (Non-Rubber) 65mm Battery

BLACK WITH BLUE LED V3i Rubber Coated 65mm Battery

WHITE WITH BLUE LED V3i Rubber Coated 65mm Battery

Customer Reviews for the V3i Auto 180mAh Batteries (65mm)

  • Ok when in stock - by Richard, 23 April 2017
    Not as good as the longer ones. Decent enough,but black ones OUT OF STOCK. Shame there's no discount any more for multibuy.
  • poor quality. Out of stock. No response from Jacvapour - by Amanda, 28 March 2017
    following on from my review, I find that after 3 months the black batteries are still out of stock. So too are the stainless steel ones. This has made my mind up. I'm switching companies for better batteries..............JAC Vapour Ltd: I am sorry to hear you are unhappy, these batteries went out of stock 3 days ago, and are back in stock on the 2nd of April, so I am not sure if you are maybe looking at the wrong product. If you have emailed customer service you will have had a response within a couple of hours, please check your junk email if you do not see it, you can also call or use our chat to contact us for instant replies.
  • 5 star customer service - by R, 19 January 2017
    Anyone doubting this company should have a re-think. I had trouble with several battery failures (see 2 star review dated 16th Dec 2016) JAC responded to this straight away and seemed to think it was down to a dodgy charger. I had a spare charger case and now only use that, this seems to have cured the problem so it seems they were right.

    They then offered replacement batteries or a refund for the failures plus a free pack of carts as compensation. How good is that?

    You may be able to buy slightly cheaper e-cig products elsewhere but I doubt you would get the level of customer service this company provide. The company I used to use very conveniently lost any returned dud batteries claiming they were never received, then said no you can't have a replacement. I would say you generally get what you pay for so for me this is a no brainer. Thanks JAC Vapour, feel free to post this on all your review pages.
  • Best battery ive used and been using for 4 years now - by jo , 17 January 2017
    Best battery ive used and all of mine have lasted longer than they say they should. Im really in the need of new ones now and am disappointed that you have to wait so long for new stock. This has happened to me before. Maybe just bad timing but i would like to be confident in being able to order as soon as i need them............................JAC VApour Ltd; I do apologise for the delay, these should be arriving very soon (within the next 7 days).
  • Short lifespan - by R, 6 December 2016
    I keep buying these because I want them to work but unfortunately they dont last very long.
    At the end of June I bought the starter kit with the case and 2 batteries, since then I have had used a further 9 batteries and am now down to my last one. That's 22 weeks at an average of 2:1/2 weeks per battery. Three of the 9 were replacements from JAC which did last a bit longer, but overall the quality does seem a bit random.
    I am about to order a further 2 but these will probably be my last if they don't last a bit longer than 2 weeks. Very disappointing......................JAC Vapour: I have asked Customer service to contact you as there is something else going on here, I have never heard of batteries failing like this, lots of failures over several batteries suggests a different issue like a faulty charger or something. I apologise for the issues you're having.
  • Reliable! - by Bill, 3 October 2015
    Very reliable battery. Mine generally last for 3-4 hours before needing a charge. Only once had a problem with one of these batteries and Customer Services dealt with it in no time.
  • TJ - by Tony, 11 March 2015
    I've only bought one of these so I'm no expert, but the one I bought hardly worked at all. I nearly gave myself a hernia sucking away on it.
  • 180 batteries - by Mark, 1 February 2015
    I've just received these a couple of days ago... In a positive note they are great size fitting in the fist to be discreet as I have small hands. They give a very productive vape considering they are not verifiable wattage mods which I have numerous of and now have stored them away due to these now being my favourites due to them being more discreet, comfortable and portable in the pub and work.
  • Top batteries - by Rob, 17 January 2015
    As a caper for 3 years having mods galore I find myself back on cigalikes all down to the quality and performance of these along with jacs cartos and e juice get all 3 and your on to a winner
  • Adding life to battery - by Linda, 31 August 2014
    My first set of batteries (3) lasted around 6 months with care. Here is one important tip to help prolong the life of your battery.
    Clean every couple of weeks as advised on the videos.
    After filling cartomiser - gently blow through it before attaching to battery.
    If it makes a bubbly sound then blow forcefully through it with a tissue at the other end. Then ensure the cartomiser is dry on the battery end before attaching it to the battery. I use a tissue to help with this.

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