SERIES-S17 Bottom Fill Kit (Black)

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  • Excellent product excellent customer support - by Matty, 23 November 2016
    Excellent product, quit smoking around 6 months ago was using a different brand ecig which was very crude and very very harsh. Recently bought this due to using Jac e liquids and being very happy with the products. The ecig is very simple which lends well to new users but also allows for a great adjustable vape. Also the customer support is excellent as I added 5x mouth to lung coils to the order and was getting flooding which was a problem however the customer support helped massively and couldn't complain what so ever.
    The only problems I could say (and this is being picky).
    Maybe the tank is too small (however this isn't a massive issue).
    The mouth to lung coils are not great I would advise purchasing direct lung coils. (I 2/3 coils which I tested flooded and also the 1/3 didn't give as good taste as the direct lung coils)...............................JAc Vapour ltd: Thanks for the review, the moth to lung coils will flood slightly more due to their build (more cotton) to get rid of flooding just remove the mouth tip and flick the device sharply a couple of times, this clears the condensation and any pooling in the airflow, it should then vape fine. The expansion and contraction of the coil is mainly the cause, but after a few fills a coil will settle down and not require clearing very often. The tank size is unfortunately currently governed by the TPD restrictions, which do not allow tanks of more than 2ml, we are working on ways to make these tanks last longer.
  • Glad I tried the starter - by gary, 18 November 2016
    A die hard cart and refill fan with best battery is suddenly a tank fan. Mouth to lung for me and is superb. One coil lasts at least 10 refills and is on a par with carts for cost. The difference is the draw and taste....a great experience, I am gradually running down the carts in favour of the Series S.
  • Very high quality with a great customer services - by Sam, 18 November 2016
    I am a regular rulling tobacco smoker which exhausted from bad smell.
    I have bought some not branded e-cig in a past few month which are not good at all, so after very comprehensive research I found two to three name. At first I gave a try to V2 EX series and when it received I found it is not for me at all and it is so tiny with a very little amount of vapour and very important thing I have still had problem for taking back my money even in their 14 days no quibble guarantee...!!! They are so rude and not helpful at all.

    After that I decided to buy Jacvapour S series which now I believe it is the best choice I've ever made. It is very decent product with high quality and believe me it gots a lot of vapour even with MTL coil. I've experienced some little issues with my first coil which after talking with a VERY KINDFUL AND HELPFUL customer service all are gone and they solved it very by kindly advise and sending some replacement. With such a great customer service and quality I believe Jacvapour will be No 1 in UK if it is not now. Acctually I have some small gurgle issue which it can be solved as mentioned in other reviews.
    Totally I am so satisfy with Jacvapour and definitely recommend it.
  • It's a hot one! - by Dean, 17 November 2016
    Nice compact design and great vapour production from such a small unit. Mine gurgles more than my b-series which is a disappointment so regularly cleaning is a must. And the base gets particularly hot when charging...bordering on uncomfortably hot (don't know if that's just mine - I use a JV 13a USB plug) however for the price you can't really go wrong with this unit. Definitely recommend for anyone who is thinking of making the change from cigs or cig-like vapour pens...........................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review. vertical coils gurgle as they bed in due to contraction and expansion, and a bit from condensation, to clear it quickly pop off the mouth tip and flick it a few times sharply. This will clear the liquid causing the gargling without having to clean the device. The unit has a 2 amp fast charger on it, rather than the standard 1amp most smaller devices have, therefore it charges very quickly (just about a full charge in 40 mins) it then slows down towards the end of the charge. To do this it has to get hot, particularity since we've made the device from steel rather than plastic. It should get as hot as a cup of coffee, so not comfortable to hold, but not burning hot, as soon as the fast charge portion is over it'll be cool. Hope this helps.
  • Wife has switched to e-cigs finally! - by Tim Ferrie, 16 November 2016
    What a great kit. I picked one up for my wife who has been on the fence about vaping, and she absolutely loves it. Finally got her to give up the cigs this time. Thanks JAC!
  • really impressed - by Susie, 14 November 2016
    great kit for £19.99, east 2 use will recommend : )
  • Amazing. If you want to quit smoking for something infinitely nicer - BUY ONE now!! - by Jim, 4 November 2016
    Well, I finally quit smoking using this fantastic S-Series. Extremely easy to use and if you like being a bit geeky with a bit of techno-kit, it's way more satisfying than smoking. I haven't had a single craving for a 'coffin peg' for nearly a month now. I use the 6mg Tobacco-Lite and have just started experimenting with different flavours. I now add about a quarter of toffee which sweetens the tobacco nicely. Coils seem to last me about 4 days or so, but I'm probably using it quite enthusiastically and expect them to last maybe a day longer. Also I don't smell of cigarette smoke and my wife is happy :-), plus the fact I feel a whole lot better too even though I was a relatively light smoker. Saving loads of money too. Amazing. Wish I bought one ages ago!!
  • Give this series a try and you won't be disappointed. - by Shirley, 29 October 2016
    After starting on batteries with cartomisers, I started on crystal tanks and used these for about 3 years but then decided a change was in order. I was extremely nervous about using this new type what with the coils etc and had always considered these to be a bit fidderly. I must say though that after using these for only a couple of days, they are great and I wish I had started on them earlier. Once you get your head around the working of them, they are excellent.

    If you fancy something new I would absolutely recommend you give these a try. Love them.
  • lovely little kit - by Eve, 28 October 2016
    As below I have been through a few kits, and do own box mods, but just find them too bulky for use at work and out and about. I have also purchased an AIO which although nice had to be returned as the coils kept flooding. This little brute is very simple, no dials, just one button, but it's performance is brilliant, and despite the cheap price it has become my go to ecig over the week I've had it. The draw with the mouth to lung coil is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, and it's just nice to use something that's straight forward and does the job well. Great work from jac
  • Excellent - by David, 27 October 2016
    I've used various vaping kits over the last couple of years from the early 'cigarette look-a-like' types through to expensive vaporisers. The S series is the best I've found. The vapor is plentiful and gives a satisfying draw. Maintaining and refilling the S series is painless and does not require a degree in engineering. The build quality is great, especially considering the very reasonable price. Thoroughly recommended.

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