50ml Quick Mix Bundle

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  • Lovely little DIY kit - by Banger, 19 July 2017
    Brilliant idea. Strawberry chew is a lovely flavour and I picked 70/30 18mg base but might try pure VG next time to see what it is like.
  • Perfect bundle. - by Glyn, 4 April 2017
    Love this, perfect little bundle for those that want to quit smoking with a shoestring budget.
  • Flavour? - by andy, 29 March 2017
    Unsure how to rate this. Should be 5 stars for ease of use and price, but I found the flavour lacking compared to the real tobacco ready mixed.
    I don't know if it's possible to add some more flavouring to the mix than the 10ml provided to increase the flavour? Or perhaps the mix needs to stand for a while. Either way will probably stick to the ready made in future.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: the 10ml mixes the standard rate, so the same as the pre-mixed or should be, it may need to just sit a bit, but I find the picNIC doesn't really need it, although I don't use this particular flavour. You can go up to 30% with the flavouring, to do this you juts buy another flavour bottle, you can use the syringe to measure exactly, but I'd just count the drops, for instance I use black current full 10ml, with 10 drops of menthol and 5 drops of aniseed, this gives a strong black jack flavour, in real terms it's 22% flavouring. If you were to add half of another flavouring 10ml so 15ml of flavour in 55ml total that's 27%, that would be very strong I think. I reckon you'd be where you want to just fill right up the neck of the 50ml with more tobacco flavouring after everything else is added. So add the 40ml of base, then fill the bottle right up to the top with flavouring, that will be about 25%.
  • Glad I found this - by SkimpyDigger, 15 March 2017
    this is the S*** good flavours and quality in a max VG base
  • Why buy pre-mixed? - by Finch, 10 March 2017
    I started using this due to some of my flavours being out of stock in the UK made stuff. This is basically the same but about 40% of the price for the same quality and flavours. Don't be put off by the DIY name, it's basically just tipping everything into a 50ml bottle, it's not true DIY, my dog could do it and he's not even an intelligent dog. The results are identical to the pre-mixed, not sure how it works, but no steeping or messing about is required, mix it and it's ready. It also get around the 10ml limit now imposed as after 30 secs you have a full bottle of 50ml eliquid ready to use. It's a great idea and I can see a lot of other companies copying it as the 10ml are run down. The other benefit is there are lots more flavours and base options to experiment with, you can go very niche with this stuff, I recommend the Pure VG base which is hard to find in lots of options and flavours, it's now my goto with the kalahari ice flavouring.

5 Item(s)

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