VIM Vape Mod & Vape Tank Kit - White

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  • Small device with big battery life and big flavour - by Jono, 3 June 2019
    I bought this on offer and wasn't initially impressed, as I didn't think it was much of an improvement on the Innokin T22 I'd been using, but once I switched the coil out for a new one, the flavour and throat hit were much better. I bought a narrower mouthpiece which I much prefer to the stock one.

    It can be a bit fiddly trying to lock the tank into it's recess, but it's worth it as it for the compact size. If you're taking this on a plane, make sure that there's no liquid in the tank, or remove the tank from the device before you fly; I took this on holiday last week and the tank leaked into the air chamber below, which was a nightmare to clean out. The battery life is excellent and it lasted me nearly two full days on one charge.

    The white finish did get dirty very quickly, so I might get a grey one in the future. Other than that, it's a pretty decent wee kit!
  • Great, Easy to use - by Jon, 29 May 2019
    Great little device, long battery life, straightforward to use and easy refill.
  • Excellent little device neat and easy to use with long battery life - by Christine, 26 March 2019
    I now have two of these, bought to replace a similar size aspire device. These are so much better; soft casing, good product design, small form factor and long battery life. Easy to fill as well and they last all day. I finding having a second is useful when I am not able to charge a device through travel, but could probably manage with one. Very very pleased I tried these. One arrived with a defective vape button but was replaced immediately I sent a video to Jac. Excellent customer as well as good devices.
  • made in the uk quality product - by nick, 4 March 2019
    when you buy a jac vapour product you know you will get a quality product this is an impressive device for the money i have this as well as the wee vim, the coils are one of the best on the market for lifespan and taste, dont miss out join the vim family
  • Great solution for heavy MTL vaping - by Mick, 8 February 2019
    First class look and feel, well controlled airflow, great battery life - surprisingly light weight. The tanks are easily the best I've tried, and don't leak or break as easily as most others - I'm a bit clumsy! Easy filling without having to click the tank out of the pod, and easy changing of coils without losing any fluid. USB charging is great, especially as you can still puff whilst charging! I have 3 of these, and a WEE VIM (reviewed), I also vape CBD E-liquid with one of these. The only problem is that I find it a bit too chunky whilst driving - no matter, I have S17s for that! WELL DONE JACVAPOUR!
  • good vape device - by david, 25 October 2018
    bought the VIM kit a few months ago and was realy impressed with it good battery life and operation easy to carry in your pocket most impressed so I have ordered another one in slate grey .
  • Brilliant little vape that performs strongly in every area! Excellent buy. - by David, 18 October 2018
    My partner purchased this after I had managed, to give up smoking at the first attempt with the S-22 vape starter kit. She wanted something smaller & lighter but that would be similar to how the S-22 worked. This was incredible & to be honest when I tried it, I noticed no difference, apart from the physical feel of the device. It is an Incerdible little vape & it's so good & such a convenient size & weight I've now brought one, originally for a cpl of days away & light packing etc, but now it's my go to regular vape! I just wish I got the slate one,, as my partner & I keep picking up the wrong one, until I get a mouthful of Menthol, which is fine with me, or she gets my Strawberry Chew, Bubble Gum, which is not fine with her!
  • Easy & Great Taste - by Mark, 16 August 2018
    wanted to get my hands on the VIM but the "one box VIM" were out of stock so decided to order the bundle
    No Probs within 10-15 mins of getting it i was vaping away Great Taste easy to use just make sure you get your little rubber bung in the correct place,might even order another one when the different colours come out
  • We have come such a long way - by Keith Shawley, 3 August 2018
    First off thanks to the previous review for pointing out this is the same kit, with the saving and my rewards I picked this up for below £15. To think this sort of quality can be sold at this price is unimaginable. When I started vaping 4 years ago, I bought a 650 mah ego for nearly £60, and this is 10 times the kit that was. I have been around the block, I have bought big mods and small tubes, probably around 50 devices in my 4 years (madness I know). Recently after a year or so on DL, I decided to move back to MTL to save juice and battery consumption, I am also sick of carrying around the larger devices. After a bit of research I decided on the S22, however when I came to the site the vim caught my eye, and all my plans went out the window, It's personal taste, but I actually think it's a beautiful little mod. That aside performance is astounding for the size of the thing, bung a turbo coil in this and it's as good as any stock MTL device out there. JAC have nailed this little device and they deserve to sell lots of them, I for one will be shouting about it to anyone that will listen...........JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the review and glad you are enjoying the device.
  • My second one..still great - by Kev, 27 July 2018
    Came on to buy a second device I like this so much, I will also probably buy every colour that is released, I won't be able to help myself. Wasn't sure what the difference between this listing and the other one were, but this saved me a bit, and having now received it there appears to be no difference other than, the kit and tank come in separate boxes. I checked with them to make sure there was nothing different once it arrived and supposedly there isn't, it is just the same stuff, but they are running low on the kit in one box, so decided to offer this with a discount as an option, so that stocks last. Having tested it over the last day, if there is a difference I can't see it, other than with this you get a far longer usb lead (also separate), which I prefer. So my advice is to get this unless you really must have it all in one box for something like a gift

10 Item(s)

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