S-Coil MTL - 1.5Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

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  • An update and improved rating - by Andrew, 8 November 2018
    I have to modify my review of 6 November 18. I kept the coil in question and reinstalled it this morning in readiness to contact cs.
    It has completely bounced back and is vaping perfectly. There is no question in my mind that the dry hit/burning was the worst I have ever experienced and should, logically, have destroyed the coil. The fact that it hasn’t is a definite positive and potentially means I’ve thrown away a couple of coils which may have recovered too.
    I congratulate Jac Vapour on making a resilient coil, and my plans to contact cs are on hold for now.
  • Awful dry hit out of nowhere. - by Andrew, 6 November 2018
    I don’t understand these coils. A brand new one earlier today, properly primed to the point of flooding, vaped like a dream in the S22 through one tankful attached to the S22 battery. Filled it up well before it was empty and promptly got the most awful dry hit which I can still feel in the back of my throat. How can it suddenly dry hit like this.
    To make things worse it’s the 3rd one to do this over a few weeks.which makes it impossible to know how many coils to buy. I’ve never experienced anything like it with other coils.
    There is a fundamental problem somewhere.
    Such a shame as I love them when they work...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Andrew, please contact customer service to see if they can help. I know you have said you are priming, so just to check you are priming from the top and bottom, 2 drops on each wick hole and 3 drops of eliquid in the top the coil. I have not actually used these coils extensively myself, but this is the first report I have seen of bad issues. It is possible that maybe you got a bad pack, but if it is continually happening, then it is likely to be something else, otherwise I'd have seen a lot more similar reports. So please contact customer service, they'll replace the coils for free and hopefully get the situation figured out and sorted.
  • Great coils -- but how can you run out of supply? - by Michael, 13 October 2018
    Recently bought the S22, found these 1.5Ohm coils, and was very happy to have found a solid smoking replacement setup.
    Just came back here to order more of these coils, but it turns you're out of supply? Considering that the S22 is still being sold, I really don't understand why this would happen. I'm very much hoping this is only a temporary situation and they'll be in stock again soon... JAC Vapour Ltd: This is a new coil, and the that makes supply a little bit harder to predict, the next batch should be here in a few days, they were meant to be delivered on the 10th, but have been delayed in transit, so I apologise. The MTL 1.0ohm coil is still in stock as well if it an emergency. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • MTL perfection - by Andrew, 20 August 2018
    I’ve had the S22 tank for a while now and love it, but could never find a sweet spot with the 1 ohm mtl coil. The throat hit was always a little too harsh and unpleasant for me.
    These on the other hand are perfect. A smooth, satisfying hit every time. These are true Nautilus 1.8 ohm bvc killers. I can finally make full use of the S22 and forget the Nautilus 2 juice everywhere refill nightmares.

    Well done Jac and thank you for remembering those of us who have no interest in sub ohm and dl.

4 Item(s)

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