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  • Best tank so far, by far! - by Mick, 8 February 2019
    Don't break, don't leak, easy to fill in or out of the VIM, easy to change coil without waste.! Uses the same excellent S-series coil as S17 and S22 - I also use S17 pens, so very handy! The S17 tank is very good (used it since first released) but the VIM beats the spots off it!
  • Really easy to use - by Jules, 5 January 2019
    Love the size and easy to refill. Still getting a bit of leaking through the air flow intake at time though......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Glad you are enjoying the VIM. In regards to leaking watch out for the following: always turn the tank clockwise to lock or unlock, this prevnets the topfill loosening and releasing pressure, always use a needle nose bottle to fill, snub or wider tips, push the topfill seal over and some can run down the chimney. Check the tank for any pressure leaks, you can do this by attempting to turn the steel base ring (the bit the base screws into. If that's loose, it could be releasing pressure, so please contact CS and they will replace it. There will always be a bit of condensation, but this should not be noticeable, or 'flow' out the bottom, it will dissipate out the bottom over time unnoticed. These are all the standard things, if you have them covered then contact CS and we'll look at the situation more closely, if it's affecting your enjoyment of the device.
  • OMG - What a Product! - by Andrew, 19 September 2018
    I bought the VIM as a birthday present to myself. I've got an S17 and S22 already so couldn't quite see where this would fit as I use them for different purposes (S17 in the office and S22 when I'm out).
    I think the VIM takes the best of both and I have to admit I've been really impressed so far. I enjoy the small size, fitting comfortably in the hand, with the firing button working well when using my palm . . . nice design touch!
    The battery, like the S22, easily gets me through the day and it handles both MTL and DL really well. In fact I think the product is up there with the B Series Tilt in terms of performance.
    So, for me, the price point at S17's level and the performance at the S22 level make this a brilliant product
    The only downside could be the cost of replacing the battery as this is quite a bit higher than the S17. But is the battery life's long then I certainly wouldn't complain!
    A definite recommend from me!
  • Excellent Set-Up, grab one before the word gets out!!! - by Danny, 24 July 2018
    Arrived today, after watching a few reviews on YouTube, thought I would take the plunge and grab one of these.

    Have to say, impressed with it, been through a couple of tanks now (around 4ml juice) and have no issues at all. Usually by the time I have finished a tank full on one of these "best thing this year" setups, I am either packing it up to send back or throwing it into the bin. Not so with this one, just hope the coils hold up well.

    Was a little concerned I might suffer from the position of the firing button, but again, soon fine a comfortable grip to use it.

    What I like about this little kit is that you have plenty of spares to buy, tips, extra tanks, even a stand-alone unit, never before I have seen this option for a set-up, best yet, its made in the UK so you are not dealing with a chinese company.

    Flavour & vapour out the little unit is excellent, using my usual Mums Custard @ Digbys and it tastes just as good as it has always done.

4 Item(s)

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