SERIES-S22 Work and Play Bundle

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  • Handy to have a spare. - by Simon, 21 June 2018
    The S-22 alone is an awesome piece of kit. Open the box and it looks great. Instructions are great. It's well engineered, easy to use and the battery lasts a long time. Jac Vapour aftersales is also great. It's certainly the best E-Cig I've used, but then the others where supermarket E-Cigs. I'll never look back. This is a review of the Work and Play bundle so the question is: "Do you need two?" All I can say is that I'm glad I have two. One black and one green. Lets me experiment with flavours and should one ever not work for whatever reason I have a back up! Cold turkey anyone?
  • Definitely worth buying - Great build quality and design - by julia, 9 May 2018
    I don't have much to add on top of existing good reviews. Great battery, very simple to maintain, the smaller drip tip option is a nice option to have, the glass window is great for checking when you need to refill and importantly I'm very happy with the performance and life span of the MTL coils (about 1 week+ with fairly heavy use). Another great feature is being able to replace the coil without draining the tank, just unscrew the base from battery flip it upside down and carefully unscrew the bottom of the tank and then the coil. Prime it up and leave it to sit and all without wasting a drop of liquid.
  • Must have!! - by Jackymax, 5 April 2018
    If you're looking for an easy to fill, no complications MTL then this is the one! Not even any settings to worry about! Just turn it on and toot away!

    I seriously loved my green one so much, I bought another 2 in their work and play bundle In different colours of course. ;)

    At first I really didn't like it and was going to send it back with the 2 week try it thing they do! Now that's customer service! I'd even sent them a PM on here asking how!

    Luckily I had bought the 510 drip tip converter (less than £2) and once I stuck a narrower drip tip on it I was in love lol. Immediately went and deleted the PM before they read it! :11:

    They do DTL coils for it too and are soon releasing sub-ohm DTL coils, this week I think. Now that's what I'll use the wider drip tip for :D I tend to relate the wider tip for DTL so accidently do that with MTL set up.

    I really couldn't recommend this highly enough!
  • Worked well once I'd fitted the coil properly - good upgrade from Series-E Aero - by Dogleg, 14 December 2017
    At first it didn't work - but after taking out the coil. giving it and the hole it came out of a wipe with some tissue and replacing firmly, it was great. A tricky operation when the tank's full, but managed without spilling much. Doesn't roll around (good), button is easy to find without looking (very good) but very easy to press (worried about pocket-vaping, since locking is a faff). Using the MTL coil it gives a good puff of vapour very quickly. I'm upgrading from a Series E with an aero-tank, and this produces more, stronger vapour for less suck. Also, although fatter, it's shorter and slightly lighter-feeling in the hand.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, I would carry the device in a pocket not locked, or any device, there is a chance it will go off, and burnout the coil, you might get away with it in a bag or loose pocket, but not something like a jeans pocket.
  • Highly recommended - by Coolie, 5 December 2017
    This is a great little kit. It’s been put through it’s paces and stands the test of time.
    The battery life is excellent and stands up well against similar products.
    The coils are excellent easily beating the Nautilus range.
    If you are looking for a starter kit for someone this is so easy to use.
    This will also serve you well as another out and about mod/kit for yourself. The tank is also interchangeable with other more powerful mods.

    Great little device.

5 Item(s)

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