PT3 V1 - 1.8Ohm (Kanger) 5 Pack

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  • Mixed feelings of late - by Juliet, 11 July 2018
    These are *usually* good coils - apart from the hit and miss chance that all the hidden wick coils in a hidden wick pack will actually be hidden wick, until recently they've lasted and lasted to the point where I couldn't remember how many tanks I'd got through without changing. My last two orders, though, have been successively more disappointing with the most recent pack giving burnout taste and feel within a handful of draws. Whilst I know the JOC version might be better, that depends on perspective. My pocket does not share that perspective! I'll continue buying in hope of a return to the quality I'd come to expect and appreciate, please powers that be, but at the moment, very mixed feelings about these coils...……………..JAC Vapour Ltd: The PT3 is now an old coil and there have been considerable advances made, the PT3 is actually made by Kanger, but we have done our own version which incorporated a modern style, which may be worth trying it's listed in our store as the PT3 VC coil, so the PT3 V1 JOC is us taking the Kanger coil and rewicking, and the PT3 VC JOC is us completely re-building redesigning the PT3 from scratch to make reliability improvements. Also if you wish to a new device we do have offers for customer wishing to move to more modern devices, like the S22, or the VIM, which use the very reliable S-coil. Please contact CS and ask them about options.
  • Great improvement on others I’ve tried. - by Clifford, 4 December 2017
    A few weeks ago I contacted customer service in regards how variable some of the coils are and was kindly recommended and sent a free pack of these. Compared with others I’ve tried these are extremely good, last anthing between 4-5 days, no gurgling even draw and at least if your out you know it won’t suddenly stop working. Will definitely stick with these.
  • Disappointing!! - by Laura, 26 November 2017
    Really disappointed in these coils this time. I always get the same, this time they came loose in a plastic bag and I’ve already used two of them. They have burnt out so quickly and taste awful!!! Really not impressed.........................Pleas check with customer service, that you got he correct coils as these coils should not come loose, the JOC coils come loose.
  • Series-E coils - by Gary, 26 September 2017
    Decent coils for my Series-E, can be found cheaper elsewhere but with Jac Vapour I guess you know your getting the real thing. I prefer the 1.2 but they are no longer available. No gargling or bunt taste and usually last me 6/7 days........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, we have juts launched the new PT3 VC JOC version, and it's available in 1.2ohm or 1.8ohm, it's also only £6.99 at the moment so people can try them, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference, they make the tank perform much better and far cleaner taste. They can be found here:

4 Item(s)

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