50ml Sour Blue Sorbet picNIC kit

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  • Just awesome - by David, 2 November 2018
    Not much else to say about this apart from it's awesome! Great flavour. Fruity and cool, always a pleasure to put this in my tank!
  • Tastes Great! - by Tom, 12 September 2018
    First picnic set and it tastes great will definitely try out some more!

    However I was surprised that the empty bottle comes with no labels. Surely it would be better marketing for you and the customer if you provided a product label for the customer to be able to tell what's in it, yet alone retaining some brand image for you.

    As a temporary fix I managed to remove the label from the small bottle and stick it on the big one. (Though small details like having a proper label make all the difference to brand image and the customer experience surely?)
  • Lovely stuff - by Dan, 18 July 2018
    Absolutely love the Sour Blue Nic salt. It's my favourite juice yet!
  • Hit and miss, can be awesome, latest order was much less so. - by Richard, 28 June 2018
    I really love this flavour, second only Heisenbergerest. Started with the pre-mixed kit and then onto this. However I'm really disappointed with the latest order because the flavour is "off". It smells like raspberry etc, but the taste isn't there, its got a weird twang which I can't quite describe but kind of like sour milk in a cup of tea. I think I'll go back to the pre-mixed stuff but (and here is where the disappointment lies) it costs more for 20ml less. But to end on a positive, the original flavour was awesome :) …………. JAC Vapour Ltd: There has been very high demand for this flavour and potentially that means that the the flavouring is not been given time to mature as much as it normally would. Try leaving the bottle with the top off for a few days to a week, picnic is best mixed up a week in advance any way. This might bring it back to what you are missing.
  • Try it, you'll like it! - by Thomas, 6 June 2018
    This is good stuff!

    I love the flavour, the sour taste at the end and a nice menthol hit in the throat.

    Very, very good JAC!
  • Best flavour on the market and really good value - by vapeyvape, 2 May 2018
    This is my all time favourite, I never get tired of it and have been using this for about a year now.
  • Started well but deteriorated quickly. - by Gareth , 4 March 2018
    So I'm on my fourth or fifth sour sorbit picnic mix and really disappointed in the last 2 mixes I've been using hence only 3 stars rather than 4 or 5. My first 2 were full of flavour, no dry hits and could vape consistently for afew minutes with no issues. The latest 2 bottles are awful in comparison, constant dry hits after 3 or 4 pulls leaving a burnt taste (3 coils tested in the space of afew hours) and constant priming trying to get some flavour in the vape. The first couple of bottles were perfect and the vape was spot on, this time round its the complete opposite to the point where its more of a hassle rather than an enjoyment because you just don't know if you're going to get a nice vape. Maybe it was a dodgy batch of flavouring I don't know but I'll give it 1 more go before going back to Heidelberg from my local as the sour sorbit has dropped in my recommendation where I doubt I'll keep ordering it. ..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: I notice nearly all the other stuff you order is a PG base, which is thinner, so this may be the issue, if the coil is not wicking the high VG stuff, also high VG mutes the taste a bit, also using a flavour a lot can mute taste. If you are getting burning though it is more than likely an issue with the coil rather than the liquid, in general stock coils struggle with anything over 60% VG, our S-coils do cope with up to 80% VG, but do need good priming, I can't see what coils you are using, but potentially this is part of the problem, for instance I know Nautilus coils are notoriously bad with high VG. if you're other suppliers eliquid is also a 50/50, then I suggest sticking with the PG base for Bryns as well, if you are not having problems with that in the other picNIC kits you are ordering. I know there are 2 heavy users of Bryns in the office, so I've checked with them and neither has noticed any difference with the Sour blue, both are using the S-coil 0.5ohm with the High VG base. I think if you could contact CS with more info about your setup then we can potentially help find the issue. Thanks for the review.
  • My new favourite. - by Ricardo, 4 February 2018
    I normally vape mint or menthol juices and stumbled upon this and decided to buy the picNIC version on the back of the reviews. I think I got vapers tongue and decided to try this to cure it. Super easy to mix and I left it for 2 weeks to do what its go to do, although I think you can just mix and vape. It is a lush taste: nice and sour (not overbearing and not sour like the smell or taste of soured milk) and has a lovely menthol taste on exhale. I’ll be back to buy more when this batch is almost finished. FYI I vaped this using the JV Series-B Tilt with the S22 Topfill tank at 15 watts MTL.
  • Excellent taste, best ever, strongly recommended - by Martin, 23 January 2018
    JUICE is really special and JUICY
    I simply love it.
    Just do 50ml/£10 and we should keep buying it. You know, we need to buy devices n coils too and juices r on sale in Poundworld.... .........JAC Vapour Ltd: the new deconstructed picNIC does offer it in 70ml for £12.99 if this helps and we do have offers on it occasionally, thanks for the review.
  • Awesome - by Callum, 14 December 2017
    So happy to see this in the PinNic range! Sour blue sorbet is without a doubt the best eliquid I’ve had to date. Brilliant and sour that’s also cooling.

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