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Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm

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    Discover new Turbo S-Coils, a new flavour-focus coil option for use with your S17 and S22 tanks.

    • Our new Turbo S-Coils use Stainless Steel wire (316L) and organic cotton wicks which put flavour front and centre.
    • MTL build which offers a more restricted vape, with max vapour and flavour production.
    • Recommended wattage range - 17-19W
    • Suited for e-liquids containing 60% VG or less. Higher VG e-liquids will have an effect on coil lifespan.

    Be aware that due to their lower resistance, these MTL coils will use up battery life and e-liquid more quickly than our regular 1.0Ohm MTL S-Coils, and shouldn't be allowed to run dry at all, but we think the increased flavour and performance is worth it.

    Using this 0.7Ohm version won't push battery capacity and e-liquid usage as far as the 0.42Ohm, but you still experience improved flavour improvement and vapour production. The Stainless Steel wire also means that they are temp-control compatible (if you're using our SERIES-B DNA 75 with the S22 tank, or another similar setup), but can still be used in wattage mode if preferred.

    Compatible with the SERIES-S17 and SERIES-S22. If using the S22 or S17 tank on another battery or device, you must check that it's rated for 0.4Ohm or lower.

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Customer Reviews for the Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Good but temperamental. - by Mark, 15 September 2018
    A very good idea but a little bit temperamental. I bought a pack of 5. I wasted one immediately because I caught the fire button as I was putting the coil in which burnt it out (my fault). So far I've gone through 3 in a little over a week. Seems to last a little longer and work best for me with the S22. The S17 seems to go through them very quickly resulting in a burnt taste after about 2 days casual use. The initial taste is very good but I'm not sure the short lifespan makes it worth it. Not sure whether I got an early batch but I think I'll stick to the 1.00 ohm mtl.
  • Good coils, could do with some refining - by Matthew, 15 September 2018
    Better taste when they work than the standard coils, however having same issues s most others: longevity, also a weird problem I get sometimes where there seems to be lots of resistance in the coil and hardly anything happens on an inhale. I can’t work out why this is because it can be fine and then suddenly this occurs even using the same liquid.
  • They are good when they work. - by Pedro, 14 September 2018
    I bought these coils after not being happy with the 1.0 ones. These ones have great flavour and vapour production. From the pack of 5 I got 2 not working, 1 burned after 1 day, and 2 that lasted about 5 days each with 3 refills a day. I think the s22 tank has lots of potential, but after spending so much money in coils, i am thinking of sadly leave this brand aside and move on.

    JAC Vapour: Hi Pedro. The Turbo coils are little less robust than the standard stock coils, but from what you describe it sounds like you have run into issues. Ideally you should be using an e-liquid with 60% VG or less, and allowing plenty of time for them to wick between vapes. If you drop our customer service team a message at sales@jacvapour.com, they'd be happy to help troubleshoot the issues you've had.
  • all good so far - by Pete M., 6 September 2018
    My second go on these coils, as I heard there is a new batch. The first batch had a tendency to burn out pretty quickly. So far this time all appears good, but I am only on my second coil. First coil lasted 5-6 days with 65% VG and second coil is still good at 5 days use. I will report back if I experience any future issues, but when this coil is good it's excellent....................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, each batch should improve and I am glad to hear you are getting good results with the current one. If you do have issues, the coils can always be replaced or changed free of charge, and currently, I wouldn't advise going any higher in your VG percentage, as they tend to struggle with some 70% and 80VG stuff, you can get away with it dependant on your style of vaping, but a person that takes big powerful quick draws will probably notice dry hits.
  • Better taste then the S-coil 1.0MTL - by Wijnand, 3 September 2018
    Just quit smoking not even a week ago, since i bought the s22 starter kit. Once i tried the turbo 0.7 coil, i got much better flavour.
    However very quickly noticed these coils sometimes just stopped giving that good flavour and tasted weird

    Not sure what is causing the issues i'm having, because I just started vaping.
    Could be i bought an very early produced batch, since i ordered from the only shop in the Netherlands that sells Jac Vapour products.
    Really feel the turbo coils are an good upgrade in comparison with the s-coil. However used up almost a coil a day. Using 70pg/30vg or 50pg/50vg and mostly menthol flavour. Tomorrow a set of DL coils 0.5ohm will arrive, to try DL vaping.

    Please note my experience with the turbo coils is almost certainly with an older batch which could have caused the Issues I was having........................JAC Vapour Ltd: the current turbo coils are hit and miss with 70% VG, that's why we've rated them for 60%VG at the moment until we get better at building them. For some reason, the 0.42 turbo coils are more resilient, so if the DL coils don't work out (they will be very resilient) then I'd suggest giving them a spin as a comparison. We do cover any bad coils, so if you speak to your supplier they should replace them for you, it depends on their policy. Each build of the turbo coils is getting better, and the new batch juts arrived last week, so not sure which batch your supplier is on, as the batches are relatively quick and small at the moment, our most recent is 236.
  • My prefferred coil - by Ben, 30 August 2018
    Unlike others I have experienced no issues with these coils, other than you need to make sure you fill when liquid gets low. I am re-filling when the juice is about half way down the coil, as I find it tends to spit a bit if the juice gets really low, and I've dry burnt 2 coils, which basically kills these coils. I am using a 50/50 juice so that is maybe a difference, but my juice will kill a Nautilus 2 0.7 coil in a couple of days, these I will get 2 fills a day for around a week, which is less than the normal 1.0 which seem to never die. I think the week is good for a coil of this nature, and the benefit of extra kick and taste in my s22 or VIM is well worth the reduced lifespan, and still offers good value for me. So for me this is my goto coil and coupled with the VIM, it really makes an exceptionally good vape in a very compact package. Also as a note this coil you cannot get away with not priming, just leaving to sit is not enough, the coil needs fully primed up to work effectively, taking it apart it looks like the wick is pretty tight and the coil is tiny, so I think the tight wick is why this requires good priming, so maybe users having issues should try that as well. I will report back if things change..................................JAC Vapour: Thanks very much for the in-depth review and the tips, and glad you are enjoying the coils, each batch of these coils is getting better, and we have just started a new batch so hopefully we'll see gains inconsistency in these as well. If you do have any issues, we are always happy to replace any coils you belive to be faulty or come across in the future, and the detailed feedback is much appreciated.
  • Nice idea but not worth the extra! - by Athena, 28 August 2018
    My first coil lasted nearly 3 days, and the second only 2! Yes the flavour was great for 1 day, but then it became oily tasting and clogged up. Pretty soon it was impossible to vape as virtually no air was going through. I'll give these coils the benefit of doubt with 3 stars because the usual coils have been lasting half the time since I swapped to nicotine salts - I'm guessing its the high VG base. Perhaps I need to ditch that liquid and give these coils another try?..................JAC Vapour Ltd: These coils are currently only suitable for 60%VG or less so if using the 80/20 nic salt base they will struggle, and this could potentially be the issue. We are working to make the build better for higher VG contents and the new batch should be better, but we won't move the 60% VG rating until we are sure they are coping fine. It's mainly down to the consistency of build and it takes a while for production lines to get used to building a new product and they get better with every batch. If you have had bad coils then please contact CS and they will replace them for you.
  • Great taste but a disappointment - by Paul, 21 August 2018
    These are such a shame, I have just started using these coils after buying the other week and I was expecting good things after the first coil. First impressions were great, really good flavour and vapour...only lasted a day, and Im not a heavy vaper. I put it down to a bad coil, however the next one only lasted 3 days. Another of the 5 didnt work at all. Only 2 out of 5 actually gave some good vaping and they only lasted about 5 days at a big push, i barely refill the 2ml tank twice a day, so I would say they are a real shame as they looked initially promising. Maybe a bad batch? But as other reviews have indicated the coils seem to clog too easily. Maybe need a rethink on design or manufacture? Quite disappointed and feel like a big waste of money considering how many werent fit for purpose.............JAC Vapoiur Ltd: If you contact customer service concerning the issues you've had, these coils are going to be less resilient than the 1.0ohm ones, and they don't handle high VG as well, I'd say anything above 65% is going to be hit or miss depending on the flavouring used, there are certain flavours that kill coil no matter what VG level. It is also possible you got a bad pack, the production line on these is pretty new, and consistency improves dramatically over each batch as they get better at making them, You can get duds replaced free of charge, but if you want to use something like a high VG 65%+ I'd suggest not using this coil, the only stock coil I know of that copes with high VG consistently are the standard S-coils, so if you're a Bryns special sauce fan or another high VG liquid user, I'd suggest sticking with them, until consistency improves. If that's the case, CS will replace the faulty coils with another option.
  • Great taste but issue with coils clogging - by Fraser, 17 August 2018
    Have had real issues with these coils so far. am now on my 3rd coil in just over a week. First was killed with a single dry vape, second one the coil clogged after 1 days use... Lets hope the 3rd lasts longer. Cotton was brand new on last 2, but the coils seem to clog in a day. great flavour when they last - they just dont seem to last... JAC Vapour Ltd: Due to this being a new product there are occasional build issues, it sounds like you have got a bad packet if you contact CS they will replace them for you. I think this is basically the cotton not being packed correctly and it covering the airflow of the coil.
  • great flavour. doesn't last very long though. - by kevin, 10 August 2018
    great flavour. doesn't last very long though. i've also had a few coils where the metal pin in the bottom has fallen out. still buying them though......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, these coils offer a lot of advantages, but longevity is less, if you are using a high VG liquid, I'd suggest dropping to around 65% if you can, you can do this with our picNIC range, if not then adding a bit of distilled water (10% or less) can help, without affecting flavour. We are also working to improve longevity of the coils.

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