Kitten's Breath

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  • Subtle fruit and menthol - by Alan, 16 September 2017
    Lovely, subtle flavour and vapes really well. Tastes a bit like the old fruit salad chews with a creamy undertone and a hint of menthol to finish. Really liked the way a subtle flavour worked so well, and this goes down nicely with a good citrus Gin :)
  • Nice, just not for me. - by Adam, 16 April 2017
    Nice, just not for me. the fruity flavours are very light, while I prefer stronger flavours. The hint of menthol in the aftertaste is very decent though. I might finish the bottle but I probably won't be ordering again. For those who enjoy light fruity flavours, this is recommended.
  • Amazing! - by Anna, 23 February 2017
    I love this! Brought purely because of the fancy name!

    The only way I can describe it is passonfruit with a sweet creamy hint and slightly menthol on the exhale.

    I can't stop using it. My new favorite flavour, will definatly be buying more!
  • Soft sweet flavour - by Denise, 24 January 2017
    Lovely flavour and like the snakes kiss, very good quality juice. The only thing I found with this one is the flavour isn't as intense as the other and do like strong flavour. I have put it in the cupboard to seep more and that might change my mind on it in a week or so.

    I did feel I would have loved a shot of sherbet in it as that would be just perfect for my preferences as the flavour is put together very well, just I have a sherbet fetish!

    I am extremely fussy with juice and find it very difficult to find ones that I just have to vape the whole bottle and buy up more. I do know though this bottle will be all vaped. I have a feeling that my perfect vape could appear in this range and looking forward to trying future additions. These definatley won't end up being flushed away like so many in the past...............................If you have a sherbet fetish I have found this is derived from aniseed and a bit of lemon and something sweet, pretty much any sweet taste, I don't know the exact ingredients for this, but you could experiment with these combinations in the picNIC range, I do this and have a love of aniseed and menthol, add some vanilla and touch of lemon and it starts to have a sherbety taste, I haven't quite got the combination right myself yet, but it's just a drop of aniseed and maybe 2 drops of lemon, then a good bit of something sweet, I then top it off with menthol. All the flavours are in picNIC if you want to give it a spin, and maybe you'll create that perfect taste.Thanks very much for the review.
  • Worth a go! - by Linda, 9 January 2017
    Agree entirely with the other reviews, it's so nice that I keep smelling it, it's fresh and immensely enjoyable.
  • Love it! - by Mark, 6 January 2017
    I thought I'd give this a go, even though I thought the name was a bit gimicky. It was delivered in a bespoke cardboard tube box which I think is a bit of a waste of packaging to be honest.

    Despite the unnecessary packaging, the flavour is wonderful. As has been previously said, it's a bit difficult to describe, but to me it's a nice creamy fresh fruit flavour with a very slight hint of mint coolness. It is well worth a go, but I would suggest Jac drop the fancy packaging and make it £4.99 like most of the other liquids..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and glad you like it, the packaging is not actually the bit that makes it more expensive, it's mainly just a numbers game and this being a new flavour, numbers are still growing, as they do prices should drop and more strength options will happen.
  • Lovely stuff - by Kat, 5 January 2017
    Like the others, I bought on a whim as I liked the sound of the names of this new range of eliquids (and seen as I have cats and a snake I thought quite appropriate for me) :) This flavour is a lovely balance of fruity and creamy. Looking forward to seeing what new flavours get developed in this range.
  • Very nice! - by Sophie, 2 January 2017
    Like the other review I bought this on a whim and didn't know what to expect. Its a lovely flavour! Creamy, sweet and really nice. I ordered other flavours and enjoyed them all from here but this is my favourite and I am now ordering more! Just wish there was a shop nearer to me so I could go in and buy them. HOWEVER worth the delivery fee for this as it's the nicest I have tried so far from any brand.
  • I bought this on a whim , didn't really know what to expect. It is ace, can't 100% pinpoint the flavours but think I get some sort of berries and it says passion fruit and even though I don't really know what that tastes of, you do get a lovely end flavou - by Winnie, 19 December 2016
    Unexpectedly amazing

9 Item(s)

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