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SERIES-B Tilt box mod kit device only
SERIES-B Tilt box mod kit device only
The SERIES-B Tilt 50W box
The top of the SERIES-B Tilt
The device's battery
Side view
Close up of the display
View of the device standing alone
Another view of the device standing
Bottom up view
The device being held in a vaper's hand
Another view of the device being held

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SERIES-B Tilt 50W (Device Only) - Was £39.99, Now £32.99 Save £7

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As low as: £32.99

Price as configured: £32.99

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  • Description

    Save £7 until the end of January.

    Voted ‘Best Box Mod’ by Gizmodo Magazine and Designed by JAC Vapour, in-house, in the UK.

    The SERIES-B TILT is the perfect choice if you’re looking for your first box mod, but is also ideal for advanced vapers looking for high levels of power in a stylish, compact body.

    Capable of firing up to 50W and fully adjustable to let you choose your perfect vape, the SERIES-B TILT is very easy to use, with an ‘idiot proof’ set-up and clear instruction manual.

    Featuring fully adjustable wattage/voltage and a wide range of safety features, this device also comes with a 1 year warranty which, combined with UK-based after sales support, gives you complete peace of mind.

    Features of the SERIES-B Tilt:

    • Unique design
    • Double undercoating for a more durable rubber finish
    • Minimal branding for an all-black, sleek look
    • Maximum wattage of 50watts
    • Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage modes
    • Settings memory - your device remembers user settings while the battery is removed
    • Improved responsiveness with more rapid firing time, and various minor design adjustments for increased usability compared to our original 40w model
    • Advanced safety features
    • Sub-ohm compatible (>0.2ohm)
    • Spring-loaded 510 connector
    • Quick-release magnetic battery cover
    • USB on-board charging and pass-thru (requires 1x IMR 18650 battery with 20A max. continuous amperage or higher)
    • Fast charging (2A)
    • 1 Year Warranty

    Please note that this SERIES-B Tilt kit isn’t supplied with an IMR 18650 battery or a 510 tank, both of which are required to use the device. Options are available below to select an IMR 18650 battery, and you can see our other SERIES-B kit listings to select compatible tanks at a discounted price.

    An IMR 18650 battery (flat-top, 65.5mm max length; see full battery specs under the Options Explained tab) is required, which can be added using the options below. The SERIES-B Tilt supports on-board charging with the included USB cable, but external chargers are also available should you wish to use these instead.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £32.99

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SERIES-B TILT 50W - Black rubber/Stainless steel   +£0.00

Price as configured: £32.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B Tilt 50W (Device Only) - Was £39.99, Now £32.99 Save £7

  • Very good - by Will, 17 January 2018
    Would love to give this a 4.5. Great quality and design. Batteries are easily removed. Has fired up from locked in my pocket once or twice. When a new battery is connected it powers up unlocked, so assume the battery must have disconnected and reconnected. Only other issue is the button sticking sometimes. All in all is a very good device.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: thanks for the review, this mod does carry a 1 year warranty, so if the connector is going in anyway please contact CS and they will replace. One thing about the device is the connector can get damaged if you pull the battery in a certain fashion, always the remove the battery from the top first, and putting it in always insert the bottom first, this avoids the connector catching in anyway.
  • Good, but not perfect - by Stu_CJ, 16 December 2017
    Had mine for around 2 months now and overall pretty happy. Have to agree with other comments as after just a few weeks what started looking like a classy object looks like it's been inside my toolbox for 3 years. The paint chips off all over the place and once it's started to go can be rubbed off with your thumbnail. My USB connector seemed a bit iffy in week 1 but I use a charger mostly anyway. Had issues with it not firing at all but discovered, like others that the metal contact at the bottom had flattened down (easy to prise back up but will be careful not to break it off). Bought mine with their own tank but after a week or two added that to my pile of "spares". The drip-tip supplied is far too short and fat and is a non-standard fitting (they will sell you an adaptor but after already buying an adaptor to fill from the top I thought that was a step too far). The coils seem to last just a few days and often taste burnt (yes, I primed carefully) hard to see how full it is when filling (even with the larger window) so i'm not inclined to spend more money on it. Despite these points though and it looking a mess it's actually probably the best vape device I have bought. it fits nice in the hand, is simple to use, I Iike the shape and the battery is replaceable. Just wish I could find a cover for it.
  • A wonderful introduction to box mods. - by Andy, 9 October 2017
    This is my first box mod and I bought it with the S22 tank and the pink IMR battery. It's brilliant! Completey configurable for my vaping needs. I use high VG juice and have it set at around 17.5 watts. A lovely experience and I would heartily recommend this device to anyone who asks. Thank you Jac Vapor!!!
  • Stunning - by Andrew, 30 September 2017
    I'd held off buying a box mod for ages given I was so happy with the E Series (simple, discreet, robust), but thought I'd give it a go as there was £10 off (£30 cost).
    After a month I can honestly say this is the best vaping decision I've made!
    This is simply a stunning bit of kit. The top 5 points for me (though there are many more)
    1. Battery life is amazing with 2 to 3 days of solid vaping
    2. Very simple to use. The chip recognises the resistance then offers the best watt setting for the voltage you want to use. I always thought I'd spend ages having to find the right setting, probably blowing the coil in the process. However, it really is as simple as dialing in the Volts and away you go
    3. Beautiful design, it feels very well built and engineered and fits perfectly in my hand and a top pocket
    4. Consistent unwavering power with a clear battery indicator . . . I've not been caught out with the battery going dead
    5. Compatible with a 510 thread, so I've been able to use my favourite aero tank

    Even at £40 I would have no hesitation is buying again and recommending one

    In summation this is a beautiful mod box, very simple to use and worth every penny. I couldn't rate the E series highly enough . . . but this absolutely smashes it.....................JAC Vapoure Ltd: I suggest looking at the new s22 TF tank to match with the Tilt when it arrives in the next few weeks, it may sway you from the trusty Aero. Thanks for the review.
  • Perfect - although an issue - by steve, 30 July 2017
    I've chosen the middle rating for this review because I have issues with it. That said, I've just ordered and received a second! Another customer has complained about the bottom battery connector. I have had similar issues although in a different way. The bottom battery connector is a metal strip that sits proud of the device interior. This has a springy nature and allows a good battery connection. I suppose my issue is with this metal strip and the battery. When the battery is taken out of the device, the plastic battery cover catches on the metal connector and pulls it upwards. It's easy enough to push the connector back down although when this happens constantly, the metal connector snaps off. Whist this device is working, it is perfect in every sense. If the manufacturer could put a slight downward bend at the tip of the connector - it wouldn't catch as described. I did buy another vape device from a shop. Their bottom battery connector is fixed, and the top connector is a spring loaded pin - much better. That said, the tank and coils for that unit made the JacVapour liquid I use taste harsh, despite playing with the voltage settings. With the Series B Tilt, I use the GeniTank Mega with PT3V1 JOC 1.8ohm coils. No matter what I tried with the other contraption, nothing came close to the smooth and satisfying vape I get with this arrangement. Whilst here, are there any plans to phase out production of the JOC PT3 coils? ...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: With the Tilt, to avoid damage to the connector always remove the battery from the top, so put your thumb on the top of the battery and roll it down, the battery will pop out and never cause any issue to the bottom connector, if you try and pull it from the bottom, it'll always catch, so always remove the top of the battery first. The connector was made small to minimise height, on the DNA 75 we've actually redesigned it (like the description you gave), so that the issue will never occur. We have a new design of PT3 JOC coming, it's based on the s-coil, so it's basically a PT3 housing a vertical S-coil with organic cotton wick, it's called the PT3 VC JOC, it's a far better coil IMO, but we'll run a test alongside the current JOC coil, if there are no issues and people like them, we'll probably see people start to move to them, as once production is in full swing, we'll be able to make them a bit cheaper then the current JOC. So in that respect the JOC might end up with no-one buying them, which would result in them being dropped, but it won't happen if people don't prefer them and continue to buy them. So we have no plans to phase them out, but user may stop purchasing them once the new product arrives, and then plans may shift. The new coil is a lot better in my mind, but we'll let the user base decide. Thanks for the review.
  • MASMONTEIL marie christine - by marie-christine, 7 July 2017
    I am pleasantly surprised, of the speed of delivery, but having in my hands one cubicle which works trés well, with a great look, I can iron order, I have a vape sérrée with 3 years of experience, and this cubicle it is the class. Thank you JAC VAPOUR. KISS FROM FRANCE.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Merci pour l'examen, ....that's the limit of my French and glad you like the device.
  • Poor quality - shame as it looks good - by Ashley, 1 July 2017
    Great looking device but don't expect it to last. I've had mine for approx. 13 months and guess when the warranty runs out? Yep 12 months.
    Two issues (which other have raised in the review and a quick look of vaping forums say the same thing). Black coating chips very easily and comes off making the device look really ugly. The USB charging port stopped working so forget about charging your battery through the device.
    If they had faith in their product and wanted to build some loyalty (given the competitive nature of the market...there are loads of quality alternatives) I would expect the warranty to be longer especially for a cost of £45.
    The Sale of Goods Act offers protection against faulty goods even when the manufacturer's guarantee has run out. The act says goods must last a reasonable time - and that can be anything up to six years from the date of purchase. At £45 people expect most things to last longer than a year? Raised this with them...& guess what...nothing.
    Such as shame they don't want customer lifetime value and seem to be only in it for the quick sale.............................JAC Vapour: I am sorry to hear your device has stopped working after 14.5 months, you purchased early April 2016, but our 1 year warranty is longer than any other device on the market regardless of the price, the nearest warranty is 6 months and thats in a device that is over £100, compared to similar priced devices our warranty is at least 4 times longer than most, with the average being 3 months, also our warranty is UK based, not China like most. The longevity of a device does depend on how it's look after, and many of our customers have devices well over 2 years old. For a £45 electronic device to be used everyday and carried in a bag or pocket, and work without fail for 14.5 months we do think this represents good value, I'd be amazed if you can find another device of similar price that comes close. If you contacted customer service, you will have received an answer, if you do not see it check your junk mail, but you can also call or live chat if you prefer. Thanks for the review.
  • Brilliant piece of kit - by Clive, 9 June 2017
    Ordered this because I wanted to try sub ohm, but having been a 40+ a day smoker for years wanted to be able to switch back to MtL if I didn't like it. Currently using the old GenieTank which I use on "E" series and have found some 0.8 ohm coils for them.
    Absolutely brilliant piece of kit simple to use and does what it's meant to do, also fits the hand brilliantly. I was surprised that using the "B"tilt on the same voltage setting as the "E" series battery it produces much more vapour, ie take the tank off the "E"series and screw it on the "B"tilt and more vapour produced one very happy bunny and fingers crossed the "Real Cigs" are gone forever. Well done JAC................JAC Vapour Ltd: The B is a more accurate device, so the same setting on both, may not produce the exact same results, I think the E has a lower efficiency so the settings will not be as accurate as using the chip in the B, you would notice in real world, but side by side you will. Thanks for the review and glad you are enjoying the B tilt.
  • Indestructible. - by Stephen, 5 June 2017
    I notice one or two reviews have complained about the durability of this device so i thought it may be helpful to new buyers to know I have had mine for over 20 months (preordered before release) and its still going strong. I am a carpenter and the B has been in my pocket every day along with nails, screws, tape measure, saw dust, brick dust, and any other rubbish that finds its way into a builders pocket, it's been dropped, stepped on, and occasionally used as a hammer. Yes the paint did wear off pretty quickly and occasionally I have to blast the insides of it with some contact cleaner because of the dust it's constantly swimming in.
    If and when it eventually dies, I would get another without hesitation............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback, we had another customer that is in the army and dropped his, it was then run over by 2 trucks, somehow it still works as well.
  • Excellent purchase - by Jonathan, 24 May 2017
    Had my Tilt for eleven months now. No problems. Still on first battery. Keep it for home, so no scuffing. Easy to use. Great display. Built like a Mercedes. Fast recharge. Perfect dimensions and the tilt feature really does add something. Have dropped it a few times. No harm done.

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