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No fuss. No Mess.
Our same delicious flavours, in plug and vape pre-filled vape PODS. Simply pop into your VIM or Wee VIM and voila, you're ready to start vaping.


Standout Features

  • Small Size


    Carry extra vape pods, switch in, switch out, with no fuss and go right on vaping.

  • Big Battery Icon


    No risk of mixing flavours and no need to clean or replace vape coils. Every VIM Vape POD tastes great. Always.

  • Beginner Friendly


    Made with nicotine salts for faster nicotine delivery and a smooth, realistic vape. The best choice for beginning vapers!

Vaping on demand Vaping on demand

Made with Nicotine Salts

VIM PODS are made with nicotine salts which means the nicotine is delivered quicker, than traditional e liquids, for instant satisfaction. Nicotine salts are also less harsh, creating an enjoyable smooth vape. If you're switching over to vaping they are the best choice for you.

VIM Vape PODS are available in 4 flavours: SMOKING Tobacco, SMOKING Menthol Tobacco, Blackcurrant Squash and Strawberry Chew.

How to fit your Vape POD

Our pre-filled VIM PODS are very easy to use. To lock the vape POD in, grip the mouth tip and place the POD in the VIM or Wee VIM. Once in, press down and turn clockwise until the grip pattern shows at the front. Voila, your POD is locked in and you're ready to vape.

fit-your-pod fit-your-pod

3 Product(s)

3 Product(s)