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  • OMG - What a Product! - by Andrew, 19 September 2018
    I bought the VIM as a birthday present to myself. I've got an S17 and S22 already so couldn't quite see where this would fit as I use them for different purposes (S17 in the office and S22 when I'm out).
    I think the VIM takes the best of both and I have to admit I've been really impressed so far. I enjoy the small size, fitting comfortably in the hand, with the firing button working well when using my palm . . . nice design touch!
    The battery, like the S22, easily gets me through the day and it handles both MTL and DL really well. In fact I think the product is up there with the B Series Tilt in terms of performance.
    So, for me, the price point at S17's level and the performance at the S22 level make this a brilliant product
    The only downside could be the cost of replacing the battery as this is quite a bit higher than the S17. But is the battery life's long then I certainly wouldn't complain!
    A definite recommend from me!
  • Excellent Set-Up, grab one before the word gets out!!! - by Danny, 24 July 2018
    Arrived today, after watching a few reviews on YouTube, thought I would take the plunge and grab one of these.

    Have to say, impressed with it, been through a couple of tanks now (around 4ml juice) and have no issues at all. Usually by the time I have finished a tank full on one of these "best thing this year" setups, I am either packing it up to send back or throwing it into the bin. Not so with this one, just hope the coils hold up well.

    Was a little concerned I might suffer from the position of the firing button, but again, soon fine a comfortable grip to use it.

    What I like about this little kit is that you have plenty of spares to buy, tips, extra tanks, even a stand-alone unit, never before I have seen this option for a set-up, best yet, its made in the UK so you are not dealing with a chinese company.

    Flavour & vapour out the little unit is excellent, using my usual Mums Custard @ Digbys and it tastes just as good as it has always done.

2 Item(s)

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