Coloured Battery Tips for V3i Batteries

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  • Great for identifying your batteries - by Damian, 3 December 2013
    I use a Blue tip on one and a Green tip on the other of my batteries.
    It allows me to keep a visual check on how my batteries are performing and if I think one is starting to die it allows me to keep an eye on it and decide if and when it needs replacing.
    They also look great as well and won't be mistaken for a real cigarette when I'm out
  • Can be useful - by Adam, 1 December 2013
    Me being a bit simple sometimes, I find the different colours are useful for reminding me which battery is dead and which is charged. Works for me.
  • Stylish addition to your JACvapour cig -love these! - by Gary, 28 November 2013
    I love changing my colours up, and especially like the pink with my black battery... Looks really good :)

    Great value for money.

    Also, I find the different colours such as the pink ensure people know it's not a real cig - so you don't get bothered whilst your vaporising in public.
  • Black on Black - by Craig, 23 September 2013
    I went for the black tips with the black battery and it looks great. The LED is almost not visible now so even easier to keep it stealthy when I'm vaping. Really easy to switch from the original.
  • Excellent!!!! - by Helen, 18 September 2013
    I have these in black and white, they totally change the look of my silver cig from day to night.
  • Black is best - by Chris, 15 September 2013
    The red is a nice glow, the yellow & orange look fairly realistic, but the black is the smartest. Does make the glow difficult to see when battery running out though.
  • nice :) - by Echo, 30 August 2013
    It's a nice little touch to be able to customise your e-cig, I've decided to get a couple more colours with my next order so each battery of mine will have a different glow!
  • Nice touch - by Ballybee, 11 July 2013
    I love the fact that you can customize your ecig to suit your taste, I think this is a really nice touch. I have the stainless steel battery and cartomiser with pink tip and it looks a bit OTT during the day, but in the evening I love it! I also have white batteries with the red tip and love the normality of them too.
  • Choice of colours and Glow - by miketee, 6 July 2013
    The orange tip is the most realistic but for being able to vape discreetly the black is perfect.
  • Lovely! - by Angel, 29 June 2013
    I ordered the pink tip to go with my black battery and I love it! A little hard to change the tips though. Would love to see a better choice of colours, maybe a nice purple one please.

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