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Black battery with beauty ring
Black version with fitted beauty ring
Close up of the black version with tank
Black version with tank
Silver version with beauty ring
Silver version with fitted beauty ring
Close up of silver version with tank
Silver version with tank and beauty ring fitted

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SERIES-E 1000mAh Geni Battery Only

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  • Description

    We've updated the design of our best-selling SERIES-E range of e-cig batteries and starter kits.

    The SERIES-E offers ease of use, and advanced features in an 18.5mm form factor. It represents a step up from current 2nd generation batteries available on the market.

    Designed in-house by JAC Vapour, the SERIES-E is recommended for all vapers looking for a kit that provides power, reliability and quality in a portable size.

    SERIES-E batteries are now supplied in silver, stainless steel or black, with a black fire button.

    Batteries are supplied on their own. For a seamless look when using 510 non-eGo tanks, remember to pick up a SERIES-E beauty ring.

    Key features of the SERIES-E include:

    • 1000mAh capacity
    • Supports any 510/eGo tank
    • A reliable connection with any 510 tank via spring-loaded connector
    • Superior reliability and advanced safety features
    • 3 click voltage change (3.7v, 4.2v and 4.8v)
    • A discrete 78mm length with beauty ring attached (68mm without)
    • Suitable for the popular 18.5mm tanks on the market, such as the Geni Aero Tank
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Availability: In stock

As low as: £9.99

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Price as configured: £9.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-E 1000mAh Geni Battery Only

  • Performs well - by Phil, 27 December 2017
    Good solid battery, good lifespan and durable construction. Has taken more than a few knocks!
  • Great batteries with long life - by Gary, 26 September 2017
    Great batteries for the Series-E, I use two to last throughout the day and have no problems at all. Charge takes me around 30/45 minutes but I rarely run them down to zero. One of my batteries is at least 9 months old and still seems to be going strong so cant really ask for more.
  • Faulty Battery? - Maintenance - by Tom, 21 September 2016
    I thought I had a faulty battery JAC vapour sent me instructions to follow:

    1. When I screw on the tank and press the power button? It lights up as normal, without any vapour being produced.
    2. It lit up red or green or white depending on setting, I have tried all of them.
    3. It is screwed on until I feel it is becoming tight, tank works fine on my spare battery. It has never been cross threaded.
    4. I always clean the flat center pin of the battery and tank with a paper towel before fitting the tank.
    5. I have cleaned around the center pin with a wooden toothpick, there was no dirt I could see, tank was still not working.

    6. Went around the center pin of battery with a pin, battery and tank is working now!

    Using a pin seems to have been the answer.

    Thanks to JAC vapour for helping me with this problem.

    I'm happy with the series E kit again.
  • nice - by Graham, 28 July 2016
    I bought these to replace 2 other batteries I have had for about a year. They are pretty much identical to my older stainless steel ones, and have so far been good, also still look good - 2 months of use every day.
  • Silver battery x2 - by Ian, 30 April 2016
    The battery's are top quality and feel great in the hand,all jacvapour products are top quality.What I really like are the tiny holes at the bottom of the battery it's a really good safety feature.
  • solid battery - by Glen, 4 April 2016
    performs as expected, bought to replace a stainless steel series-e and seems to be identical except the finish. Have been using for around 2 months, and can report the silver finish is lasting fine.
  • Unlisted problems - by Tom, 24 February 2016
    My battery after about 4 weeks starting flashing all the colours 15 times when clicked once and would not heat the liquid. I originally thought this was what happened when the battery life was low. I charged the battery and it still does the 15 flashes. There is nothing in the manual or the website that explain what this means. I feel I have received a faulty product as I haven't used it that much and my girlfriend, who uses it a lot has no problem with hers. Be wary of your battery as I assume some faulty ones get through quality control. Just not happy I have to spend £20 for a new battery so soon! ...............JAC Vapour Ltd: Your battery is covered by a 6 month warranty, if you are having issues or there is a problem it can be replaced free of charge. The light flashing 15 times means can also mean a short circuit and the protection is kicking in, if you girlfriends tank does not work with the battery either then the short will be in the battery, possibly a loose connection or a bad solder, either way contact Customer service and they will work it out.
  • So far - excellent! - by Phil, 17 February 2016
    Purchased E-series kit with extra battery. Great performance so far - no leaks, good battery life, great look & feel. Fair value for money. Good service from JAC. Can't rate highly enough!
  • Contempt - by Attonitus, 13 February 2016
    Why does my articulated and succinct review not appear on your web site. Is it because I rated your products as 1 star? I hope you and your rubbish cheap products soon disappear

    Ordered 2 batteries & 2 chargers. At best a battery lasts 1 hour then needs charging. The chargers are also very poor quality as neither charger will recognise a flat battery and the charged light remains green............JAC Vapour Ltd: Reviews need to be checked prior to going live, so I've now put both reviews on the one. We are very sorry if you are experiencing problems, if you wish to contact support they will replace any faulty products for you, everything is guaranteed for 6 months, you can also return the product and we will refund if you prefer. If the battery is showing as green (fully charged) and then not working when the power button is pressed (no light) then it is locked, 5 clicks will unlock it. Further details about the battery lock are in the instructions. If this is not the case and the batteries are lighting up when pressed the issue will more than likely be a faulty charger, customer service can help with any issue or get a refund issued if you prefer.
  • Excellent batteries - by JC, 2 February 2016
    Excellent batteries

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