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  • Description

    Be one of the first to try our brand new Performance Mesh S-Coils with our early access. This is our first production run and stock will be limited, so grab your chance to try our latest coil innovation and leave your feedback in a product review.

    Suitable for use in our VIM, S-17 and S-22 tanks.

    What is a Mesh Coil?

    New! Introducing the Performance Mesh S-Coil, using the latest in mesh coil technology, our Performance Mesh S-Coils use a new layered organic cotton to increase the coil surface area. This provides the coil with the correct e liquid volume, without allowing flooding or leaking. This gives many benefits, including:

    • Rich, intense flavour
    • Dense vapour production
    • More consistent vape
    • Longer coil life
    • Suitable with all e liquid, including Nic Salts and High VG (up to 80%)

    Which Mesh S-Coil should I use?

    Need the technical bit? Here you go:

    • Vaping Coil Type - Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Restricted DL (RDL)- 0.45Ohm coils.
    • Recommended wattage range - 10-17W in MTL and 17-25 watts in restricted DL
    • Suitable for use with - VIM, S-17 and S-22 vapour tanks
    • This coil is high powered for max MTL or a restricted DL vape - it copes with both well, although if using a fixed voltage device for DL (VIM, S17 or S22 kits) the wattage will be too high for DL and the coils will not perform well
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Customer Reviews for the *EARLY ACCESS* PERFORMANCE MESH S-COIL - RDL/MTL 0.45 Ohm (JAC Vapour) 3 Pack

  • Some good some bad - by Michael, 10 July 2020
    mainly tried 0.45 the first batch i got of these were very good and great taste, the following batches not so. im very careful with priming etc but very quickly a very intense burning after a second drag not long after starting initial use. its like it needs a running in period one or two have leveled out but most are too coarse and need changing. could a pre burn be done in manufacturing to burn impurities off and with pre soaked with 0mg clear....... JAC Vapour: The wire is pre-heated prior to building to do this. Are you using the coil on a fixed wattage device? Something like the s17, vim or s22 will fire at too high a voltage for come coils and liquid when fully charged, so could it be you have maybe been using a fresh battery with a new coil? You may be able to break in by using a battery on blue (half charge) for the first fill or so. For this reason we don't advise using the 0.45 on a fixed voltage device, and it's better suited to something like the series b DNA where you can vary wattage.
  • Poor Manufacture Quality/Faulty Manufacturing Quality - by Dan, 26 May 2020
    The majority of these coils fail leaving a horrible taste in my mouth (literally) within 24-48 hours. For some reason the higher omh's dont. Avoid these ones if looking for mesh coils look at the higher omhs as i have had a positive experience with those.... JAC: Sorry you are having issues, if you contact customer service they will be able to help. Please also note as per the listing these 0.45 ohm coils will not work with a fixed wattage device like the s22, VIM, or s17 as the wattage will be too high and they will burn out. So if you can let customer service know the eliquid you are using, and the wattage you are running the coils at, they will help you get to the bottom of the issue. Thanks
  • First impressions poor but it got better. - by Gareth , 12 May 2020
    Unfortunately not a good experience with these coils so far, I received them yesterday and first impressions aren't so good. Firstly, thanks to JAC for the speedy dispatch as always (even with the current circumstances, hope you're all staying safe).

    Bit of background, I use S22 tanks, DL vaping with a couple of tilt mods and acouple DNA's with the 0.5ohm DL coils varying between 25-30watts mainly with Bryns sour lime and sour blue sorbet. The flavours of these 2 juices always hits the spot so seeing these new Performance Mesh S-Coils offering "rich, intense flavour" I opted for a pack rather than my normal go to 0.5ohm DL coils.

    I primed and popped my first coil in a S22 tank and left to soak for a little while, hit the fire button to be greeted with the Check Atomiser error. Took it to bits, checked the coil wasn't loose or overtightened, put it back together and same issue. Tried 2 more S22 tanks and a different mod, same error so assumed the coil was a dud. I tried my normal DL coil with the same tanks and that fired fine. Second mesh coil fitted, primed and worked... for a dozen drags if that :( it was certainly primed well enough and soaked throughly and I always turn the wattage down to gradually bed a new coil in, this was on 17 Watts which is within the range stated on the product page. So onto the third (and final) coil of the pack and hurrah, this has been vaping perfectly with no issues for the last few hours and the flavour still tastes the exact same as it did when I first put the coil in. Currently on my fourth refill of the tank. I don't find it a restricted DL at all, still seems nice and airy how I like it and now up to 22 Watts. It definitely seems to handle the juice better than the 0.5ohm DL coils I normally go for, I can chain vape this with no loss of flavour or dry/burnt taste at all and the tank stays much cooler to touch compared to how warm the tank gets with the other coil after a handful of drags.

    If I didn't have issues with the first 2 coils of the pack I'd probably give these new mesh coils 4/5 stars but first impressions were really disappointing which puts a dampener on things when trying a new item.

    I'll see how I get on with this final coil of the pack before deciding whether to switch permanently, only getting 3 (compared to 5) at the same price is a shame but understandable with it being a new item and not as mass produced, I'll just have to decide if the longer life and richer flavour justifies getting 2 coils less in a pack compared to what I normally order as well as the possibility there maybe issues with them as per the first two I tried.

    Something completely irrelevant but noticed on acouple of my previous reviews the response details some of my purchase history and if I'm using the correct juice mixture, the menthol mix kits I predominantly buy are not used with these coils or the 0.5DL coils.


    JAC: Thanks for the in depth feedback, from your description it sounds like the the first 2 were duds, we have not really heard of duds with these coils, but it's entirely possible, so hopefully the rest of the coils are fine. The mesh coils are built in a way to make them more consistent and take out human error, this doesn't mean we won't have failures though, so hopefully you have just got unlucky with those first 2, and customer service will be happy to replace. I'd say Bryns is probably the worst liquid for killing coils, so I would stick at under 20 watts with these coils using it, in my experience they don't need as high a wattage as the normal DL, and they run a bit cooler, which seems to fit with what you are experiencing as well. If more issues do present, let us know and we can work to resolve it. Thanks
  • Poor - by Jon, 5 May 2020
    Less than 12 hours use before it burnt out. I won’t be buying these again. I usually find the products are good but this is a waste of money. .............JAC: Sorry you've had an issue, if you contact customer service and let them know the juice, setup along with wattage etc. they will be able to help. It may just be a small adjustment needed. I have also just checked and if you are using the a fixed voltage device like the VIM or S22 in DL, these will not be suitable as per the listing: it copes with both well, although if using a fixed voltage device for DL (VIM, S17 or S22 kits) the wattage will be too high for DL and the coils will not perform well
  • NOT for MTL vapeing - by Rick, 1 March 2020
    Really REALLY disappointed with these coils. Advertised to be a replacement for the 0.7 ohm MTL coils which they are not. They are totally useless for MTL, they have a really open draw with no restriction so are only good for the cloud chasers who do direct to lung.

    Also the 0.7 ohm are known for using a lot of liquid but it is nothing compared to what these use. A few draws and half a tank has gone.

    And I agree that the price is rather steep compared to other makes.

    If these become standard Jaq fair then I'll have to start looking around for another vape pen again.

    However, that said, they are of far better build quality than the old 0.7's and the four wick holes means that you can vape to the bottom of the tank and lay your vape on its side without the burnouts of the 0.7's.

    Sorry but the old 0.7's give a much better vape for MTL but are temperamental .......JAC: Thanks for the feeedback. The bore on these are wider, but you just adjust your airflow down on the device, unlike the turbo coils or standard coils whihc have a reduce bore anyway. These coils will function at anything from a 1.5mm diameter airflow to 3.5mm so they have a wide range. If you do not adjuts the airflow, then they will indeed be too loose for MTL.

    I REPEAT these coils are useless for MTL regardless off how much you restrict the airflow. I have the airflow restricted to the point where you can only just get a sewing needle in ALL the time and have a 510 drip tip fitted instead of the useless plastic wide bore tip that comes as standard. The air flow on these coils is only good for cloudchasing dl vapeing................JAC: Okay thanks for the feedback, we do have users that are fine with using them for MTL, I personally am MTL and am currently using them on the VIM. I understand they won't suit everybody though, so your comments are appreciated and will be added to all our feedback, thank you.
  • So far so good, shame about the price. - by Stephen, 28 February 2020
    So far, and I've only had one pack, these coils seem to be a good option.
    I shall reserve judgement overall, as I have yet to see how long they last for.
    Like the previous review, I struggle to find a good reason for only getting three per carton, when I can get 5 S-Coils for the same price, so I shall continue to order those as well.
    In general though, I am quite impressed, as with most JAC products........................JAC Vapour: we are still producing these at relatively small numbers, if they are popular we should be able to build in bigger volume and get price down.. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Great initial impression but couple of caveats - by John, 12 February 2020
    This is an initial opinion I’ll add more later as I just installed these. The flavour and cloud performance is far superior to the reg coils. Much bigger clouds, much punchier flavour. Just what a sub ohm coil should deliver!

    So my initial opinion is very impressed with two caveats:

    One I have no idea yet as to longevity and will edit this review if able later to comment

    Two three coils in a pack for the same price as five pack of all other coils seems stingy and therefore seems expensive

    Those two caveats aside I’d def recommend trying these coils I have two installed in a series b dna and a geek vape device both running the S22 tanks and I’m very impressed with the performance at 20 watts

    Will def try again but ask that they put five in a pack pls three is just to low

    Johnef try again but ask that they put five in a pack pls three is just to low
    John...........................jAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback and if you need to update, just add another review and I'll combine the 2. The mesh coils do have lots of benefits, one being resiliency, their build style with wider bore and slightly cooler running should give longevity, they are however nearly double the cost to manufacture over a standard wound coils. Hopefully you will see value in them, and we decided to keep the price the same and reduce coil qty rather than make a 5 pack more expensive. The end result is you should get a full month use from a pack of coils, which is similar to where the 5 pack of standard coils sat i.e. the same cost should get you the same longevity, with all the other added benefits.

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