USB charger for V3 & V3i batteries with a long lead
JAC Vapour USB charger long lead for V3i batteries
Black USB charger with 808 connection for V3i batteries

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USB Charger for V3 or V3i 5v Long Lead

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  • Description
    • 5v Long Lead USB Charger for use with our V3i batteries.
    • This charger is a standard USB charger but comes with an 110mm lead to make it easier for you to charge your device.
    • Input: 5v DC 500mA
    • Output: 5v DC 150mA

    JAC Vapour advises all customers to only use official chargers and charging adapters with their batteries. Use of third party chargers or adapters is done so at the customer's own risk, and we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused as a result of using such products.

    Please follow standard battery safety guidelines when charging your batteries: Terms and Conditions.

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Customer Reviews for the USB Charger for V3 or V3i 5v Long Lead

  • Old style chargers lasted longer. - by Jack, 29 July 2018
    I find the wires eventually snap at the usb's end in the same way cheap phone charging cables do. The 2 I bought in November lasted 8 months. Bring back the charger without the wire please. I've been using the v3i for over 3 years
  • Dont care about Loyal customers - by Jimt, 17 April 2017
    These chargers take for ever to charge a battery as the small one without the cable charge in no time .I have read that you are taking the small charger off the market.I have bought my ecigs off you for 6 years now .if that is the case then I will have to look elsewhere

    Jac Vapour Ltd: Hi there Jim. I can see that you've contacted our customer services team about the issues you've been having with your long lead charger. Please do let us know how you get on with replacement, as this should solve the issue for you.
  • Ideal and convenient - by August, 26 February 2015
    Got this item as part of a kit to chart my auto v3i battery and have come across zero problems.

    I always prefer cables in this instance as itll mean I can't get something caught on the charger and for it to get damaged, whereas with a cable it's much harder to do this.

    The cable isn't even very long meaning it won't become untidy and can be easily folded up and put away.
  • Good for awhile - by Paul, 19 November 2014
    Just ordered my third one of these, they seem to last about 6 months before deciding they have had enough.
    I suppose you can't really complain at £5.29 but it is slightly irritating.
    Overall very pleased with Jacvapour.
    Products are fairly decent, customer service excellent................................JAC Vapour: Hi, the chargers have a 6 month warranty on them, so if they fail before this time then they can be replaced for free, you just need to contact support and they will organise it for you. Having said that, we don't normally hear of continued issues with these chargers, so maybe something else is going wrong.. Surges in electrical circuits have been know to blow them, also using them with an iphone or another phone style usb to mains adapter can cause them to blow. It's definitely worth figuring out, if chargers are blowing continually it may be the fail safe kicking in and preventing something worse happening, so please contact support in regards to the issue and we can investigate for you.
  • Useful Item - by Helen, 14 May 2014
    Really handy charger to have.
  • Versatile and useful - by TribalHound, 9 April 2014
    I know this is just a charging cable but it can be used in the car, on desktop PC, laptop, when the plug socket isn't easily accessible or your PCC is busy charging another battery after you've been doing some heavy vaping.
    Acts as a second charger to ensure you never have a flat battery. I've also got a battery that won't charge in the PCC and this keeps it working.
  • Stops working after 1-2 months - by EDWIN , 7 April 2014
    I have had 3 of these over the past 6 months or so. They are great to begin with but soon stop working. Not great when it occurs out of the blue and nothing to vap............. JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Edwin, this doesn't sound right, I'll get customer service to contact you. If there is an issue they will be able to sort it, also the chargers are guaranteed for a minimum of 4 months so if you do have a faulty one it can be replaced for free.
  • excellent item - by william, 24 March 2014
    hi,i love this extra item.use it at the pc or when im screw in the battry on let it charge away.the light turns green when charging is finished and that's you ready to use a fully charged battery
  • I must be doing something wrong - by Amy, 13 March 2014
    I've had 3 of these that have came in different starter kits I've bought and all of them no longer work. I'm now using just a USB one that seems to be holding out. After reading the reviews I'm wondering now why all of mine have broken. They were great when they did work though.

    JAC Vapour: This is very odd, please contact support, could it be something to do with the port you charge them in (do you always use the same port), maybe a fault that is blowing a fuse or something. Support will help you out. Plus chargers have a 4 month warranty on them. If you email they will figure it out, but I never heard of other problems like this. Just as a note these chargers are for auto batteries only (the V3i ones) they won't work with the Vgo2 batteries. I can't see what kit you have to check.
  • Perfect! - by Alex, 6 February 2014
    Before this, i had the cargher without the cable. It worked well, than it finished its life under a car lol. I bought this one with the cable and i find it more comfortable than the one without the cable. Perfect!!

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