50ml Strawberry & Lime Anise (Snake Kiss) picNIC kit

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  • You either love it or hate it - by Lance, 15 February 2019
    If you like aniseed then you should like this. Personally love this flavour and even happier that I can get it in the PicNIC range.
  • Not recommend - by Pinman, 23 April 2018
    Possibly the most revolting juice I have ever vaped.. Tried to give it free to two other vapers handed straight back to me.. Also the runniest VG I have ever come across..
  • Reminds me of liquorice - by Dylan, 15 April 2018
    When I first tried this flavour I thought I could never like it, however after about a day or two of trying it out every now and then I ended up loving it. The aniseed, although easily discernible, isn't completely overpowering. I love liquorice though and I wouldn't recommend going for it unless you do.
  • Snake kiss deconstructed - by Paul, 7 April 2018
    Magnificent. just like the original but waaay cheaper.
  • Try it - by MattR, 17 December 2017
    I often find fruit bases too sharp, and sweet bases too overpowered with vanilla/custard. Don't let the aniseed put you off, it is mellow and compliments the strawberry base surprisingly well. Very smooth, subtly tasty, and easy to vape.
  • love/hate - by Andrew, 19 September 2017
    this is going to be a love hate flavour due to the aniseed, something I despise in life, but strangely love in an eliquid. I would say the aniseed is overpowering, but if you hate it, any amount is too much. I personally love the balance of this, and picnic makes it simple and a decent cost. It's a refreshing flavour with lots of citrus fruit and overall pretty strong, so a good match for a MTL vapour like myself, I'd say it's maybe too strong for sub-ohm though, I've tried it in one tank and I found the different combinations come through so powerfully it gets a bit sickly, however in MTL everything is a bit more muted, and where some liquids can taste bland this has bags of flavour.
  • Did not enjoy - by Steven, 14 September 2017
    I'm afraid I did not like this at all. I usually love the jacvapour flavours but this was completely un-vapeable. Will be pouring this away ....................JAc Vapour Ltd: Each to their own, I actually love this flavour, but not so keen on Kittens Breath, you may find it matures into something you like, or that you can mix it with another flavour in small qtys, so I wouldn't chuck it.
  • great flavour and good value - by Gregor, 16 August 2017
    I avoided this in the zwo range as it's expensive premixed and also only a 50/50 base, now I can order for £32.80/10ml and in a VGbase. It's a lovely flavour, fresh and fruity with a bit of aniseed and menthol that gives it the zing and presumably the name. Aniseed is one of these things I despise in taste profiles, but for some reason it depths to eliquid flavours that juts works. 10/10

8 Item(s)

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