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  • perfect for me - by Philip Hughes, 16 November 2018
    I was not a heavy smoker, say 1 or 2 a day, but now approaching my 70s I decided to make a change. At my age all the babble and figures are totally confusing, so when my son said get this I did with out much hope. Turns out you can ignore all the babble, this just works, even as technically inept, I had the thing setup in 5 mins and have not smoked nor wanted to for 2 weeks. one 'pod' lasts me around 5-6 days and the vim cost me 24.99, there is a refillable tank with it, but that has been laid aside, as I don't want to faff with refilling. Basically put this pod in and press the button, then inhale, if you can't get that, I am wondering how you were managing to smoke. It's that simple, so ignore all the guff you see about sub-ohm, mods, tanks, watts, power, blah, blah and just get these, and you're done.. no more smoking. I will also say customer service were very helpful, but really things are made more complicated than they actually are, or need to be, maybe one day I'll take the time to figure out how to refill the tank, but I doubt it..............JAC Vapour: Thanks for the feedback and we will try and make things simpler. I am glad you have managed to stay off the real cigarettes and if you need any further help customer service are always here to help.
  • nice - by Clem, 8 November 2018
    I love the flavour and pod seem to last long enough. For better or worse I have always used the prefilled carts as it keeps things simple. I used to use around 3 carts a day, now I am using around half to three quarters of a pod a day, which works out a bit extra value. I also do know you can get the refillable version if I decide to go that route, but ease of uses trumps value for me at this stage. The device is also nice, think zippo lighter size and the battery lasts me all day. The only thing that threw me is the nicotine hit, it's quite a bit more potent that what I am used to, it took me a bit to adjust and is the main reason I am using less. In all happy with the product so far
  • Been waiting for these - by Matt, 8 November 2018
    I used to use a cigalike and really missed the easy to use prefilled carts. These pods are just what I was looking for. Great flavour and no faffing about with eliquid and coils.
  • BETTER THAN FAGS - by Rita, 19 October 2018
  • Convenient and easy to use. - by Mitz, 14 October 2018
    Very nice, authentic flavour. Pods are extremely convenient and easy to use. Like the individual wrapping for each pod.
  • Great flavour and very satisfying - by Jamie, 10 October 2018
    Really nice flavour and a lot more satisfying compared to regular 50/50 e-liquids.

6 Item(s)

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