50ml Quick Mix Nic Salt Bundle

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  • Bring back the old bottles , the new ones leek no matter how secured I make it . Toffee salt is gorgeous , it’s just the new bottles I have issues with . - by Christine , 5 March 2019
    I’m loving the toffee salt mix BUT the new bottles all leak !!! I make sure all is secured tightly but the old bottles are so much better ...................JAC: Try trimming down the nozzle a bit to see if having to apply less pressure is better, also the center nozzle is removable so please check that is fully in place as well. If you continue to have issues please contact customer service, and they will see if they can help.
  • If you buy, you simply can't go wrong. - by David, 18 October 2018
    Ordered this previously in bubble gum, have know also ordered it in pure menthol & tobacco. All the flavours are what they say on the bottle & lovely clean vape.
  • But it, mix it, shake it vape it. It really is that simple! - by David, 18 October 2018
    A superb very reasonably price quick mix bundle. The flavour I ordered was bubble gum & it really is an old school bubble gum flavour, producing a lovely clean vape & a fantastic Cigarette like lung hit. ................JAC: Thanks for all the great reviews, and I am glad the kit and liquids are working so well for you, experimenting with flavours are part of the whole vaping experience, and if you ever have any issues or need advice our customer service will be there to help.
  • Perfect for smokers - by MJ, 6 August 2018
    I've smoked for around three decades and really didn't want to carry on. So I picked up a Jac VIM (which is a great product) for its compactness, long battery life and portability.

    I decided to go for the nicotine salts after reading it suits smokers who expect faster nicotine deliveries. Went for the menthol flavour because I wanted a fresh aftertaste as if I'd just brushed my teeth and that I thought its tolerable by the people around me who may smell it.

    Within 3 days I was off the cigs (I was alternating between vaping and actual smoking at first) and now I'm in my third week, and still haven't bought cigs and gradually vaping less. I am around halfway with the 50ml bottle which surprised me. It really does last. At this rate, I would probably only need 1 x 50ml per month as opposed to £11 packs of cigs every 2 days. Huge savings. My breathing capacity has improved drastically.

    Would recommend going to the gym at least three times a week for added discipline if you really want to kick the bad habit! Do avoid drinking when switching-to-quit as the urge to smoke cigs really takes over when you get tipsy.

    P.S. I smoked Marlboro Golds around ten times a day. I found DL coils to be better than MTL coils (which I used for a week). My preference is probably because of my experience with Shisha, so the DL seems to make more sense as an experience when vaping which I compare to using to a shisha. Of course, that's a personal experience.
  • Very disappointing - by David B, 2 July 2018
    I was looking forward to this. Got the pure menthol, which is what I usually vape; had it a few weeks before I mixed it, and then left it a few more days; finally tried it.... and it was horrible. Very chemical taste, really unpleasant. Did I leave it too long, did I get a bad batch, or do I just not like Salts??…………..JAC Vapour Ltd: The base shouldn't make any difference to the taste, but it may need a bit longer to mature. If you leave the mixed solution to sit for a bit longer, you can see if it improves.
  • Nic Salts a definite development - by Steve, 19 June 2018
    Ordered 50ml Quick Mix Nic Salt Bundle with Silver Tabacco flavour. Easy mixing process. Nic salts certainly eliminates the typical need to vape continuously. I found I could vape in the way I used to smoke. 10 inhales lasts a few hours rather than vape continuously as with non salt liquids. A significant eliquid development.

    I don't really have time to mix so would love some premixed Nic Salt tabacco flavours (Reds, Dessert, Turkish) to "just fill and go". No fuss, no mess. But that may be my need rather than a sensible commercial choice. for JacVapour.

    Whatever, Jac Vapour remains the best vape supplier in the UK...……………...JAC Vapour Ltd: We do now have the pre-mixed nicsalts in the SMO-KING range, they might be worth a try, they have been designed to be ultra realistic, and come in tobacco and menthol tobacco. Thanks for the review.
  • Nic Salt fruity juices - by Gabriele, 15 June 2018
    I'm wonder about the good taste I have!
    Just a note: if you vape MTL,12mg nicotine with Nic Salt juice are much stronger like a"normal"12mg nicotine e-juice liquid,so if you smoke for ex. 8mg,choose a lower nicotinine base.
    Aniway I'm happy to return to Jac Vapor after 5 jears to tryng that Nic Salt juices,good taste and good clouds too.
    Tested flavours: fresh apple & pineapple 11 mg nicotine.
    Mods: Berserker mini,Dolphin,Nautylus.
  • Must get! - by Christian, 8 June 2018
    This was my 2nd purchased of juice. I got Sour blue sorbet and I really enjoy the taste. Nice sour berry take on the hit and a nice cool mint after taste. This is my go to juice for the time being. 50ml lasted me about 3 weeks, but i also used to smoke a lot. So far these have kept me off the cigs. Recently ordered 2 sets of these again and will keep buying these! Highly recommended!
  • Overall very good - by Dan, 14 May 2018
    I've been vaping for 3 years so the nic salts are good for experienced vaper's as well as those just changing over from tobacco. I enjoy the extra hit the nic salts give and slightly different mouth sensation if you mouth to lung like me.

    Only tried low strength tobacco gold and silver so far but have just ordered blackcurrent and cloudy lemonade for a fruity change
  • Dont think about Nic Salts...Buy Them!! - by Nessie17, 28 April 2018
    Having recently moved from smoking to vaping i would still find myself craving a cig quite often, I'd read about Nic salts and was really interested to try them but wanted them in a Cherry flavour which was seemingly impossible! Then I found Jac Vapour, I kept revisiting this page for a few weeks waiting for someone to write a review but no one did so i took a leap of faith and ordered....So very glad i did ! I was worried the mixing might be a faf but even that was so easy and I can tell you the hype around Nic salts is bang on...they give me that "hit" just like fags that i'd been craving did.. Now I'm definitely vaping less to feel satisfied and am no longer craving a fag! Thanks Jac Vapour

10 Item(s)

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