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Go Smokefree: Stop smoking with an e cigarette in 2018

Go Smokefree in 2018

Switch to an e-cig

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If your goal is a smokefree 2018, put your trust in JAC and let us help you start out on your own vaping journey.

Why switch to an e cigarette?

Go Smokefree

What's the difference between e cigarettes and cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes represent a far safer alternative to smoking tobacco. They allow the user to get the nicotine hit they're looking for without the 3-4000 chemicals (including 60 known carcinogens) found in a cigarette. There's no smoke or combustion with an e cigarette, just vapour.

Will using an e cigarette help me stop smoking?

Electronic cigarettes have been found by many smokers to be a great tool to help quit tobacco. As they so closely replicate the experience of smoking, it's easy for most to make the switch to vaping. There are variety of models and e-liquid strengths to choose from, so choosing the right one for your needs is key to making a successful quit attempt.

How safe are e cigarettes?

Nothing in life is risk-free, but studies have shown e cigarettes to be at least 95% safer than smoking, a figure that has been recognised by public health organisations such as Public Health England, the Royal College of Physicians and the British Medical Association.

What about nicotine?

On its own, nicotine is relatively risk-free. There are physiological effects associated with nicotine (such as increased heart rate and blood pressure), but these are comparable with the effects of caffeine. The damage caused by smoking comes from the thousands of other harmful chemicals that cigarettes contain.

Is e cigarette vapour harmful to others?

Studies so far show that there is no risk associated with 'passive vaping', as opposed to the wealth of evidence that shows a strong risk posed by second hand smoking.

Where can I vape?

Electronic cigarettes are not covered by the UK smoking ban, though individual organisations are free to set their own policy. If you're unsure, just ask - it's good manners.

Only £34.99