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  • it looks like you are not interested in customers for long term - by gabriela, 13 December 2018
    I have a tilt tank and works well as long as I had the readily-to be used wire.
    After I finished using the wire I syarted to smoke normal tobacco again as I could not find the wire on the website...................JAC VAPOUR: The VCT A1 is a very old product now and SMOK discontinued it around a year ago, we stock and maintain products from other suppliers as long as we can. If you have the rebuildable atomiser, you can still buy the pre-wrapped wire coils in our accessories section -
  • total disapointment - by chris, 15 August 2016
    firstly love this tank and coils to boot . sadly despite selling the tank and also have online these coils for sale . imagine my disappointment after visiting on fri was told by staff oh we don't have them coils sorry pop in when boss is around so I call in on Mon now desperate to have clean new coils only to be told excactly the same from the same staff member I spoke with on Fri . So confused @ why a store that specializes in vaping market readily and quickly will sell a unit but has no intention of stocking the coils for it .the first time I bought coils for the tank was when I bought the tank I also wanted the DIY coil deck at that time also wasn't instock but happily Craig either ordered some or had some sent from other store . I asked staff to call his boss and ask about these coils and that's was apauling the way the staff guy asked ive got someone asking for smok coils to which was replied to with "he will need to get them online" . I do hate being a V .Meldrew but excactly isn't that what your shop should stock if you sell the hardware ie tank but not the perishables . if you cant stock the coils why sell the device ie tank they wouldn't sell one of there jac vapour units without a battery ........................ JAC Vapour Ltd : I have passed your information onto our Customer Service Team to help resolve your issue getting replacement coils, they will be in touch shortly.

2 Item(s)

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