Coloured Battery Tips for V3i Batteries

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  • Good for personalising your E-Cig - by Dave, 17 June 2013
    A very cheap and good way of colour coding your batteries. Some colours work better than other, i'm not convinced by the black tip but is personal preference after all. One word of warning is not to change them over too often as on the rubber coated batteries prising the end off repeatedly can start to peel the rubber coating back..
  • Well, why not?! - by Amanda, 17 June 2013
    These tips, along with the coloured bungs, are a really simple but welcome reason to choose Jac Vapour over other brands. When at home I'm cool with a blue glow, but having a red tip when I'm out makes it easier to blend in without causing undue fuss. I'll likely order another couple of colours in a future order just because I can.
  • Good item - by Eric, 30 May 2013
    These are great for personising your v3 ecig.They dont really serve any other purpose than to change the colour of the led at the end of the ecig but they do this well.Went for the black tip to be discreet while out and about and also the orange tip so it looks like a real cig.Good item and very cheap to buy.Recommended
  • Cool - by Alan, 29 May 2013
    These are a very neat finishing touch and to be a bit different,
  • Good idea! - by Giovanni, 26 May 2013
    Further customization of your ecig!
  • Buona idea! - by Giovanni, 25 May 2013
    Ulteriori possibilità di personalizzazione della propria ecig!
  • Fun, useful too - by battybat, 15 May 2013
    OK, so I was bored with the standard blue tip and also wanted to differentiate my batteries from my partners so pink tips for me! Have just got some of the black ones - hoping it will help with some sneaky use as lots of people and places aren't quite use to this vaping lark yet!

    They're a bit tricky to get off so wouldn't change all the time.
  • Nice option - by Titch, 2 May 2013
    Nice addition to whats available and allows you to fully "customise" your e cigs. Excellent little option.
  • Great little touch - by Fladnflou, 2 May 2013
    I ordered the pink battery tips with my new V1P starter kit and its a great little way to personalise my E-Cig love the fact its pink - also my other half is now wanting to get the same set so it's going to be really handy being able to tell my batteries from his!!
  • Simple but effective - by Dominic, 30 April 2013
    These little extras make my e-cig look even cooler, and everyone loves customising!

31-40 of 78

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