SERIES-B Tilt Mouth to Lung box mod kit
SERIES-B Tilt MTL vape mod kit from the side
SERIES-B Tilt MTL e cigarette mod kit
SERIES-B Tilt MTL with vape tank
IMR Battery fitted in battery compartment
SERIES-B Tin users hand

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SERIES-B Tilt 50W Mouth to Lung Kit

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  • Description
    Designed and engineered in the UKDesigned in the UK by our in-house engineers.
    6 month warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Elegant formStylish and compact design.

    Voted ‘Best Box Mod’ by Gizmodo Magazine and designed by JAC Vapour, in-house, in the UK.

    The SERIES-B TILT is a stylish, compact box mod, capable of firing up to 50w. Very easy to use, with an ‘idiot proof’ set-up and clear instruction manual, it’s perfect for beginners or those new to box mods but equally perfect for advanced vapers who need high levels of power.

    Paired with our S22 tank (also designed by JAC), critically acclaimed as the best Mouth to Lung on the market today, this tank is super easy to use and packs more flavour punch than you might be able to handle. And now you can convert your S22 tank for topfill with our optional Topfill Accessory.

    • Each SERIES-B TILT package is supplied with the award-winning device, a USB charging lead and manual.
    • Featuring fully adjustable wattage/voltage and a wide range of safety features, this device also comes with a 1 year warranty and combined with UK based after sales support, gives you complete peace of mind.

    An IMR 18650 battery (flat-top, 65.5mm max length; see full battery specs under the Options Explained tab) is required, which can be added using the options below. The SERIES-B supports on-board charging with the included USB cable, but external chargers are also available should you wish to use these instead.

    Features of the SERIES-B Tilt:

    • Unique design
    • Double undercoating for a more durable rubber finish
    • Minimal branding for an all-black, sleek look
    • Maximum wattage of 50 watts
    • Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage modes
    • Settings memory - your device remembers user settings while the battery is removed
    • Improved responsiveness with more rapid firing time, and various minor design adjustments for increased usability compared to our original 40w model
    • Advanced safety features
    • Sub-ohm compatible (>0.2ohm)
    • Spring-loaded 510 connector
    • Quick-release magnetic battery cover
    • USB on-board charging and pass-thru (requires 1x IMR 18650 battery with 20A max. continuous amperage or higher)
    • Fast charging (2A)
    • 1 Year Warranty
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Availability: In stock

As low as: £44.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B Tilt 50W Mouth to Lung Kit

  • Hard to fault - by Stephen, 2 September 2018
    Had this B-Tilt for some time now, and I find it hard to fault.
    It's obviously not perfect, but I'm not sure that the *perfect* e-cig has yet been developed.
    For me, what beats the opposition hands down is the customer service, advice, and assistance: every query/complaint/request for advice I've made over the last several years - about several devices I've owned, starting with a basic "starter kit" - have been handled politely, professionally, and promptly.
  • It's just so tactile - by Simon, 11 June 2018
    Best vape on the market for me. I have tried lots of different types from the throwaway ones right up to the 200+watt mods. Nothing compared to this. I think Jac Vapour hit the nail on the head with this one. It's comfortable and easy to use. But it's the quality that shines through for me. Right from the magnetic battery cover to the rubber covering. It's the 'Apple' of the vape world.
  • A good starter kit - by Laurence, 6 June 2018
    This is not promoted as a starter kit, but being new to Vaping. I bought this as a starter kit, because I know I want to mess about with the wattage to give me bit more control even as a newbie, hence I choose this over the Series S-22 kit. I also got the S22 top fill tank with this Tilt and having a great experience.. good look kit, I really like the actual tilting, really comfortable.
    Had this now about a mouth, and got me off the Cig.. have now touched one since...

    The only issue (hence 4 stars) is the battery cover - is a bit loose on the bottom end (the magnet of the bottom seem a bit weak) and have a tiny bit of play/rattle top to bottom, but made it snug fit by DIY a little dry superglue as a spacer. I am being picky otherwise great built quality.
    MLT coil - good flavour from whatever juice I put in, and only on my second coil.. so seem long lasting. I just ordered the turbo .42 an .7 s-coil, so hopefully even better vape.
  • Awesome - by Dan, 23 April 2018
    Bought mine in January 2016 so nearly 2 and a half years old now and used daily. Still has the original battery I got with it. Great piece of kit. There can't be a better box mod on the market.
  • pretty close to perfect - by adam, 18 March 2018
    well happy with my series b tilt. came to this from the series s and it's a huge improvement. as the battery drains the device keeps the wattage consistent so there's no drop off in performance. a full charge lasts just over a whole day so no need to worry about taking a charger out with you. nice and small so not obtrusive in your pocket and not too heavy either. there are some small issues with the matt black finish chipping off but i quite like this as it adds character over time! i've recently bought the top fill accessory which has taken about the only negative away from this product – bottom filling was a bit of a pain. now with the top fill it's a breeze and has improved an already great product. the only other negative, and this may be the case with all devices (i'm relatively new to this so experience across brands is limited) is that the liquid can get past the coil seal into where the coil screws into the airflow base. fairly easy to clean out when you change your coil but just thought it was worth mentioning. otherwise a perfect device!......................If you get coil in your airflow juts give it a few flicks (it'll save you cleaning it out) there should be loads getting in juts a bit of condensation. Thanks for the review.
  • Great upgrade from pen vaping - by Dan, 15 March 2018
    Ill start with the pro's.
    The device is very easy to charge and the pass through charging works great. I do not use the supplied usb cable for charging due to the short length it provides a great way of tying the bins down when its windy.

    The 2500mah battery is excellent, enough power for moderate vaping for 1 to 3 days at 13.6w and it hasnt run short on me yet.

    When filling the device often liquid residue is left on the mouth piece after screwing it down so give that a good wipe before returning to vaping unless you enjoy the raw taste of tour liquid.

    Charging point is on the bottom, while id prefer a point on the side over looks of the device it is not a major hassle.

    I would not recommend the silver steel finish as it easily gets chips and scratched. Recommend jac use a better quality finish and charge a little more just to get that quality finish that does not deteriate over time.

    The vape provides a good hit and will go all the way upto 50w which is great for beginner to mid vapers.
  • Unhappy - by Nick, 24 January 2018
    I thought selling it as a complete package but without a battery was deceitful and not worthy of the company who have treated me very well.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you are unhappy please contact customer service, the reason why these kits are sold with the option to choose to not include a battery (it is defaulted to include one and also recommended, so you have to deselect it) is because many users already have suitable batteries, and therefore do need to buy another. It is not intended to be deceitful and is made very clear in the listing, so I am sorry if this has mislead you in anyway.
  • Great device for a beginner! - by Alexander , 26 November 2017
    I purchased the series-b tilt after weighing up pros and cons of a number of devices. Although I had stopped smoking on a daily basis, I was still a social smoker but this device helped me stop immediately. The transition from smoking to vaping with this device was instant - it's easy to use, well built and easy to maintain. The service provided by jacvapour was second to none and I have recommended them to friends who are looking to quit smoking. Many thanks!
  • Quality item - by GARY, 14 November 2017
    Had this for about a Month now and I am happy with it, not so the tank that came with it. It has a quality feel and look to it and battery life is very good, I get 2 days out of a green wrap battery but I'm not a heavy vapour. Easy to adjust and screen is very clear and easy to see what you have set it at.
    I bought with s22 top fill which is very easy to top up, I do however find it difficult to see how much juice is left in it though. Everything is of great quality and Jac Vapour deserves top marks for their Customer support and high quality products.
  • Good, but not great - by Keith, 31 October 2017
    After 3 weeks of use I think that I can give a fairly balanced review. Its a nice shape, it looks good and not too heavy and fits in the hand comfortably with no signs of paint chipping as some have mentioned. The pink wrap battery lasts me for approx four days which is longer than some say, but there is a reason for that which I will explain later. I have had no problems with the charging point at the base. They are the good points but there are some negatives which are:- It is almost impossible to see the liquid level in the tank, especially the clearer liquids. I know there is a modification that overcomes this but I am judging on what is delivered. Next is the coil life. I am using 1.0 ohm coils set at 11.5 watts and they last no more than 6 days which I think is poor. I can understand an earlier reviewer saying they only last 3 days with moderate use. It is probably the reason my battery lasts as I don't tend to use it that often which is unfortunate but we are all on a budget these days and compared to my pen vape in which the coils last weeks, it does not compare well to the cost of replacements. I also find that the coils take time to 'catch up' and its possible to get a 'dry hit' if you rush it so its not good for a 'quick' smoke.
    One good point though is that the tank doesn't leak and not many products can claim that. Next is the instruction book which is far better than most, but the wattage / voltage pages have obviously been copied from colour to black and white as is it near impossible to see the figures. Lastly and I find this slightly amusing, "When charging you can still use it" Great except the cable supplied is only 10" long and most power points are 7" from the floor - so to use it when charging you have to lay flat on the floor, unless you are a contortionist and can fold yourself that low. Anyway its a nice small Vape unit and well worth considering but unfortunately it does have a few niggles hence my title.

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