Pink 30Q 20A 3000mAh IMR18650 Battery

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IMR18650-30Q 15A 3000MAH 18650 Vape Battery

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  • Description
    • One of the most popular IMR batteries for mods, at the best price around. Save even more when bulk buying 2 at a time.
    • Perfect for sub-ohm vapers - this vape battery provides a huge 3000mAh capacity to keep you vaping for longer between charges.
    • Compatible with our very own UK designed SERIES-B Tilt and SERIES-B DNA mods.
    • Do not attempt to remove or alter the wrap or insulating material on the battery.

    30Q Specifications

    • Capacity: 3000mAh
    • Charge Voltage: 4.20V±0.05
    • Standard Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.50V
    • Max. Constant Discharge Current: 15A
    • Dimensions: (D)18.33*(H)64.85mm
    • Cycle Life: Over 500 charge & discharge cycles
    • Weight: Max. 45g
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Customer Reviews for the IMR18650-30Q 15A 3000MAH 18650 Vape Battery

  • Battery time scale. - by Pete, 1 November 2019
    Bought this after the 25R battery for my DNA75 mod which I vape at 15.5W only lasting 4 hours before needing to charge. Read the reviews for this one stating it’s better for low wattage vaping, so bought one. After 3 days use vaping at 15.5W I’m getting 6 hours before needing to recharge. So not all day as I thought from reading reviews and definitely not 2 1/2 days Jac Vapour seem to suggest. Honest review is as a moderate to heavy vaper (outside working hours) at 15.5W using 1.0ohm DL Coil I’m getting 6 hours on this battery only............JAC Vapour, this battery is 3000mah and the 25R is 2500, there are a few other considerations for things like the voltage curve, but if you are vaping at 15 watts, you should get around 20% more time vaping. If you were only getting around 4hrs with the 25R, the 30Q is never going to be all day for you, but it will be for a lot of vapers. I think sometimes it's better to think in terms of juice you use, as that is a far better gauge of use. An average user uses 4ml a day, a low user would be 1-2ml, and a high user is 6ml plus. I use around 3 ml a day and get a full day from the 30Q, i start at 6am and make it to around 10pm. Anybody using 6ml of juice is going to need to re-charge. I am not sure who would've told you, you'd get 2.5 days from an 18650, but you'd have to be a very light user for that to be the case. Having said that, for what you want the 30Q is the best in class, there is no battery that will out perform it for your needs, there are some listed at 3500, but due to voltage drop and a few other things, they won't out perform the 30Q at 15watts.
  • Excellent Battery, Excellent Performance - by Jordy, 8 February 2019
    I brought one of these to go with the DNA75 I also purchased. I have to say this is excellent and with good longevity at an excellent price with the DNA75 package, in fact, I have just brought another as they are so good and at a reduced price at the moment. Happy Days. ;)
  • Great all day battery - by Laurence, 6 June 2018
    Chose this over R25, as higher mah.. as only normally vape at 12-14W with mlt 1ohm coil.. last all day (just).. so don't know how some can get 2.5days out of it...……………..JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, it's all down to how you use it really, I too am like you, I use low wattage at around 17-20 watts (bit higher) but I tend to chain it, and get through up to 7 ml of juice a day, that means I need 2 batteries to be sure I am covered, hence I use an external charger to make sure I leave the house with 2 full batteries.
  • Great but don't hold charge well when not in use. - by Gareth , 25 May 2018
    Use these why my Series B Tilt and DNA. Excellent value for money but my only gripe is they rapidly lose charge when not in use. I disconnected the twin charger when both were at 100% late in the evening, by the morning 1 was at 92% and the other 89%. If they could hold their charge for longer than 8 hours they would be without question a 5 star buy but losing aprrox 10% without being used was disappointing...……………...JAC Vapour Ltd: If you remove them from the charger and then replace, the charger will always go to the trickle charge period, so may show 90% then be full again a lot quicker than normal, if you place them in the device however they should read full, please check this, as I think it's just the protection of the charger you are using. So I suspect any battery you put in, even although fully charged will read around 90% and then show 100% 5 mins later, and the last 10% normally takes around 15 mins as the last 10% of a batteries charge is far slower than the main charge to prevent damage to the battery, so you can basically check this by charging to full, remove from the charger then place back in straight away, does the charger go back to 90%? Thanks for the review.
  • I wana know whats diffrences between 30Q and 25R 30 is better for sandstrom or 25R.. and i know 30Q have higher capacity.but i know more.tnq - by Shaya, 3 April 2018
    Whats difrences?......................JAC Vapour Ltd: It's to do with performance under load and the voltage curves of the batteries, the 25R although rated lower will perform better if you tend to vape at higher wattages and draw higher amps, both will handle 20amps, but the 30Q is more comfortable at 15amps and below. This effectively means if you plan on vaping at 50 watts or above the 25R will be the better performing battery for you, and last longer, anything below that and you're better with the 30Q.
  • Great - by Steven, 26 March 2018
    Bought 2 batteries and the dual charger and both work great. Take a long time to charge but it's worth it for how long they last
  • Just the job! - by Alan, 22 March 2018
    Great battery at at an incredible price.
  • Very pleased - by Ricardo, 4 February 2018
    I bought a few of these when I purchased the Series B tilt. I’m a heavy vaper and the battery lasts me a couple days.
  • Good quality battery - by Alexander , 26 November 2017
    I was unsure what type of battery to purchase when I got the series-b tilt and customer service were very helpful and recommended this battery. I get up to 2.5 days vaping moderately at 12-14.5W and a full charge takes about 3-4 hours. Highly recommended! thanks for your great service jacvapour!
  • Perfect for my needs - by Andy, 9 October 2017
    An excellent battery for my Tilt. It lasts pretty much all day and I class myself as a heavy user. The recharge time is very quick and the fact that the Tilt allows you to vape whilst charging is great. All in all a great battery.

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