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Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm
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Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm

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  • Description

    Discover new Turbo S-Coils, a new flavour-focus coil option for use with your S17 and S22 tanks.

    • Our new Turbo S-Coils use Stainless Steel wire (316L) and organic cotton wicks which put flavour front and centre.
    • MTL build which offers a more restricted vape, with max vapour and flavour production.
    • Recommended wattage range - 17-19W
    • Suited for e-liquids containing 60% VG or less. Higher VG e-liquids will have an effect on coil lifespan.

    Be aware that due to their lower resistance, these MTL coils will use up battery life and e-liquid more quickly than our regular 1.0Ohm MTL S-Coils, and shouldn't be allowed to run dry at all, but we think the increased flavour and performance is worth it.

    Using this 0.7Ohm version won't push battery capacity and e-liquid usage as far as the 0.42Ohm, but you still experience improved flavour improvement and vapour production. The Stainless Steel wire also means that they are temp-control compatible (if you're using our SERIES-B DNA 75 with the S22 tank, or another similar setup), but can still be used in wattage mode if preferred.

    Compatible with the SERIES-S17 and SERIES-S22. If using the S22 or S17 tank on another battery or device, you must check that it's rated for 0.4Ohm or lower.

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Customer Reviews for the Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • great flavour too many burnouts - by Matthew, 16 September 2019
    These coils produce a great flavour, however as previous reviewers have said and i totally agree with is they a very inconsistent. Even with careful priming. they can last anything from a few hours to 5 days. They are prone to burnouts even when the tank is half full. And when you get a burn out that's it. On average i get 3 good coils out of a pack. I can see they halved the price of these which makes the inconsistency more palatable and the only reason i come back to them, I would never consider them if they where at their original price point still.........JAC Vapour: we are developing a new coil that will hopefully resolve this, but it might be a few months, until then we will keep these available at the reduced price to compensate. The coils seem to work fine for some and not for others, and are temperamental with certain liquids, in general any High VG or Nicsalts seem to cause issues, but also some very sweet flavors. Thanks for the review and we will update on progress of new coils when they arrive.
  • Avoid these with S22 Tank! - by Max, 3 August 2019
    Massive spitback and leackage used with S22. (Using 50/50 6mg liquid)
    Thought I try the different coils compatible with S22. Where the 1.0 Ohm DL/MTL coils are amazing, this one was very disappointing.

    I get constant spitback (coil is cracking and spitting hot juice back in my mouth)

    One coil also lost the bottom pin when I squeezed it out of the package.

    The leakage with these coils (in the S22) is a given, there is no way around it! The liquid just seems to run through the cotton out of the airflow.
  • .. getting better all the time .. - by ray, 17 July 2019
    .. tried these when they first came out and had a few duds and burn outs .. but when they worked they were great .. had a couple of packs of them recently and they've been consistently good .. no duds .. the only burn out I've had was my fault [I'm careful to keep the tank topped up now] .. and at the lower price they're a bargain ..
  • Inconsistent - by Paul, 10 July 2019
    Have to agree with others on here. Sometimes absolutely fine, other times fail within hours. Not consistent enough sadly.
  • My favourite coils - but not quite 5 stars. - by Andy, 9 July 2019
    I have been using these coils for about a year now and while earlier batches of them were pretty poor, they are now my favourite coil to use. I get a much better flavour with these than other ones and I prefer the lower resistance.
    They still can be a bit hit and miss though. I normally get one dud coil a pack which is why only 4 stars, but I'm hopeful that the manufacturers will resolve the problems. They have got better with each new batch. These normally last me about 2 weeks before I replace them.....JAC Vapour: We are working on an update to these, but it will be a few months yet. If you do get duds please contact us and we can add an extra packet in for you. Thanks for the review.
  • don't waste your money - by Tenks, 7 July 2019
    I really wish had read the reviews before purchasing 2 packs off these. sadly they are pretty much useless and some are fail immediately. I'm gutted I wasted my money on. these ..............JAC Vapour Ltd: These coils struggle with HIgh VG juice, if you are suing a sweet juice over 60% VG they will burnout, if you have bought these in error, you can return any unopened packs.
  • Hit and miss - by Maureen , 23 January 2019
    Sadly have to agree with others. When you get a good one they are brilliant. Out of my last pack I had 2 where the little pin at the bottom fell out, try putting it back in when you have a full tank! And another one that kept flooding. I did go back to the 1.00 mtl but they’re not as good. I’ve recently bought another pack of these in the hope they’re better, haven’t tried them yet but fingers crossed! Ps I use a high pg liquid.... JAC: Just to check, these are more delicate coils and need priming from the top (3 drops in the top of the coil) otherwise they won't start wicking and will burnout quickly, please contact CS if you are doing that, and get them replaced for an alternative. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Great flavour. Very temperamental and short life. Your mileage may vary. - by Jamie, 12 January 2019
    Very temperamental with salt based liquids.

    When these coils are working they are great, however that isn't very often.

    FYI I have been using with a 50/50 20mg nic salt based liquid other liquids will most probably perform differently.

    Originally bought a pack of mixed coils to determine what I would like the best and from the pack these were my faveorite. Since then I have purchased 3 packs of these coils in the last month.

    Numerous spitting issues and flooding of the coil while using these, which isnt pleasant at all. if I happen to get a more resilient coil from a pack its lasted me 3 or 4 days tops. Otherwise they can seem to die in less than a day.

    Overall its a shame as the flavour from these coils is absaloutley great along with a great amount of vapor production for a mtl. I have used with both the S22 battery and an aspire mod (to ensure the wattage is spot on) and have encountered the issues with both batteries.

    Also they have moderate leaking issues when used with my S22 tank.

    However I have spoken to people who have used these with the VIM and they haven't had any issues.
  • Great when they work, sadly they frequently don't! - by TV, 12 December 2018
    When these work they are great..... but they so often fail, i've had one that will last a good week and the next one will need replacing within hours. I've repeatedly contacted JV to inform them - initially they were keen to replace now I think they see the title of an email "failed coils again" and the will-to-live deserts them. Another reply says that it cant be a GC thing, I can't see how not as I'm not changing my fluid, I will try a different coil (reluctanty, as I've been on these nearly a year despite their lack of reliability) but I'm afraid I can't recommend these whilst the success rate is only around 66%........................JAC Vapour: These coils are definitely not as resilient as the standard coils, so certain liquids just don't sit well with them, hence they are listed as 65% VG or less, so if you are a VG premium range user or BSS premixed they will not last, these ranges are both 80% VG and too thick for the coil, if you use the picNIC high VG though, that mixes at 65% or just below so they will cope with that. To put it into perspective, nearly all stock coils become inconsistent at 80% VG levels, our standard s-coils are unusual in that they can cope reliably with those levels, the turbo coils can't though, as they are a tiny coil with a incredibly quick ramp up, the small nature means that they struggle to keep up wicking with the thicker liquids. I also know, as with other coils, some nicsalts liquids can cause unusual consistency and also very sweet liquids. So it's a balance, also due to the way the 2 different 0.42, and 0.7 turbo coils are made, the 0.42 seems to be more consistent, so I would suggest getting some of them to try (if you require replacements) as they may be fine with your setup, despite the 0.7ohm not being. All the coils require top and bottom priming but in particular these do, so 2 drops on each wick hole and 3 drops in the top of the coil, otherwise they will not last long. Obviously we want our coil to manage consistently with all types of liquid, but lots of people use these and experience no issues, so we continue to supply them, while we are redesigning to try and improve. I hope this helps, and gives you the information to gauge whether they are worth continuing with, we are constantly trying to improve them and will get more consistency with certain liquids, as they mature.
  • Could be great but overall disappointing - by Chris, 15 November 2018
    I really want to rate these highly, but unfortunately, due to the appalling QC on these I can’t.

    I should start by saying these coils, when working well are fantastic...probably the best coils I’ve ever used. Nice warmth and great flavour but they are just so hit and miss. I’ve had 4 packs of these coils now I think, and I’ve probably thrown 50% of the coils away after a day or two. They close up easily and sometimes just stop working altogether.

    When these work, they are no doubt a 5 star coil but for the reasons above I wouldn’t recommend these to anybody.

    Just as an extra, I’ve been using these with 50/50 juice that’s not overly sweet and I’m probably getting around 2-3 tank fills on a VIM before they are shot................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, as you say these coils don't like certain elquid, it's not a QC issue, it's an actual build or design and we are trying to get to the bottom of it. It does only seem to affect a small number of users though, and seems to be related to a combination of certain things. Vaping style, VG content and in the case of the cotton expanding aqueous content. Some liquids seem to have a content that affects the coil wick causing expansion, we are still trying to get to the bottom of it, but it's not an issue with people using our liquid at less than 65% VG or below, and also doesn't seem to be an issue on the 0.42 ohm coil. We are continuing testing, but I would suggest if you like the higher power, try the 0.42 coil with your liquid and the issue may go, customer service will replace any coils free of charge with a different option so you can experiment.

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