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Turbo S-Coil - 0.42Ohm
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Turbo S-Coil - 0.42Ohm

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  • Description

    A new way to vape - say hello to new Turbo S-Coils, for use with your S17 and S22 tanks.

    • Putting flavour first, our new Turbo S-Coils are use Stainless Steel wire (316L) and organic cotton wicks for superior performance.
    • MTL build which offers a more restricted vape, with max vapour and flavour production.
    • Recommended wattage range - 23-24W
    • Suited for e-liquids containing 60% VG or less. Higher VG e-liquids will have an effect on coil lifespan.


    Be aware that due to their lower resistance, these MTL coils will use up battery life and e-liquid more quickly than our regular 1.0Ohm MTL S-Coils, and shouldn't be allowed to run dry at all, but we think the increased flavour and performance is worth it.

    Using this 0.42ohm version pushes the performance on a battery like the S22 as far as it will go. You'll experience marked flavour improvement and vapour production. The Stainless Steel wire also means that they are temp-control compatible (if you're using our SERIES-B DNA 75 with the S22 tank, or another similar setup), but can still be used in wattage mode if preferred.

    Compatible with the SERIES-S17 and SERIES-S22. If using the S22 or S17 tank on another battery or device, you must check that it's rated for 0.4Ohm or lower.

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Customer Reviews for the Turbo S-Coil - 0.42Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • These Are Perfect (for me)! Please read if you’re switching to a coil based vape device and cannot decide which coil to purchase. - by L, 16 December 2019
    These are perfect! After spending a lot of wasted time using different types of JV coils I finally bought a selection pack (see under ‘Vape Coils’) which I highly recommend if you’re just switching to a coil based vape device. It’ll help you decide what’s best for your personal taste/experience. Don’t do what I did by dim-wittingly buying loads of different types of coils only to have an ‘ah-ha’ moment - ‘get a selection pack then decide’! These coils (for me anyway) provide a satisfying, as close to having a tab as possible experience which I cannot decide whether is a good or bad thing? But I’m happier so there’s that! Thank you to all at JV Customer Support who always provide outstanding customer services. RECOMMENDED!
  • Great coils... long lasting and added flavour - by Mark, 12 December 2019
    These coils are great... last coil lasted weeks and great flavour. Just need to make sure you read the information. Just bought another 2 packs
  • Do not Buy - by David, 21 September 2019
    I use S22 and bought 2 packs order100497659to replace previous s coils. They have proved unusuable and burn throat. Hope you can suggest alternative.
    D.Tonchin.........JAC Vapour: I can only see one order and that's for the turbo coils, so not sure what you were using before or the eliquid. The turbo coils are high powered coils and are temperamental with eliquid over 50%VG, they need primed carefully, so 4 drops in the top of the coil and 2 on each wick hole. Please contact customer service and they will help you get to the bottom of the issue, if you let them know the brand and base of eliquid you are using plus the coils you were using previously, they will be able to advise.
  • chnaged my flavour experience big time - by podsy, 19 August 2019
    I think these are the business. Been using my 1.0 MTL coils for a couple of years now, thought I'd try these out as think i was getting used tro the same flavour and vape each time and didnt seem toi be getting as much kick from the flavour anymore. These are briiliant. totally changed the flavour expetrinece of my normal liquid - blackcurrant. love them, will buy again
  • Burning flavor - by Shay, 14 May 2019
    This coil at first is amazing but after less than 2 days you can already taste the burning flavor i’m living i iran and i could barely make it and within a week the whole package was completed.... JAC Vapour Ltd: these coils require good priming from the top and the bottom, 3 drops in the top of the coil and 2 drops on each wick hole, they are also sensitive to certain liquids, they cannot do High VG (over 65%) so our premium range VG or BSS will not work with them, also some nicslats flavours and brands cause them to go quickly as well. I hope this helps.
  • Revived love for vaping! - by CHRISTOPHER , 24 February 2019
    I ordered a mixbag pack of coils as I had only just recieved my DNA Series B and S22 and didnt know what the tank would be like. I also have never used TC without someone else setting it up, EASY to do, with 50/50 12MG Black Reloaded, these coils are phenomenal! I've only gone through 4/6ml of juice so far and I actually prefer this coil to any of my others, and also prefer it over my Tobeco Super Nano tank and any coil i've used yet. If this coils life time survives pretty well I think I may have just found my new vaping love.
    I think its important you set up TC Correctly, and then find your personal temp that suits you.
    My setup -
    SERIES-B DNA 75W Sandstorm
    S22 Top Fill Tank
    0.42 TS-MTL Coil
    Zeus Juice 50/50 12mg Black reloaded
  • Stick to the usual coils - by Richard , 24 January 2019
    Don’t even last a couple of hours. Purchased these as you were out of the normal S-Coils. Just get a burnt taste within hours. Got through a pack in less than a week...............JAC Vapour: If you have had issues with these coils and are priming them from the top and not using HIGH VG liquid, please contact Customer service and they will get them replaced with an alternative for you.
  • Avoid - by Jack, 24 December 2018
    Worse coil I've ever come across one of the 5 pack lasted 2 days the rest burnt out within a hr awful.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact customer service and they will figure out what's happening, check your liquid is not over 60% VG etc. if there has been a fault they'll also get them replaced.
  • Poor - by John, 2 November 2018
    Flavour is great. Reliability im afraid is not.5 pack used in less than 1 week. Sudden burn outs or simply broken straight out of the packet. I love the coil when its working but the unreliability has forced me back to my alternative tank. Will i try these again. Maybe. Probably and only if i see some reviews of far better build quality or longevity. PS. Pg 70...................JAC: PG 70% should be fine, please contact Customer Service and they will replace the coils with another option. These coils have limitations, in that they don't handle VG over around 65%, but they should be fine at your 70PG when wicked from the top and bottom, occasionally I have seen some flavours or brands like Manabush affect the coil. Anyway if we can get the full info of your setup we can try and replicate it and see what the issue is, and also get the coils changed or replaced. Thanks for the review.
  • Superb coils. - by Mitz, 13 October 2018
    Absolutely love these coils. Was using Aspire cooks prior to these which would last 1 - 3 days. These coils consistently last 7 - 10 days. Flavour and vapour is exceptionally good Fons I de ring how tiny this coil is. For me this is the perfect coil for vaping Nic Salt. Gone through 10 coils and not had a single faulty coil. In one word; superb!

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