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VaprilJAC Vapour are proud to be supporting VApril. Organised by UKVIA, the UK Vaping Industry Association, the campaign runs throughout April aiming raise awareness about vaping, vaping responsibly and the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking.

The campaign has gained the support of TV's Dr Christian Jessen, who says "VApril is all about changing this picture by helping more cigarette users to make a successful and permanent switchover."

E-cigs could already be contributing to over 200,000 successful quit attempts every year, with some 1.5 million vapers having quit smoking altogether. Will you be next?

Take the VApril challenge, make a positive change and switch to vaping this month. There's never been a better time, so what's stopping you? 

Look out for great deals on starter packs which will help make making the switch to vaping as simple as possible.

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