We are proud of our products.

We're one of the only companies in the UK that design, develop and create our own products. This means that we can control every aspect of the production of our products from start to finish. If that makes us sound like perfectionists, it's because we quite possibly are.

It's this attention to detail which allows us to offer the impressive warranties on our devices that we do, and it's why we're happy to publish unedited, uncensored product reviews on our site. We love to hear what our customers think - your feedback helps us to continue to improve.

JAC has also been fortunate enough to deal with many independent reviewers over the years, so we thought that, as well as our own customer reviews, we would share some of the reviews which have been published. Below you'll find a selection of some of the recent reviews we have received of our SERIES-S Starter kits, the SERIES-B Tilt, and the new SERIES-B DNA 75W.




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