Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm
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Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm

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  • Description

    Discover new Turbo S-Coils, a new flavour-focus coil option for use with your S17 and S22 tanks.

    • Our new Turbo S-Coils use Stainless Steel wire (316L) and organic cotton wicks which put flavour front and centre.
    • MTL build which offers a more restricted vape, with max vapour and flavour production.
    • Recommended wattage range - 17-19W
    • Suited for e-liquids containing 60% VG or less. Higher VG e-liquids will have an effect on coil lifespan.

    Be aware that due to their lower resistance, these MTL coils will use up battery life and e-liquid more quickly than our regular 1.0Ohm MTL S-Coils, and shouldn't be allowed to run dry at all, but we think the increased flavour and performance is worth it.

    Using this 0.7Ohm version won't push battery capacity and e-liquid usage as far as the 0.42Ohm, but you still experience improved flavour improvement and vapour production. The Stainless Steel wire also means that they are temp-control compatible (if you're using our SERIES-B DNA 75 with the S22 tank, or another similar setup), but can still be used in wattage mode if preferred.

    Compatible with the SERIES-S17 and SERIES-S22. If using the S22 or S17 tank on another battery or device, you must check that it's rated for 0.4Ohm or lower.

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Customer Reviews for the Turbo S-Coil - 0.7Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • great flavour. doesn't last very long though. - by kevin, 10 August 2018
    great flavour. doesn't last very long though. i've also had a few coils where the metal pin in the bottom has fallen out. still buying them though......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, these coils offer a lot of advantages, but longevity is less, if you are using a high VG liquid, I'd suggest dropping to around 65% if you can, you can do this with our picNIC range, if not then adding a bit of distilled water (10% or less) can help, without affecting flavour. We are also working to improve longevity of the coils.
  • Awesome flavour - by Sarina, 9 August 2018
    Those are amazing , won't buy any other coils anymore ! Flavour is spot on ....highly recommended
  • Good coil but could be better - by Kev, 19 July 2018
    Fantastic flavour in the VIM or S22, my only gripe is I am used to the 1.0mtl and they are tanks, last forever and can handle 80%VG. I have found this coil to have less lifespan and on my 80% VG sometimes it would struggle. I think ideally this coil is perfect for 60% VG which suits most of my juices, and it's fine with the picnic deconstructed here, but not the 80% VG bryns pre-mixed juice. If on the lower VG I'm getting around 5-7 days use, which represents good value for me considering the upgrade in flavour, but the MTL 1.0 can go for weeks, so comparatively it's a trade. Also if you even slightly run this dry it doesn't bounce back, that's game over, so you have to be careful and keep it topped up. Overall it's a good addition to have and I will keep a regular stock. I'd like to see the price come down though to represent the reduced lifespan : )
  • A good stock coil option, but questionable for pure TC use and the small diameter coil may lead to clogging - by DMcC, 17 July 2018
    TL;DR: A solid MTL coil option with good vapour and flavour production in power mode, and should also work well with Reply mode on DNA75C/DNA250C mods, but pure TC performance is poor due to the super-tiny coil which may also have clogging issues over time if your juice leaves a lot of residue on the coils due to the very narrow (1.5mm diamter) coil.


    I was very interested in SS316L coil options for S22 tanks, which I already use for DL TC with the awesome Ni200 coils available, so I picked up a big pile of these in hopes of a good MTL TC option. In power mode it offers a very nice vape with good flavour so in that sense it's a great coil option and leads to my 4 star rating. Why not 5? Having used them a while now I'll add some technical details in case it proves helpful for someone trying to evaluate their options.

    I almost exclusively temp control so figured these would be a great option; however, I was getting bizarre performance from the coil in TC mode with voltage dropping to nothing nearly immediately and horrible vapour/flavour production (this is on a DNA chip). I took to running the device monitor to see what was going on and the live resistance of the coil is exactly what you'd expect for the temp setting, yet the vapour production is just terrible. After disassembling a coil, I"m seeing a 0.25mm (30ga.) wire, with 7 spaced wraps and a 1.5mm inner diameter. Calling this a "tiny coil" is no exaggeration. Given the tiny mass of metal, the heat capacity of this wire is much, much lower that of an equivalent coil made with your generic 0.4mm (26ga) wire for example. What I suspect is happening is that the coil is capable of heating (and conversely cooling) so quickly as a result of it's low heat capacity that it's needing substantially more power going through it to produce a satisfying vape. My measurements of the live resistance while firing it in power mode @18W showed the "good vape experience" coming once the resistance of the coil is such that it's implying a temperature closer to 320C. As such, I'm avoiding using it in TC mode as the performance is frankly horrid (even at a maximum temperature of 300C, which is the highest setting most TC devices will let you set anyway).

    As an aside, I actually suspect one of the reasons for developing these coils is for Replay use on the upcoming DNA75C-based mods JAC has in the pipeline, and I would expect the coil to perform *great* with Replay as the chip will figure out what it needs to do to get the coil to work based on how you fire it in wattage mode. One additional point is that with the 1.5mm diameter coil, I would expect it to be prone to clogging depending on the juice you're putting through it. Such a small bore will seem to clog much faster if your juice has a lot of sweetner, high salt nic, or any other situation where residue is building up on the coil at a reasonable rate. Your experience will definitely vary based on the juices you're using.

    Overall, it's a great coil, I just wish it was a bit larger for better TC performance and greater longevity...……..JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and looking at your technical knowledge I know I have spoken to you concerning this as it was passed to my department, your assessment of the coil is correct, and it was designed to be used in wattage mode on our fixed voltage mods to give better performance, the fact it is SS means it can be used in TC but no affectively I don't think, although as you say Replay is a bonus when the mods arrive with that on it. We will be doing a new mesh TC coil in SS that should release in a few months, that will probably be what you are looking for.
  • Superb flavour - by James, 30 June 2018
    Superb flavour, and first two lasted over a week each. Next two came apart (small rubber bit where the wires poke out) before going onto tank. High score as the two that worked were so good, hopefully build quality can go up a notch as they'll then be the easiest 5 stars I've ever given. Oh and back in stock soon please!
  • great flavour - by Andy, 12 June 2018
    am getting about 4-5 days from a coil with around 2-3 fills a day, which is respectable, but not as good as the 1.0ohm, the flavour and vape are much improved, so I will continue to use these over the standard MTL, I would like to see the price come down a bit though.
  • blocked air flow - by Pop, 8 June 2018
    Great flavour whilst working. Used 3 coils in last few days. First with GVC still going strong. Second coil unusable from start as blocked so binned. Third with one of Bryn's sauces lasted 3 days and became blocked. Just now had to clear the path down the centre of coil to allow air flow. Working again now but disappointing regarding consistency. Seems the cotton soaks, expands and blocks airflow. On a side note, whilst looking for a long pin, found a box of jacvapour liquids from 7 years ago.
  • amazing - by drew, 3 June 2018
    like the other guy said, total game changer. wont buy any other coils from now. you say they give flavour to the max and i wholeheartedly agree. dont mind the battery power being used up more to get this experience. awesome guys, well played
  • Game changer - by Pete, 31 May 2018
    What a game changer these little beauties are. Finally MYL vaping can enjoy an instant, full vapour hit without delay or uncomfortably long draws. I waited a LONG time for these to be in stock. It was worth the wait.

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