Coloured Battery Tips for V3i Batteries

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  • Simple, But Clever. - by RJ, 20 May 2014
    Like the little Coloured Bungs provided by JAC Vapour, these Coloured Tips are a simple but very clever idea.

    I opted for Green Tips to go along with tbe Blue Tips that came with my PCC Starter Kit and I think that they look excellent with the black battery.

    I find it handy to have one battery with a Blue Tip and the other with a Green Tip that way I know which battery is fully charged at all times.

    Once again it is the little details and the thought and effort that make JAC Vapour stand out from the crowd.
  • Excellent item - by Helen, 14 May 2014
    You can never have enough battery tips - I love changing mine to match what I'm wearing.
  • very useful - by Rayhan, 8 May 2014
    i have quite a few of the tips but prefer using the black one. it lets out very little light so it isnt distracting to me or others during driving (reflects on windscreen) and i use a v3i tank so dont like the "bottom" lighting up everytime i use it. black definitely useful
  • Original - by Helen, 4 May 2014
    Excellent idea, I now have various different coloured tips but black is my favourite with silver batteries and carts.
  • Different coloured tips - by Frances, 23 April 2014
    I now have pink, black, blue and green tips. The colours are great, and the pink is stronger than I thought. The black tip is especially useful when vaping "under cover" on the metro, in the cinema, etc. using the Clear Steam e-liquid! Hardly any light comes out using the black tip. The other colours indicate to any spectators that I'm not smoking an "ordinary" cigarette, which is why I didn't want to use the orange tip.
  • Changes the mood of your vaping - by TribalHound, 9 April 2014
    Blue with a black battery for some moody night time vaping.
    Orange is the best for using with white batteries and carts for that realistic looking cigarette for when you're out and about.
    Or just pick a colour to suit how you feel.
  • Like the Orange - by James, 18 February 2014
    The tips I got with two of my V3i batteries were blue so I bought an orange tip to make it more realistic. Looks the part.
  • Colour coordinated! - by TylerLee, 2 February 2014
    Love the fact that I can change the colour to match my outfits.
    Useful to identify which batteries are charged.
    Will be ordering more when I buy new batteries.
  • Ofcourse - by Felix, 29 January 2014
    Something simple as changing the colour of the glow-LED makes for such a huge and awesome detail..
    Whenever I smoke cherry i use my battery with the red tip and for.. well.. I'm not going to lie, for my TCH-FREE substances I use the green tip....
  • Always orange! - by Jon, 30 December 2013
    Love the realistic warm glow you get with the orange tips. I have them installed on all my batteries.

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