JAC 510 Twist Manual 400mAh Batteries (77mm)

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  • Disappointing battery life - by Fiona, 8 June 2016
    I have very old 510 batteries which still last longer between charges than these did from new..............JAC Vapour Ltd: I notice you used to use manual batteries rather than the twist which is VV. The 650 mah manual are the same size as the twist 400 mah, as the Variable voltage bit adds size, also the manual battery is 3.7volts, so if you use the twist at the highest setting it's 4.8v, the extra power means you'll use more battery, about 20% more, if you wish longer battery life reduce the power. The actaull battery used in the manual and the twist is the exact same, so a 400mah battery in a twist is the same as the 400mah in the manual (identical and from the same manufacturer) whether it's the VGo or the 510, the VGo switch is very slightly more efficient, which can make it last a tiny bit longer, but unfortunately the 510 has won the battle of the connectors and modern ecigarettes will only use the 510 connector and switch going forward. If what I have said doesn't help contact support as you could have a charger issue. Thanks for the review.
  • Great - by Will, 21 January 2016
    Good for when I go out for a few hours, quite discreet also
  • Ideal - by Darren, 7 November 2014
    Using these with my protank 3.
    I don't like long batteries so the size is ideal.
    I'm a heavy vaper & generally get 4-5 hours out of these at 3.8v with 1.5ohm coils.
    I have a spare & generally go through two batteries a day.
    Charge time is quick which is a plus.
  • Solid battery, color problems. - by Ronnie, 7 October 2014
    The battery performs well, although small in size. For me, this lasts half a day so keep a spare.

    I recommend metallic surface option since white and black easily get scratch marks.
  • Small and versatile - by Chris, 4 August 2014
    For a VV battery this is tiny, I moved up from the standard 400mah and this is about 10-15mm longer (so still very small). Personally I won't use anything that you can't hold discreetly and it's nice to have the option of VV on such a small battery. I'm an average vaper and I get about 6 hrs from each battery charge, so 2 of these last me the day, plus they charge very quickly (about 1.5 hrs). I looked around before buying here and it seems JAC Vapour are about the only company that do the smaller VV batteries.

5 Item(s)

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