Kanger Subtank Ceramic Coils

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  • Slow but steady - by Davy, 26 April 2017
    I'd not heard great things about the ceramic coils but tried some out anyway in my Kanger Subvod. It's true, undeniably: they take longer to warm up. But it's a matter of seconds and, to be honest, I can wait. Only worth waiting, though, if the pay-off is worth it. Happily, I can report that it was. The hit and vapour cloud I got from them, once warmed up, were pretty impressive and I think compares favourably to the steel coils. I couldn't recommend them to someone in a real hurry, but for those of us who have a second or two to spare, give them a go -- you'll be pleasantly surprised. They're not just worth it for the novelty value; in my opinion they really do the job. And they last really well. Plus, of course, they're currently selling at half-price...
  • Good, but also noticably different, please read. - by Ronnie, 1 February 2017
    I was on the fence on this one, between 3 and 4 stars.

    Thing is, they write about the startup time for this one, and it was very annoying. I haven't had it for long so the battery drain claim could be right. I'm using a mod with 18650 battery so personally that is not much of a problem, but if you have a smaller battery, it might be.

    However, it also promises a better result in the description, and I agree with that. Using it with a Kanger Nano tank, I don't get the heating problem.

    So, takes 2-3 seconds to get warm from room temp, but throat hit and vapour production is really good. For me it's worth it.

    And oh, using the strongest liquids with this coil might not be the best idea due to the massive hit. I will try with milder ones when my strong ones are out.
  • Not for me. - by Dan, 31 August 2016
    I have used the sub tank for about a year and have just changed to the top tank and decided to try some ceramic coils. As in the description they do require more heat to get them working. For me this is a problem because the entire tank would get really hot and when it starts cooling the coil would take in far too much liquid and the the tank gurgles until the excess liquid is burnt off or cleaned out.
  • No good - by dominic, 22 June 2016
    Drained battery really fast & leaked badly

4 Item(s)

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