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Mouth to Lung Tanks

A Mouth to Lung (MTL) tank mimics the sensation of traditional cigarettes

The technical bit: MTL tanks use smaller coils with a higher resistance, so they are more restricted as you inhale. This feels more like taking a draw on a cigarette and is perfect for new vapers.

MTL tanks use less e-liquid and battery power than vapour cloud-chucking (Sub-ohm) tanks, and are the only choice if you prefer high nicotine or high PG liquids. Don’t believe anyone that tells you a sub-ohm tank will do mouth to lung if you reduce the airflow (it doesn’t). Our latest, JAC Vapour designed, S22 tank is perfect – and has recently been voted as better than the Nautilus 2 tank.

If it’s a smoother vape and massive clouds of vapour you’re searching for (suited to deeper, longer draws) a Direct Lung (DL) tank is a better choice.

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