Nicotine Salt Base

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  • Much smoother than the alternative. - by Lawrance, 12 June 2019
    In my opinion this is much smoother with a better flavour if you're buying Bryn's short fills. For some reason the normal high VG base tastes burnt and is very harsh, however when switching back to the remainder of my nic salts short fill with the same coil it's totally different, much more pleasant.
  • Nic salts . - by Max, 16 October 2018
    Hi, I am currently trying the nic salt SMoking tobacco, and would love to try other flavours, but you only supply nic salt bundles in high VG, are there any reasons for this, as the normal ranges are in both high PG/or VG. I look forward to your response. Many thanks, Max. Ps, Iwill submit a review for the nic salt tobacco in a few weeks when it has been steeped a little longer., but so far undecided.............JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Max, if you use the nic salts in the picNIC category, it is a 80/20 base but by the time you add the flavouring it will be at roughly a 60/40 (60VG) base. The other thing you can do is add a clearsteam shot in one of your bases, the ingredient that makes nicsalt, will effectively cause the free base (normal nic shot) to blend mostly in a way that you shouldn't notice the difference too much. So you could effectively do 3x 18mg nic salts at 80/20, the 1x 18mg clearsteam (100%PG), then the flavouring x1 (flavouring is affectively 100% PG) that would give a 50/50. In my experience blending the nic salts base with normal bases, does not reduce the affect or speed of the nic hit with the sals, but it adds a bit of throat kick (takes a touch of the smoothness off), nothing like the harshness of using normal PG base though. Hopefully that will work, and hopefully we will have more options for nicsalts in the future. Is there a reason for you not wanting to use the high VG version? Any coil tank should cope with 60VG and below.

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