SERIES-S Stainless Steel Starter Kit
Stainless steel version of the SERIES-S
Another view of the stainless steel version
Battery and tank
Tank with coil
The tank with a mouthpiece
Airflow, coil, chamber and mouthpiece
Chamber with mouthpiece
Fully assembled tank or clearomizer
SERIES-S being held
A SERIES-S in a hand

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SERIES-S17 Bottom Fill Kit (Stainless Steel)

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  • Description

    The SERIES-S may just be the last electronic cigarette you'll ever need. GQ's pick for one the 'Top 10 Coolest Things in the World'.

    It doesn't matter if you're brand new to vaping or a seasoned sub-ohm fan looking for a discrete option, the SERIES-S does it all.

    Designed in the UK by our in-house by our R&D team, the SERIES-S has been purpose-built to suit vapers of all levels of experience.


    • 900mAh capacity
    • Sub-ohm capable
    • Designed with user progression in mind
    • Direct-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping possible
    • Sleek design

    Need more battery life? Pick up a spare SERIES-S battery with your kit at a discounted price.

    The SERIES-S is the ideal e cigarette to take you wherever you want to go on your vaping journey. Whether you prefer a mouth to lung vape (similar to the action of smoking a cigarette), or if direct lung vaping is more your thing, the SERIES-S is built to fit around your needs. It even supports sub-ohm vaping should you wish to try that as you move along.

    A quality, stylish and ergonomic design all add up to making this possibly the last device you will ever need.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £15.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S17 Bottom Fill Kit (Stainless Steel)

  • Series-S - by Gary, 26 September 2017
    I purchased this earlier this year to replace my series-e but didnt really get along with it, not the products fault just didnt feel right for me. In large I think this was down to the mouthpiece, I was so used to the rubber tips on the E I couldnt get a grip with it. Saying that it did produce a nice draw and felt good to hold, hoping to move across to its big brother i October as it allows the rubber tips. T be fait to Jac they took it back immediately with no fuss so top marks for that..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, remember you can use your reward points to get 25% off if you have any. I am using the S-22 at the moment, as I'm lucky enough to have the prototype, I have to give it up for review this week and it will be sorely missed.
  • More problems than it's worth - by Anna, 2 August 2017
    Oh, my. The vaping pen is great.. When it works. When received it originally, I had a batch of faulty coils, which was promptly sorted by CS. Then the pen started leaking, again, the CS can't be faulted, they sent me a replacement. My gripe is with their coils. Every time I have to change them, I try to delay it till I have no choice. As I mentioned, the first batch I received was all faulty. After that it became hit and miss. Yesterday I had to change a coil again. The first coil I put in burnt (and I do know how to change a coil, I watch numerous videos), hence, wasting a full tank of e-liquid. The second one, after a lot of flicking, is working for a few puffs, then starts crackling and doesn't generate vape. 3 puffs, and it gives up, so I have to wait for about 10 min for it to start working again. I've taken the coil out a few times, smothered it in e-liquid, put it back in, waited and waited, but it continues "misfiring". Plus, the tank is leaking again. And no, I haven't dropped it, I haven't done anything different from yesterday, when it was working OK with the old coil. I know I still have a warranty on the product, but honestly, it's just easier to purchase a kit from a different manufacturer. I would not advise buying this kit if you want a nice continuous vape. If you don't mind a burnt e liquid, leaking tank and non end flicking when you change a coil every time, then you might like this product....................JAC Vapour ltd: I am sorry you are having issues with the product, the coils do need primed prior to use, and CS should have walked you though this, also changing the coil does not require emptying the tank, the coil can be changed with a full tank, so I think potentially there is a something else going on here, it could be a faulty unit, you had said the unit is mis-firing, so that also suggests a bad coil connection, this could be a fault with the tank, if you are sure the coil is seated correctly. We do have lots of tutorial videos which CS can provide access to but we normally get very few issues with this device. I use this device and coil system everyday and have never had an issue, I understand that you may not want to continue with the unit, but you can contact us and we'll replace for free, or refund if there's a fault with it.
  • Perfect Starter Set - by GD, 28 March 2017
    Great quality build, perfectly smooth vape and great flavour eliquid. Having tried some cheap, nasty supermarket bought ones you can really tell the difference. Would definitely recommend, and will be reordering for the foreseeable! Quick delivery, great product, reasonable price. Goodbye cigarettes!
  • Small but potent! - by Tomasz, 22 March 2017
    Impressiv kit! For 20 quid you get a pen capable of firing sub-ohm coils! Build quality is excellent, vapour production is respectable especially with a 0.5 Ohm coils, Candy fault the taste, the whole kit is super reliable. The only thing I could think of is the tank - 1.8 ml is really not much, but hey ! - it's still just a pen ! And for the price it's really worth the money!...................JAC Vapour Ltd: The tank size is limited by the TPD rules (needs to be below 2ml) we are launching a top accessory though, this will allow you to 'overfill' the tank, we'll have it in the next few months as I am juts using the prototype now. Thanks for the review.
  • Excellent - by June, 15 March 2017
    Having come from an ego I don't have a lot to compare to, but this is much better than my previous ecig and actually a lot cheaper as well. I was happy with my old one, but I thought I'd splash out as it seemed reasonably cheap, now my old ecig seems rubbish and I couldn't go back so be warned, this will make egos seem rubbish and you'll never be happy with one again. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking to make a step up.
  • Great product at an unbeatable price! - by Jon, 15 March 2017
    Fantastic product. Very well made and unbeatable for the price. I ordered a secondary one as I am that impressed!
    Only thing I would add would be a small plastic cover for the mouth piece to stop things going in that shouldn't - pocket fluff etc
  • Great Product - by Craig, 12 March 2017
    After two weeks use I am genuinely impressed with the Series S. Simple and effective to use, fantastic build quality in stainless steel and discrete enough to carry around in my pocket. I am using this in the mouth-to-lung set up and with the JACVapour 18mg Real Tobacco Lite (VG) and I have found it to be a satisfying substitute for cigarettes. I find the coils are lasting around 6 days on average (filling the 1.8ml tank twice a day) so strongly recommend ordering the extra coils. The battery typically needs charging daily.
    Also advice from customer services was brilliant. I am very pleased with my purchase.
  • No problems - by Jess, 10 March 2017
    I have 2 of these and no issues, I'd suggest the negative reviews are from people that just haven't read the instructions, quality vs cost you can't fault the device, only thing I'd like to see is top fill, but at this price point it's hard to complain, particularly since the device has a 6 month warranty. My advice is contact customer service before complaining as I have been a customer of JACs for 3 years now and they have never let me down.
  • Great starter, great for a second device too! - by AB, 9 March 2017
    Yes there are some negative reviews here - but from my pov this is a really great device. solid, looks good and much sturdier than a kanger device I had previously. I was on 20 a day. I get the same satisfaction with this on one single charge a day and not much liquid. Take lots of care with the threads on refilling, keep it clean and it's a joy to use. Lovely thick vapour, good taste from the included Jac bottle. I couldn't recommend it more. Read the other useful, constructive posts as well as the great instructions included.
  • Shocking Battery Life - by Neil, 9 March 2017
    Battery Life is Shocking, I'm now on my 6th or 7th battery, they should last for 4 hours so I'm told in the Leeds shop but after a matter of weeks they last about an hour. They are not being over charged, I use the charger the system came with.

    Its a shame because its a really good device but the really bad battery life makes it really unusable, I'm not a heavy user either.

    Going to get my money back and look for something else. Really bad experience............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Are you using them full time as a sub-ohm device with the direct lung coils? This is the only thing I can think of, and if this is the case a 900mah battery will not last very long, the device is not really designed for that. If you wish an all day sub-ohm device with more battery you have to use a box mod. i am a heavy vaper and use the Series S with 2 batteries on the mouth to lung coils, so I go through at least 2 a day, maybe 3 if I'm going hard at it. But the battery only takes an hour to charge so the new one is always ready when I need it. There is no way there have been 6 mis-performing batteries, so it's really just a case of the battery and device are not capable of what you want them to do, no device the size of the S will be, you'll have to go to a higher capacity setup. So I do agree that you should return the device and consider a device with more capacity, boxes like the SERIES-B are still small and offer 3000 Mah capacity with more flexibility.

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