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S-Coil DL - 1.0Ohm

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  • Description

    We are revamping our S-Coil offering, and these S-Coils have now been discontinued.

    We have introduced new Performance Mesh S-Coils instead, which use a new layered organic cotton to increase the coil surface area. This provides the coil with the correct e liquid volume, without allowing flooding or leaking.

    Looking for an alternative to the 1.0Ohm DL S-Coils? - Try our new Mesh S-Coil MTL 0.8Ohm instead.

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Customer Reviews for the S-Coil DL - 1.0Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Recommended could and great customer service - by col, 17 December 2019
    I have been using these coils DL 1.0 OHM since a recommendation from the support team. The MTL were burning too fast, as I am a moderate to heavy vapour. I must say in the whole these are a stonkingly good coil, with good flavour and at between 9.5 and 13.5 v range give me what I need from them. However I have found that from the 5 packs last ordered, I've had about 5 coils that were not recognised by the Cape and a couple that burnt out before the end of the second day. I always prime as recommended and they didn't run dry. I would still purchase and recommend them as they are great and the team have looked after me well in the past... despite the issues I've given five stars because when they work well they give me 4 to 6 days per coil when moderate vaping and 3 to 4 days pretty much during heavier periods... I do recommend ensuring they are well primed first as per previous team advise. Also stick to a juice that works well with the coils when you find it. I use 75% VG and have mixed my own 50/50 which worked well too. I usually get through 3 to 4 tank fills a day on heavier days when the weed is calling!
  • Amazed - by Max, 3 August 2019
    I like the 1 Ohm MTL but I also used them for short DL, that's why I had to try these bad boys. So far there are no issues. They are very similar to the MTL coils but a little more airflow and bigger liquid openings. I dont use these for MTL, only restrictive DL, on 24W with 50% airflow. Just great. I actually ordered a separate S22 just for this, so I can use my MTL coils with just a tank switch.
  • Worked better than the MTL - by Lance, 6 February 2019
    I originally bought the MTL versions of this coil and couldn't inhale more than twice before the coil started to burn. I was advised to try the DL coil and this helped immediately. I still vape like I smoked so not sure why these should be better but not Vapour: Some people do naturally use a form of a direct lung technique when they smoke, this results in bigger drag capacity and higher airlfow, as the lungs which are a far bigger volume are doing all or part of the work, in a standard MTL coil that increased airflow and drag is going to mean the wick may not keep up, the DL1.0 ohm is setup for a restricted lung draw, basically a halfway house between MTL and DL, so it can suits certain users better than MTL. If you run into any more issues, make sure you are priming the coil, basically 3-4 drops in the top of the coil to make the coil is properly saturated prior to using the first time. Thanks for the review and glad you found a coil that suits.
  • I prefer MTL vaping - by Thomas, 6 June 2018
    I can't complain about the coils, they do what they're supposed to do. The problem is, I just don't like DL vaping, I guess I'll stick to MTL...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Each to their own. I too prefer MTL, better for battery and juice consumption and I prefer the flavour, check out the 0.7 ohm Turbo MTL, if you haven't yet. Thanks for the review
  • Love Them, DL for the win! - by Connor, 23 May 2018
    Recently switched to DL from MTL with my SERIES-S22 and absolutely love them, get a really nice hit with every draw and each coils lasted like they should without burning out and giving that horrible taste. Happy man.
  • Duration of coil. - by Paul, 11 May 2018
    Not very Impressed with the duration of this coil which I was recommended to buy after initial issues with the S22 Tank on a Tilt and 75 watts DNA Mod. One pack of these coils per 11 days and not cloud chasing 24/7 and burning at 12.5 watts..... JAC Vapour Ltd: This is a Direct lung coil, it is not intended for MTL use, you'd need a serious set of lungs to get the airflow required to do mouth to lung on this, it is restricted DL so it's not impossible, but the results won't be good, and if you don't get the correct airflow the coil will heat up and burn as the airflow is required to stop the coil over heating, if you are finding your coil tasting burnt quickly this will almost certainly be the cause. If you are direct lunging there is another issue, I would suggest making sure you are priming from top and bottom, so 3 drops on each wick hole and 3 down the top of the coil, however you may already be doing this. There are lots of other things like the exact juice you are using etc. and CS can check all this, so I would suggest contacting customer service to say you are still having issues.
  • New coils ..not impressed - by Paul, 30 April 2018
    Previously never had any issues with these coils ..never even had to prewick but just upgraded to the s22 and also got a new b tilt unit and the coils in both are burning ? It’s as though they are running dry after a couple of inhalation’s and it’s happened on both units ? I used to change coils once a week ..I am now on my 2nd coil on both units within a week ..don’t know what has changed but something definately has ? And yes I am now Pre wicking................................JAC Vapour: Please contact CS in regards to this on, or use the chat on the website, you can also call. They can then check you are running at the correct wattage, exact juice, basically the full setup to make sure there is nothing obvious causing this. I use these coils a lot myself and have not experienced any issues, as do many other users in the company, it is possible it's juts a bad pack, but would be unlikely if for instance it's happened over 2 packs, CS will get to the bottom of it, and get any coils that have not performed correctly replaced.
  • Not for me - by Lee, 4 April 2018
    Tried these coils for a couple of months now and just can’t get on with them, amount of times I’ve had just a few drags on them and get the awful burnt taste, flavour is non exsistance, feels to me like they just don’t wick quick enough, I always fully prime my coils and let sit for a hour or two, tried different strains of juice but just can’t get on with these coils..........JAC Vapour Ltd: These are a pretty restricted DL, I know you have said in another review that the MTL didn't work for you (I've replied to that) and I know you like the 0.5ohm version. Thanks for the review.
  • Poor longevity - by Rachael , 2 April 2018
    It was suggested that I try these coils with the S22 unit due to my having problems with MTL coils. When these coils work they are a dream (hence 3 stars) but their longevity is pretty short! The longest one of these coils has lasted is 3 tank fills and unfortunately this is not the norm. The average is approximately 1 tank fill. This is a very stark contrast to the longevity of the MTL coils I use in my S17 unit....................JAC Vapour Ltd: These coils should last for at least 10 fills, it is dependant on liquid and flavour used, juts to make sure are you priming the wick holes either side and also priming by putting a couple of drops down the top of the coil? This makes sure wicking begins from both ends properly. The MTL coils in the S17 and s22 are the same, so it would be odd if they are working in the S17 but not the S22, we've also run pretty extensive testing with groups on forums to make sure the coils last a decent time, that's not to say you can't get a dud, but they should be very rare, I use the MTL every day, for around 2-3 fills a day and have never had a coil burnout, I do change every Sunday anyway though. If you moved to the DL coils to then try and MTL on them, that will cause a burnout, the DL on the 1.0ohm is restricted, but not enough to get away with mouth to lung, the airflow will not be enough, and without enough air movement the coil will heat up and burn, so this could be a cause, the same happens if you try and direct lung a mouth to lung coil, in that case the wick will not keep up with the demand if inhaling using your lungs, so the coil will run dry and burn. if you are using the S17 no problem though, it sounds like you are using them correctly, so I am not sure what is happening with the S22, possibly there is a fault with the tank some how.
  • 2.5 Star - by Oli, 29 January 2018
    Whilst £2 each may seem like decent value, I have thrown away several coils which have either lasted just over a day and even some that burn out straight away. This has happened all to often and whenever I go to change my coil I am always fearful that it will end up being a dud and I will end up wasting an hour trying to sort out my vape pen. When they have worked however, the coils do have a decent lifespan and Jac Vapour have been very diligent in helping me out on the matter.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: I will check with CS as I see this is the second review having issues, I take you are priming as per instructions, potentially we have a few duds in thsi batch, so I'll check it out and make sure there is not an issue. I will get CS to contact you directly with my findings.

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