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V3i Auto 150mAh Batteries (55mm)

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  • Description

    We are currently running down stock of our 55mm V3i batteries, but don't panic - we will continue to stock the 65mm verion which offers greater battery life. Get yours today.

    • 55mm 150mAh auto batteries for use with our V3 and V3i cartomisers and V3i Mini Tanks.
    • These batteries come with a 42 day warranty and are compatible with the V1P PCC or V3i chargers that you can find on this site.
    • This battery will last approximately 1.5 hours before it requires recharging.
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WHITE WITH BLUE LED V3i Standard (Non-Rubber) 55mm Battery

Customer Reviews for the V3i Auto 150mAh Batteries (55mm)

  • Excellent Customer Service. - by L, 19 July 2016
    I just wanted to say a Big Thank You for the replacement battery.

    I wasn't expecting it!

    I really appreciate your understanding and quick resolution of the issue.

    Your customer service, as always, is Very Excellent...

    ...thanks again.

  • Top rate little discreet kit - by Janice, 1 December 2015
    Started off with vip then came across these excellent little batteries.Got the starter kit with 2 batteries and charging case.Have just ordered a mini tank to try.
  • Good quality, charges fast - by Ken Adams, 26 November 2015
    Got 2 of these with the pcc and have to say they have done well. The rubber finish is slightly grippy making them pleasing to hold although the white finish does look grubby after a while. They charge fast and last well but if you are a heavy vaper go for one of the longer sizes (I have!) as you may find they don't charge quite as fast as you can use them up. The only improvement I can think of would be to make the central pin spring loaded as I find I have to ease it back out every 5-6 charges to make sure it makes proper contact in the pcc and against the carts/tanks. Not a major issue just have to remember to carry a pin around in my kit if it needs doing whilst out and about.
  • Great! - by rhys, 5 September 2015
    Long lasting batteries. I have the silver and black and look and feel great. Good discrete size and shape. I like the changing ends, black is great for no attention when vaping.
  • Standard, reliable - by TJ, 11 March 2015
    I've been using this battery for years now, and don't feel the need to look any further. My only bugbear is that you have to recharge it quite often, but I'm never far from a USB anyway and it gives a lovely drag.
  • Flawless - by August, 26 February 2015
    I've ordered two of these batteries almost three months ago now to switch between them whilst one is charging.

    Both seem to have maintained their full capacity and I have had very little problems. Only problem is sometimes the batteries stay on themselves - but my have found this to be only temperamental and thus no big problem.

    I purchased the rubber coated for the pleasing feel and store it in one of the cases from here to keep them from becoming damaged or dirty.

  • silver battery - by Karon, 19 January 2015
    I ordered a silver 55mm battery about two weeks ago and I am very disappointed. In less than one week the battery started to vape by itself!!!! I left it on the kitchen side whilst I was I was cleaning an all of a sudden it started shining blue and making a hissing sound. I thought that maybe it needed charging or that my cartomizer was running out so I put the battery on charge and changed the cartomizer, but this was not the case, it still did it afterwards. This is the second small silver battery I have purchased and the first one did the same so I should have been more dubious but I thought it may have been a one off. How wrong I was..Very very disappointed!!!!!...............JAC Vapour Ltd: I am sorry this has occured, it is unusual for a battery to do this, normally this happens if moisture gets into the switch, or it can happen if you fill the cart while still attached to the battery, as any overfill will go on to the switch. Occasionally it can happen randomly, but it would be very unlucky on 2 batteries in a short time, the good news though is batteries are covered by warranties and they can be replaced free of charge if less than 2 months old, so please contact support on and they will organise this for you.
  • faultless little battery - by Darren, 7 November 2014
    Use the smallest version of these with carts or a mini V3i tank when waiting for my protank 3 to charge or when I want to take a smaller civil a like on an evening out.
    As a big vaper I probably get through a battery in about 3 hours so good to have a spare, which is no problem at all with the V1P portable charge case.
  • surprised legnth of battery life, surprising smoking alternative - by sarah, 29 June 2014
    I bought this battery as part of a starter kit nearly 2 years ago. It stopped me smoking the day I got it as it produced an excellent vapour that was a lot more enjoyable than smoking. I had never tried to stop prior to buying this product but I was just intrigued by the vaping phenomenon that was beginning to occur. I haven't turned back since! I have since moved up to the VGO batteries and so gave a friend these batteries. Nearly 2 years later, the battery still charges quickly, has a decent legnth of battery life and produces excellent vapour. Highly recommended as a starter battery or as an inbetween charging/travel battery.
  • very good quality - by Rayhan, 7 May 2014
    Iv got 2 of the black batteries and the build quality is brilliant. the battery holds charge well and the rubber grip makes it feel like so much more "premium". prefer to use the 55mm with cartomizers

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