50ml Lime picNIC kit

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  • Great with Watermelon - by Zachary, 17 October 2018
    No great on its's own. But a 50/50 mix with watermelon smooths it out to make my fav mix!!!
  • Too acrid and harsh. Order 10ml if you want to try it; it's definitely an acquired taste and is harsh on the throat, even with 70VG, 6mg. - by Keith, 27 September 2017
    I normally vape real pineapple or vanilla so I thought I'd give this a try. In my opinion it really isn't pleasant at all. Not that I've done it, but it seems to be like vaping a cleaning product. The vape is very harsh; so much so that I have to turn the power right down on my DNA 75W or my throat hurts. Mixing it with my remaining vanilla (75% vanilla, 25% lime) makes it bearable so I'm not wasting. I just wish I hadn't ordered 100ml of the stuff. I'd recommend ordering 10ml and see if you like it first.......................JAC Vapour Ltd: I tend to agree with you, lime is mixer not really a neat flavour, there are a few in the range like that - aniseed, honey, and coconut are also similar, they benefit from being mixed. Lime is good mixed with pineapple, coconut and a bit of vanilla I think. We should probably find a way to mark these mixer flavours separately as they can be a very acquired taste straight up, our flavours tend to be realistic and lime flavoured stuff is nice, but it's normally done as a lime pie or something like that, you'd rarely just neck straight lime, which is what our flavouring is really, as close to a straight lime squeezed as possible, it's pretty overpowering.

2 Item(s)

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