50ml Melon & Mint (Kalahari Ice) picNIC kit

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  • Stock levels affect lives - by Tom, 26 February 2019
    I love these kits, but what is going on with stock? Seriously. I am addict of nicotine and get grumpy when the smoke changes. Smokers hate being forced to change brand. Seeing “Out of stock” is not just inconvenient it generates panic! If it’s not the type of nicotine juice it’s the flavours that are unavailable. I seem to have to make compromises every time I order. I’ve recently jumped to clear steam and now I’m into it, it’s out of stock.
    I order for two. I make sure my aging mum has her fix too but her menthol choice is out of stock. She is not happy.

    Do I have to stock-pile because the supplier doesn’t?
    Maybe I need a new supplier.
    Jac, I have been loving your juice and your hardware for years and all your products are great. But your stock levels suck.

    I’ve already placed an order elsewhere to try a new supplier. Feel sad :-(.........................JAC: I am very sorry for the recent stock issues, we do keep a stock pile, and our production line had issues depleting them, then our last 2 due deliveries parts of it went into the ether, due to a new company handling deliveries from the factory to ourselves, we effectively had 4 months stock just disappear, it basically killed any reserves we had, at our busiest time of year. I know this is all a bit 'the dog ate my homework' and it doesn't help you. However I can say, our production batches are now catching up, we had a large delivery arrive today, and we have scheduled arrivals every day this week. If you contact CS, they have discount codes and ideas to help you find what you are looking for and hopefully your mother. I will also get them to drop you a quick email.
  • Refreshing - by Oli, 4 January 2018
    The mix of menthol with fruit works really well but unfortunately I ordered 18mg of nicotine which is somewhat overpowering.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, if it's too strong, mix it down to required strength don't waste it, for instance if you add 10ml of 0mg, to 10ml of 18mg you'll get 20ml of 9mg, or 6mg and 18mg will give you 12mg etc.
  • Good all day vape - by Dominic, 12 October 2017
    Good all day vape. A mild flavour with just a hint of sweetness. Not too sweet like some of the berries.
  • My fave - by John, 14 September 2017
    refreshing watermelon and menthol, it's a really nice all day vape and now my go to liquid, first time I have used picnic to purchase and it's the same taste as the premixed, and dead simple to use, although the packaging left useless is extraordinary, the TPD produces more waste than I thought possible, I guess it can't be helped though.

4 Item(s)

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