10ml Strawberry Chew E Liquid Flavour Shot

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  • Ok - by Joe, 12 February 2019
    Not the strongest of flavour
  • My fave - by Oli, 28 October 2018
    My favourite flavour along with fresh apple. Works a treat with a touch of menthol
  • Strawberry Laces - by Rachael , 13 April 2018
    This is a really good flavour that reminds me of the strawberry laces I used to have as a kid (a very long time ago!). As mentioned by a previous reviewer it is quite sweet and not an all day Vape. Hits the sweet spot nicely when the sugar cravings get the better of me!!
  • Nice - by Alan, 30 November 2017
    This one of my favourites at high VG. Smells gorgeous bur the taste could be stronger. I will try it with a PG base next time.
  • Strawberry sweets in a vape - by Alan, 27 October 2017
    A really nice strawberry flavour, and so rightly named as it tastes and smells just like strawberry chewits. A little bit sweet for me to vape everyday, but that is what is expected from a flavour called Strawberry Chew.
  • A firm favourite - by Angie , 18 December 2016
    Loved this one. Have always been a fan of the ready mixed one and was not disappointed at all. Lovely all day vape. Quite a thin mixture and so it wasn't a coil gunker. I found that if I let it steep for a few days the flavour improved.
  • Tastes the same to me - by Richard, 18 May 2016
    bought this along with the PG base and it is tastes exactly the same as the more expensive pre made PG liquid. plus i like this flavour so much i increased the amount (2ml - 2.5ml) added to the base giving a nicer flavour. also goes well with lemon flavour
  • Love this - by Michelle, 24 April 2016
    Love this flavour mixed with cloudy lemonade, tastes like fizzy strawberries!!
  • chewits - by T hamilton, 22 April 2016
    I had not tried the pre-mixed, but this tastes exactly like a chewit as I remember it, may be a bit sweet fro me all day, but very nice
  • Disappointing - by Sheree, 17 April 2016
    I am a huge fan of the original pre-made version so couldn't wait to save myself some money and buy the DIY concentrate. For my first mix I used the recommended 4:1 (2ml concentrate to 4ml base), however that was too weak and I could barely taste anything. For my 2nd mix I doubled the concentrate and although that was vaguely more like the pre-made it is no where near as tasty.

    I could make another mix and add a bit more concentrate, but I get the feeling it would add bitterness rather than flavour. Plus that would bring the ratio of concentrate and base to 50/50, hardly worth the effort for something that doesn't taste so great.

    Something that is in the original pre-made (not sure what) is really missing from the DIY concentrate.

    Very disappointed as I absolutely love the original pre-made strawberry chew, it is actually my favourite....................... JAC Vapour Ltd: I can see you've bought a strawberry chew flavouring and a syringe, but I can't see any base within your orders. if you are not using our base, or your are using a different ratio base from the PG that we sell then that could explain the difference, as you normally buy the Clear steam and PG bases, which be a different taste from our VG or Pure VG, the VG will be weaker tasting.

10 Item(s)

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