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New to vaping? We have all the information you need. Read our help guides. All e-cigs are not created equal. You can trust in JAC. We operate stringent quality controls.

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JAC 510 Manual 900mah Starter Kit JAC 510 Manual 900mah Starter Kit
From £39.99
Availability: In Stock
Basic Kit Basic Kit
From £31.99
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The best electronic cigarette starter kits

JAC 510 Manual 650mah Starter Kit JAC 510 Manual 650mah Starter Kit
From £38.99
Availability: In Stock
JAC 510 Manual 400mah Starter Kit JAC 510 Manual 400mah Starter Kit
From £37.99
Availability: In Stock
JAC 510 Twist 900mah Starter Kit JAC 510 Twist 900mah Starter Kit
From £44.99
Availability: In Stock

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JAC 510 Twist 400mah Starter Kit

Like the new mini pro tank with duel coil can't fault it but then I come to the twist batterys 400mah is ok.... Only one little pr...


Rebuildable Nova Tank (Vgo2)

Like these a lot, the size is great (even the smaller version, can't imagine how long the bigger one would last) and with the 1.8 ...



Picked up this for my mother to try and she liked it enough that she is now buying a full kit. If you are on the fence with ecigs ...


Vgo2 Manual Switch 400mah Batteries (48mm)

Have been using these for 6 months or so now, and am very happy with them. Charge lasts most of a day if not using too heavily, an...



This tastes really good, just like the real thing, very slightly sweet so maybe not to everyone's taste but I like it a lot, could...


5 x 35mm Cartomisers prefilled with Cherry E-liquid

Nice flavour not too strong but by no means weak, smells lovely and the taste.... Nom nom nom! Very sweet like Glace cherries. Han...

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Why JAC Vapour?

Standing for quality, performance and reliability; JAC Vapour provides premium electronic cigarettes and accessories, at an affordable price.

Trading since 2010, JAC Vapour is an established and respected member of the vaping world. JAC stock the simplest, best looking and most advanced electronic cigarettes on the market, all of which can be customised and enjoyed with minimal effort. The simplicity of use is backed up by a highly trained, knowledgeable customer service team to help customers enjoy an innovative range of e-cig products, with minimum effort.

The company is established as one of the foremost high quality e-cigarette producers and a market leader in terms of vaping technology and industry innovation.

Becoming a vaper

Choosing electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking can bring with it new challenges and a whole new language to get used to: Eliquid, Variable Voltage, Tanks, Carts, Portable Charging Case... it can seem a little daunting at the beginning. JAC is here to help.

E-cigarettes are amazing gadgets, but like all tech products they do require a little understanding to get started. Use our Help section to find the best e-cig product for you or contact our customer service team if you'd rather have more customised help to decide which e-cigarette is best for you.

JAC Vapour sells 1st and 2nd generation electronic cigarettes online, great for the beginner switching to e-cigarettes or experienced vapers alike. With eliquid and e-cig cartomisers available in strengths 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0mg, we have something for everyone. All e-cigarettes are not created equal, but in JAC you can trust.

Need E-Cigarette Advice? Ask JAC

We value our customers and pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service possible. Our UK based customer services team will always be happy to help.

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5.30pm:

Which is your favourite eliquid flavour profile (pick one)?

Have you managed to stop smoking using electronic cigarettes?

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JAC Vapour are not intended as nicotine replacement therapy nor are they a cessation device. JAC Vapour contain no tar or tobacco . JAC Vapour are intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Not to be used by children, pregnant or breast feeding women or persons in ill health. JAC Vapour products contain nicotine which is an addictive drug. If unsure of use please consult your doctor. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in a JAC Vapour electronic cigarette.

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